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travel to sjpp

  1. Colette Z

    Bratislava/Vienna to SJPP in March

    ill start my CF approx March 25th 2017 (+/- I'm flexible) traveling from Bratislava Slovakia ( or Vienna) to SJPP. There are low cost direct flights Bratislava to Girona and also Paris. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations about ease of travel from Girona (Cataluña) to SJPP. As...
  2. K

    Travel to SJPP

    We are flying into Madrid Tuesday and are curious about the best way to get from Madrid to SJPP to start our Camino and if it is obvious to get to train station from airport in Madrid. Also we would like to at the end of our Camino get down to Porto for a few days. recommendations on: bus/train...
  3. katie@camino

    May 29: Arrive Biarritz-Taxi share?

    Hello fellow pilgrims! I arrive in Biarritz on May 29 - is anyone interested in sharing a taxi from Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPDP that afternoon/evening? I estimate it to be between €80-110 (although I'm happy to be corrected by experienced pilgrims/locals?). If this is shared between a few of us...
  4. A

    Fly in from Hungary

    Hi All, I`m looking to find out if there is anybody on the forum who has flown in for the camino from Budapest Hungary. I have read so many different ways to go from all over the world but before I finalize and book tickets (for mid May 2016) I was looking for some more advise if there is any. I...
  5. powerofnow

    galway ireland to st jean by boat/car in october - liftshare

    hi...i'm driving to st jean pdp via rosslare and need companion to share cost, petrol, tolls..going on october 8th for two weeks..have done camino before so will do a loop walk from st jean to logrono and back..fill up the car with wine for two, of course and return around 23rd october.. i...
  6. Samantha Hussey

    NEW Pilgrim Travelling from Pau to SJPP?

    Hi All! Just two weeks until I start my camino. I am travelling from Paris to Pau and I am wondering if anyone else has done a similiar route? I see that most people go through Biarritz but the flight was too expensive so I am flying to Pau instead. There is a train that leave at 9.30 in the...
  7. A

    Has anyone rented a bike for a section(s) of the route?

    Hi there, I'm thinking of walking and cycling the route to cut down time-length slightly. Has anyone here had experience doing something similar? Any info about where you got bikes, sections, costs and drop off would be great. Thanks!
  8. Jannike

    Traveling from Biarritz to St Jean Pied De Port 8th june 2015

    Hi I'm landing at Biarritz at 1710 on the 8th of June 2015, and wondering what is the best way to travel to SJPdP? By train, buss or taxi? Or if the best way to travel is by taxi, if anybody wants to share a cab?
  9. B

    Who wants to share rent-a-car from Barcelona to Pamplona

    Hey fellow peregrinos, I'll be walking Camino Frances in July. However my plane will land in Barcelona on July 5th at 5:30 pm and I might not make it to train station to catch the last train to Pamplona (at 6:35 pm). I really don't like buses (make me sick) plus with the last bus I would be...
  10. L

    Share transportation Biarritz to SJPP May 16

    We will be arriving from Dublin at 12:40. Would you like to share transport? So excited about our camino!!!!
  11. B

    From Madrid to SJPdP May 29

    My husband and I will be flying into Madrid airport the morning of May 29th, taking the bus to Pamplona and then a taxi to St. Jean, arriving in St. Jean at about 7:30 pm, hopefully. 1. We are willing to share a taxi from Pamplona to lessen costs. 2. Can anyone recommend an auberge in SJPdP...
  12. Jerriah

    Starting my Camino on May 7th or 8th

    Buen Camino all! I am landing in Madrid on May 7th, getting on board the 11.35 train to Pamplona which arrives around 2.40. Hoping to grab a bus or cab to SJPdP and find a place to stay the night. Anyone leaving around this time? Also, any recommendations on where to stay in SJPdP? Thank...

    Starting on April 9th from SJPP

    I'll start my Camino on April 9th from SJPP, hopefully via Napoleon way. Stop over at Orisson for the night Regards and buen camino PS I'll arrive at PNA airport at 10AM, if someone willing to share a cab, I'm in !
  14. L

    Travelling from Barcelona to SJPP

    Hola :) I am about to begin my first camino adventure! I am currently in Barcelona and I would like to start making my way to St Jean Pied de Port after St Patrick´s day on 17th March. (I`m Irish so I plan to use this as my last day of intoxication before embarking on the camino). I had...
  15. Steve Hackman

    Overnight in Pamplona or push on to SJPDP?

    Hi All, My son and I will be doing the Camino Frances in April 2015. We land in Madrid at 9:40 AM on April 1. I've been looking at the forums, researching how to get there and am trying to decide on whether to overnight in Pamplona (after a long flight to Madrid from Hong Kong) or pushing on...
  16. C

    Walking Camino in October / November

    I'll be walking the Camino in October / November. I'm planning on Starting Oct 21. Still determining where to start out from. I am a single female traveler looking for someone else to go with so I am not alone. Is anyone going during that time?
  17. JoeNYC

    Air France Strike is Getting Worse

    It appears that there will be disruptions with most Air France flights at least until Friday. You should have already received a text message from the airline if your flight has been affected, but, if not, check with Air France...
  18. hotelmedicis

    Elevation Profiles for Each Stage of the Camino - SJPP to Santiago

    I just wanted to share a file with anyone who is interested in clearly seeing the elevation of the Camino Frances for each stage. Hope you find it interesting! I've included it as a PDF and you'll find it below to download. Enjoy! :)
  19. gracie

    Is it possible to have the rented bike delivered to the Pilgrim office or at the refuge municipal?

    I will be starting my camino at SJPDP and planning to rent a bike from bikeiberia. The bike company will deliver it to the albergue i will be staying. Has anyone stayed at the refuge municipal? do they accept the bike to be delivered there? What about the pilgrims office, do they allow the...
  20. WhitSF

    Bilbao to SJPD ... Info Greatly Appreciated

    Hello! My cousin and I are arriving in Bilbao at 9am on Monday, June 30. We are trying to make it to St Jean Pied de Port that night. Here is the plan, please critique: -Take the Bizkaibus to the Bilbao Termibus for Euro 1,40 -From the Termibus, purchase a ticket for the PESA bus to Bayonne...

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