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  1. A

    transportation Madrid to ocebreiro

    What type of transportation is available from Madrid - airport to Ocebreiro? Thanks!
  2. Lhollo

    Flight and accommodation problems: Rescheduling everything

    Hello all! I’ve taken the sad decision to postpone our September Camino (stage 1 of the Camino Frances) to next May/early June. Last night, I changed my flights, but there’s now a problem because the new flights arrive in Bilbao at 10pm at night. I planned to stay in Pamplona on the first night...
  3. C.Scicluna

    Ideal way to get to Oviedo - Camino Primitivo.

    Hola! Hope the travellers are back on track. I am finding it tricky to find a convenient way to travel from Malta to Oviedo in August. Is there a suggested train/bus company from any major Spanish city that takes you to Oviedo, please? Gracias! P.S. Sorted now, thanks!
  4. B

    Getting back to Santiago de Compostela from Muxia/Finsterra

    Please could someone advice me on getting a public transport back to Santiago de Compostela from Muxia and Finsterra. I would like to know how frequent the transportations are from Muxia and Finsterra to Santiago de Compostela or somewhere near the SCQ airport.
  5. A

    Getting to Palas de Rei

    Planning on doing a shortened walk from Palas de Rei to Santiago but am having trouble figuring out how to get there. I am flying into Madrid at the start of March. Any ideas on how to get there from either Madrid or Santiago?
  6. L

    How to get to Roncesvalles

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on walking Camino Frances in May of this year! This is my first time ever going on this big of an adventure, so therefore i have quite an important question to ask all of you who have experienced this amazing journey. My plan is starting in Roncesvalles (instead of in...
  7. Jeff Crawley

    FEVERail card and the Tarjeta Dorada

    A friend is intending to walk from Leon to SdC this May and wants me to join her on the return journey to the UK using the FEVE rail route from Ferrol to Bilbao stopping off at various places on the way (it was featured in a UK national newspaper). I finally found the details for FEVE buried in...
  8. T

    Injured my back and need to shorten my walk - which parts can be shortened (by bus...)?

    Hi all! I would really appreciate your help. I started my Camino in Leon and unfortunately injured my back (I think I pulled it :( ) so now I’m forced to wait and heal around Astoria for a couple of days, which means I will shorten my walk by 2 days to make it to Santiago in time. (Btw I wish I...
  9. M

    How to get from Vigo to Baiona

    Hello, I am new here and will be doing the Camino walk for the first time. Doing the last 100 km of the Portuguese Coastal way route. I will be landing on the 18th of September in Santiago de Compostela. I found a bus that will take me from the airport to the bus station, and from the bus...
  10. Doughnut NZ

    A Coruña to Sarria transport

    Does anyone know a way to get to Sarria from A Coruña today after the 9.15 train has left and before the late afternoon train? I would like to re-start walking from Sarria today but I have missed the early train. Any ideas? Including going via other towns or cities. I would have thought that...
  11. H

    Bus from O'Cebreiro to Sarria

    On day 6 in late September, we are walking from Herrerias to O'Cebreira for breakfast and then plan to take a bus to Sarria. Will it be easy to get a bus or taxi to Sarria and about how long will it take? we have figured it is 40 km.
  12. C

    Roncesvalles to Pamplona by public transport

    Hello, I am struggling to work out public transport from Roncesvalles to Pamplona. I know there is a bus run by Artiedas that covers this route but their website says that tickets have to be bought at the bus station (not in advance on-line). Does anyone know where I might buy tickets in...
  13. G

    Train from Madrid to Sarria

    Hi Starting from Sarria on June 11th. Meanwhile trains from Madrid to Sarria appear on the RENFE site only until May 23. Does anybody know the reason ? We bought a ticket for an Iberia Expres flight from Madrid Airport to Santiago but from there we have to take the bus to Lugo and from there to...
  14. S

    Injury in Estella, best way to skip ahead to Logroño

    My boyfriend and I are 5 days into the camino and he has developed a pretty bad foor injury stopping him for the next few days. We are trying to stay on track so we camped out in Estella for the last 2 days and are skipping ahead for one last day of rest before starting again in Logroño. I know...
  15. R

    Taxi Share Pamplona to SJPP: 23 Sept 2018

    Anyone interested in sharing a taxi from Pamplona Bus Station to SJPP for above date, please message me. Time: approx. 1600 There are two of us so far and the taxi can take eight. The cost is shared among all participants. The cost is 100 Euro for "workdays", 126 Euro for Saturdays & Holidays...
  16. jvjourneygirl

    Paris to to SJPP - any new information?

    Hi All, I'm going to be walking in September and am trying to figure out the best way to get to SJPP. Unfortunately my flight arrives 3 minutes after the daily train leaves. I have a friend I can stay with in Paris for the evening, but it seems the train the next day will deliver me to SJPP...
  17. A

    Transport from Bilbao to Logrono

    We are flying into Bilbao Airport on Friday 25th May 2018. We are continuing where we finished off last year, in Logrona I cannot find public transport to get from Bilbao to Logrona on the Friday evening? Can anyone help?
  18. design4life

    Bus from Leon to La Virgen del Camino -- specifics, please

    I arrive in Leon late afternoon to joyfully begin my third Camino. I would like to catch the early morning bus from Leon to La Virgen del Camino and begin walking from there. In researching this bus, I have seen two options: On the Alsa website, there is a bus that departs from the Leon bus...
  19. S

    Moving a car on the Camino

    I see loads of companies offering to transport bags along the route, but what about a car? I can't believe I am the first person to ask this and I wouldn't want it done on a daily basis. But ideally from Roncesvalles to Puente de la Reine a few days later. Any help appreciated.
  20. Jenine

    bus from Muxia to Santiago

    Hello peregrinos, I have found in my search that there is a weekday bus at 0645 from Muxia to Santiago. What I still cannot figure out is where do I catch the bus in Muxia? I know it is Group Ferrin with no website.... trying to figure out how much time to allow.. I have a plane to catch and...