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  1. ivar

    ✈️ Direct flights from Paris (Orly) to Santiago starting April 15th

    In short: Airline: https://www.transavia.com/en-EU/home/ Frequency: Thursdays and Sundays More here: https://santiagoaeropuerto.com/transavia-desembarca-en-santiago-paris
  2. Anniesantiago

    COVID Any North Americans flying to Spain?

    I admit I have not read all the posts - I've been busy moving my elderly mother from CA to OR and it's been a whole new adventure! lol! BUT, I'm wondering what's going on in the airline ticket world? Are any of you flying into Spain this Spring? What are ticket prices like? Are there...
  3. Albert_Hadacek

    Carrying a tent through airport control

    Hello guys, me and my girlfriend we are planning to walk the Camino Portugues in early July and due to all the restrictions and potentially less open albergues, we are planning to carry a tent. Do you have any experience carrying a tent in hand luggage? Is it possible? I have read some...
  4. BruceS

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    Firstly my BP is size ok. I definitely want to Carry-On my BackPack ... with small Nail Clippers; 80 mm knife; tiny Victorinox Swiss Scissors; fold-Up CarbonFibre Poles. Any experience with this?
  5. KenProudler

    External Chargers on Airplanes

    I have just bought an Anker Astra E1 6700 for use on my CF starting next week - but there seems to be some doubt about taking external chargers on airplanes. What is the situation - hand luggage, hold luggage, or not at all?
  6. Bruno Bodnar

    Printing EasyJet boarding pass

    Ok so I’m a bit anal and want to print my boarding pass for tomorrow’s flight Paris to Biarritz but can’t find a button or anyway to print it at home before we leave for Paris. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. lissie45

    Flying to Europe from Down Under

    Flying from New Zealand generally the cheapest flights are into London, Paris, Rome. Madrid is a few hundred euros more. Planning on walking SJPP to Santiago maybe Finisterre I'm starting to think about flights for next year and I'm thinking that the easiest option would be into Paris and...
  8. Cbflores

    Can I take my trekking poles as carry-on baggage?

    Hi there! My dad and I are doing El Camino mid May and I just realized I have an unanswered question: Can I take my Trekking poles as carry-on items or will I need to check them? Im planning on taking my pack as a carry-on and I just realized that some people have mentioned the poles may be an...
  9. Susan M Fron

    Enough time between flights?

    I am traveling from the US Chicago to London Gatwick via Norwegian then on to Biarritz. My flight gets into London Gatwick at 11:35 a.m. and the flight to Biarritz on EasyJet is at 1:50 pm. will I have enough time to make the connection? I will be carrying my pack not checking it. Does anyone...
  10. mvanert


    My wife thinks I should be (committed, as in put away safely for my own well-being). Not really! She understands and supports that I have to go and so I have bought tickets to Dublin leaving on April 17th (66th birthday) and onwards from there to Estella to finish my 2016 camino. Any...
  11. Veronicad1

    Best way to Mauléon-Licharre from Florida

    I know, by plane. Now having solved that part of the dilemma, here's the rest: I can fly out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami equally. I just don't know if it's better to fly into Billbao or Paris(Charles DeGaulle) or Bayonne or what. I want to visit my friend's grave in Mauléon and start my Camino...
  12. Prentiss Riddle

    Flying to Spain via Mexico City on Aeromexico

    One travel story that might be useful for pilgrims from the southwestern US: Austin just got a non-stop Aeromexico connection to Mexico City, so we were intrigued when our Camino ticket search turned up a good price on an AUS-MEX-MAD flight. We decided to give it a shot, with mixed results...
  13. lauratherings

    Belorado to Dublin

    Hi All, I'm walking part of the Camino in May and am finding it difficult to figure out where to fly back to Dublin from! I don't want to run out of time on the walk so was planning on leaving from Belorado - but could go one stage before or after if that's easier. Has anyone flown back from...
  14. Gerhard58

    Wearing Your Camino Boots On Airplane

    I'm about to embark on my Camino from South Africa to start in St Jean on 10th of April. I would like to get your input about did you fly with your walking boots on the plane. I'm quite a tall guy and I have no way to put these number 13 boots in my rucksack so I would like to know what have you...
  15. notion900

    Santiago Airport Catering £££££££

    Just had a thought to share - the only food available at Santiago airport is horrendously expensive. At London Gatwick airside I usually spend £3 on a sandwich, drink and fruit to take on the plane (thanks Boots Meal Deal!), last time I was at Santiago it was EUR17 for the same in the...
  16. Jules67

    What to wear to fly in?

    Hi all I've just been going through in detail my packed gear. Then thought... I need clothes to fly out in... So Do I wear one of the trousers, t-shirt, socks, underwear from my packed list? I'll have in total. Tshirts.. 1 long sleeve, 1 short sleeve, 1 vest type 2 Walking trousers 3...
  17. Kanga

    Confiscated by security

    I've just been reading a live Facebook post from a relative, who is a conductor, saying the he has just found that his harpsichord tuning hammer is no longer allowed in his carry-on luggage. Ironically he is at Chopin Airport (Warsaw). I know that trekking sticks are a perennial issue, but...
  18. NomadJMJ

    Backpacks as carry-on

    Is osprey stratos 36 acceptable as carry-on baggage? I will be traveling from the US.
  19. G

    Orly Customs

    My camino buddy used a travel agent friend to book our flights to SJPdP. After the tickets were purchased we realized one of the connections was really tight time wise. For those who have traveled USA to Orly to Biarritz, how long did customs take you in Orly? We aren't checking bags so we won't...
  20. Fecone55

    From USA

    I am traveling September 2017 from the southeast US (Charleston, SC). Where is best to fly in to in order to get to St. Jean? Further, how did you get back to the states from Santiago? Thank you