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travel documents/insurance

  1. F

    Hoping to travel to Spain in Feb as an EU citizen arriving from Canada

    Ok... so here's a funny question for those of you who may be more in the know as local inhabitants in Spain. I am about to receive my new Irish passport and I am on along-term "remote work" arrangement so I am looking at the possibility of heading to the Castille-y-Leon area west of Astorga...
  2. Galloglaigh

    COVID Travel Insurance for post Covid trips

    Would love to go now that places are opening up, but the cautious side of me (very attached to my wallet) says I should wait until there is better travel insurance. Has anyone found suitable (EU) travel insurance that reflects the change in travel
  3. J

    COVID Medical Insurance while traveling in Spain

    I am considering a walking Trip on the Camino toward the end of this year and I am wondering about medical travel insurance. Now that the Covid 19 is a pre-existing condition or situation I am wondering if it is possible to protect myself with some insurance while away? I fear that if I go and...
  4. L

    Insurance information for Australians

    The following article may be of some use for Aussies trying to work out their travel insurance options.
  5. G

    Medical Insurance for US citizens

    Can I please have the names of some of the best overseas travel insurance policies while walking the Camino Santiago? Anything special to look for in the policy? Deductibles? Exclusions? I am looking to start the walk mid April. Thanks!
  6. Eibhlís

    Travel Insurance

    What is the best insurance to take out for walking the Camino Frances? I live in Adelaide but I am an Australian and Irish citizen.
  7. Theresa Brandon

    Travel Insurance, Pre-existing Conditions

    I am looking for advice and recommendations on purchasing travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions, such as MS or heart conditions. (Not for me, but for some friends who aren't on this forum).
  8. B

    Travel and Health Insurance

    Hi all! I have seen posts categorical stating that you should have health insurance, but very few mentions of company names. I did see a mention of AMA and I used Allianz last year when I walked the Camino. Does anyone have any input on the better Travel Health Insurance plans? I would...
  9. Anamya

    Should I add "mountaineering" to my travel insurance?

    Hi everyone! One month to my Lebaniego and I am very excited! I always purchase travel insurance before I go anywhere. In previous caminos, the normal coverage was fine. For this trip in particular, considering the terrain of the Lebaniego, should I add the "mountaineering" extra to my insurance?
  10. VNwalking

    Travel Medical Insurance: Do. Get. It.

    As many people are gearing up to walk right now, I'm bumping these two threads: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/cautionary-tale-of-the-importance-of-travel-insurance.51945 https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/medical-insurance-for-us-peregrinos.51959 You don't...
  11. Jess W.

    Travel Insurance Recommendations?

    Hey all, In just over a month I'm going to be booking plane tickets for my upcoming Camino, and I've heard that one should purchase travel insurance at the same time. I'm planning to, but I have no idea where to buy the insurance from or even where to start looking. Can anybody offer up some...
  12. erkovar

    Do you think trip insurance is necessary?

    I know anything can happen at anytime or any place, but accidents / injuries occur. Do you think medical / flight trip insurance is necessary? Thanks !
  13. jony jony

    Ryanair travel insurance

    Please check your travel insurance carefully . On 6th August 2018 i booked my flight to Seville to start the VdLP ,so whilst on the Ryanair website i also took out their travel insurance without knowing my return date until i verified a couple of things . On 20th August i booked a return flight...
  14. S

    Trip insurance

    We cruise a lot and always purchase trip insurance. As my husband is retired military and we have tri-care I’m thinking we should purchase insurance for our walk. Walking from St.Jean in September. Any thoughts?
  15. S

    Travel insurance?

    Travel in from U.S. should I get travel insurance?
  16. J

    Medical Insurance

    I am 71 and am going on the Camino in two weeks. I tried to get travel and medical insurance through "Insuremytrip" and was told that they don't insure anyone over 69. I then contacted Travel Guard. I looked up the ratings and they were terrible. Mostly that they don't pay for much of...
  17. T

    Travel and Medical Insurance

    I'm hoping to go on my first Camino this summer. Do you have any advice on how and where to buy travel and medical insurance? I will be travelling from Toronto, Canada. Thank you in advance for your help.
  18. D

    When to buy Travel Insurance

    Hi! I'm planning on a Camino next year. I have never traveled overseas. So in my planning do I need to get travel insurance before I have dates and airlines nailed down or do I get the insurance and then figure out the dates. Any suggestions?
  19. Sidekick

    Health Insurance

    I'm not sure this hasn't already been asked, if so, please be patient with me. I'm a US citizen who walked the Camino Francis in April and took very sick in Astorga. I tried to get medical attention but the clinic I was sent to refused to help. They asked for health insurance - I only have US...
  20. nidarosa

    Cautionary tale of the importance of travel insurance!

    This September my husband went on an adventure, to walk from St Jean to Santiago. I would meet him there and we would walk out to the sea together. He was just getting his washing when he slipped on smooth stone steps and fell hard on concrete in an albergue garden. It was late and he didn’t...