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  1. irishgurrrl

    Buses between Campiello, Pola de Allande, Berducedo and Grandas de Salime???

    Hey folks, With the current fires in the region does anyone know if there is public transportation (aka buses) serving any or all of the above villages? If the fires are still affecting some of these areas and stretches of the Camino I'm wondering if I can catch a bus to the next "safe"...
  2. W

    From Asturias Airport (OVD) to Oviedo

    Hi everyone! I will start the Primitivo way next May 23rd. I will arrive in Asturias Airport on May 22nd at 23:10, from Madrid. The last Alsa Bus to Oviedo is schedule about 23:20 and I am worried to lose it (until get bag, etc). The taxi from airport to Oviedo is about 55 euros. Does anyone...
  3. P

    Travel options

    I hate to ask this but I have tried for days now and cannot find the link --either in the forum or in a location where I may have saved it. Someone asked about the various options for travel between various cities to start the pilgrimage....i.e. bus/train/air. Someone provided a link which I...
  4. R

    Starting point: help! How to get to Calzadilla

    Dear Camino Company, I need help planning, and I'm set to leave in 5 days! I've got my passport, my Brierly and all my supplies. What I don't have is a way to get from the MAd airport to my starting point on the Frances. I'm trying to book my transit from Madrid airport to wherever I start the...
  5. L B

    A couple of first camino fears: WWYD?

    I'm supposed to start my first steps on the camino this weekend but suddenly I'm terrified so I'd like to hear some advice - what would you do? This time around I'd only like to walk from Sarria to Santjago de Compostela because I feel like a shorter distance with more people would make me feel...
  6. ChloeRose

    Best way to zoom forward after a forced stop?

    Hello all, I'm now a month and a half into my Camino. I started in Le Puy and was averaging 20-27kms a day; best experience of my life! However, I got (and ignored for days!) two separate toe infections which got bad enough to require surgery. I'm now resting up in a small French town, 5 days...
  7. traveladdict1

    How to get from Triacastela to Sarria? Is there public transportation?

    Hi, We want to skip the route from Triascastela to Sarria and instead take a bus/train from Triacastela to Sarria. This will be in June. Does anyone know if there's a bus or a train? If yes, could you send me the link or something? We don't really want to take a taxi, but I couldn't find any...
  8. karry

    March-April 2016

    Hi everyone! I plan on doing the camino next year during mid March to April from Roncesvalles to Santiago Does any one have any packing tips? I know this is Spring time. Also, any advice on cheaper transportation to Roncesvelles from Madrid airport? Thank you! Karry
  9. gailfeldman

    Transportation to Triacastela or Sarria from Bilbao or Logrono

    Any thoughts on how to get to either Triacastela or Sarria from Bilbao or Logrono? I am somewhat flexible but would like to go as directly as possible. Thank you.

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