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Luggage Transfer Correos


  1. Doughnut NZ

    A Coruña to Sarria transport

    Does anyone know a way to get to Sarria from A Coruña today after the 9.15 train has left and before the late afternoon train? I would like to re-start walking from Sarria today but I have missed the early train. Any ideas? Including going via other towns or cities. I would have thought that...
  2. S

    Injury in Estella, best way to skip ahead to Logroño

    My boyfriend and I are 5 days into the camino and he has developed a pretty bad foor injury stopping him for the next few days. We are trying to stay on track so we camped out in Estella for the last 2 days and are skipping ahead for one last day of rest before starting again in Logroño. I know...
  3. N

    Transport from Bayonne Train Station to St Jean Pied de Port 30 September

    Hi All I am arriving by TGV in Bayonne a little before 4pm on Sunday 30 September. Earlier this month I contacted Express Bouricot and the said they could send a shuttle there but advised they had no-one else booked from there. This week I checked in to confirm the arrangement and they said...
  4. A

    Transport from Bilbao to Logrono

    We are flying into Bilbao Airport on Friday 25th May 2018. We are continuing where we finished off last year, in Logrona I cannot find public transport to get from Bilbao to Logrona on the Friday evening? Can anyone help?
  5. S

    Moving a car on the Camino

    I see loads of companies offering to transport bags along the route, but what about a car? I can't believe I am the first person to ask this and I wouldn't want it done on a daily basis. But ideally from Roncesvalles to Puente de la Reine a few days later. Any help appreciated.
  6. MichelleElynHogan

    Bus Share - Bayonne to SJPP on Sunday, May 6

    There are no buses or trains that I have been able to book from Bayonne to SJPP on Sunday, May 6. The Train, leaving Paris Montparnasse at 9:52 AM arrives in Bayonne at 1:47 PM and Express Bouricot the Baggage Transfer Company, will have a small bus at the Bayonne Train Station at 2 PM. We will...
  7. Diana Kringelbach

    Should we give up on Triacastela?

    Looking for a little adwise. My son and I are arriving at the airport i Santiago de Compostela next Sunday the 14.th. We have 8 full days for hiking and really wanted to start out in Triacastela, but it seems very hard to get there Sunday evening. Apperently there is no bus until Monday 6 PM...
  8. notion900

    Bla Bla Car

    All the Spanish people I walked with this year are keen users of Bla Bla Car. To them it is the best thing since sliced bread! It hardly seems to have taken off here in the UK, so wondering if any forum members have experience of it in Europe?
  9. A

    Looking to share a taxi from Santiago Airport to Sarria on June 3, 2017

    My husband and I are arriving into Santiago Airport (SQL) at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 3. We are looking to share a taxi to Sarria. We will have one suitcase and 2 small backpacks.
  10. Turning48

    2 questions: Dealing with Jet lag/Daypack?

    Hi everyone, 2 questions, please: 1) I'm curious if anyone can share their experience of how they dealt with jet lag before starting their journey on The Camino? Did you give yourself a few extra days to recover before starting this and if so, how many? OR did you just deal with it more...
  11. F

    Bag drop

    Can anyone tell me how I can arrange for my overnight bag to be dropped to prebooked accommodation between Sarria and Santiago de Compostela. I am walking that section in early September 2017
  12. C

    Towns on the Camino Francés with direct bus and/or train links with Madrid

    The aim of this thread is to make a list of towns and cities along the Camino Francés that have direct bus and/or train links with Madrid that can be used for planning purposes. The parentetical next to the name of each town (or city) shows the bus company (or companies) making the route to...
  13. C

    Iberia will start flights to Biarritz on March 29th

    Iberia will start flights from Madrid to Biarritz on March 29th. Flights will be operated by Air Nostrum and will run daily except Saturdays. Departure time from Madrid will be at noon. I don't know if flights will be year round or just seasonal. From Biarritz airport, you can take a bus to...
  14. LookingFor42

    Santiago to Lisbon

    Hi. I searched the forums and cannot find an answer to this question but sorry if I am asking something that's been asked before. Happy to be directed to another thread if my search skills are not so good. I am walking the CF (Burgos - Santiago) in January - February 2016. I want to travel to...
  15. karry

    March-April 2016

    Hi everyone! I plan on doing the camino next year during mid March to April from Roncesvalles to Santiago Does any one have any packing tips? I know this is Spring time. Also, any advice on cheaper transportation to Roncesvelles from Madrid airport? Thank you! Karry

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