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  1. johnmeyerbooks

    Shadows, Shells, and Spain 2018-10-15

    Lost and listless on the island of Mallorca, Jamie Draper searches for his estranged wife, Pam, who has left him without any explanation or warning. Exploring her last known location, Jamie stumbles upon an urgent letter from his missing wife promising full disclosure as to her sudden departure...
  2. L

    Travel from CDG to SJPP - overwhelmed & would like advice!

    Hi all, Embarking on my first Camino this fall, and my first real international trip. I'll be landing in Paris at CDG (terminal 2A) at 6:55am on August 28th, and was hoping to arrive in SJPP that same day with time to visit the pilgrim's office and stay the night before an early start to the...
  3. I

    Personal experience via: www.travelplanet.blog 2018-04-16

    What is the preparation for Camino Frances? How to prepare yourself for Camino Frances? What are the experiences of Camino Frances? Adventures... Funny stories... ... and much more... my personal blog where you can see how Camino Frances is a life-changing experience...
  4. nidarosa

    Cautionary tale of the importance of travel insurance!

    This September my husband went on an adventure, to walk from St Jean to Santiago. I would meet him there and we would walk out to the sea together. He was just getting his washing when he slipped on smooth stone steps and fell hard on concrete in an albergue garden. It was late and he didn’t...
  5. SafariGirl

    Information about bus station at Somport please...

    Hi All, I'm travelling from Barcelona to Somport on 28th July (to begin the Camino Aragones) and I'm currently trying to book transport. I've read various threads about trains and buses and have decided to go by bus from Barcelona to Zaragoza and then bus from Zaragoza to Somport...but I can't...
  6. jo webber

    Bus from Pamplona to St Jean

    I've got most of the trip set up. Just one last question for the last trip on wheels :) Should I get the bus tickets from Pamplona to St. Jean in advance? Or get the tickets when we arrive by train in Pamplona? There are 3 buses a day and we need the one in the middle...
  7. lauratherings

    Belorado to Dublin

    Hi All, I'm walking part of the Camino in May and am finding it difficult to figure out where to fly back to Dublin from! I don't want to run out of time on the walk so was planning on leaving from Belorado - but could go one stage before or after if that's easier. Has anyone flown back from...
  8. Felipe

    A pilgrim's guide to Toulouse

    A PILGRIM'S GUIDE OF TOULOUSE Generalities Toulouse, also known by the nickname of Ville Rose (because of the pinkish color of its old buildings) is an ancient, charming and lovely city, the largest of southwestern France. It used to be a quiet provincial place, but in recent times it evolved...
  9. S

    Terrified And Unsure Of How To Travel From Paris To Sjpp

    This is me and my mothers first time walking a trail. Our plane Arrives in Paris at 8:45 am On April the 18th... We would like to SJPP on the same date and we just don't know how or what to do.. when I looked up the times for the TGV train it turned out that the earliest after 8 leaves at...
  10. Simon

    Walking from Le Puy for a week - and transport links.

    Hello fellow pilgrims Having completed the Camino Frances in 'chunks' over a few years, some friends and I are planning to walk for 7 or 8 days days from Le Puy, later this year. Can anyone suggest where would be the logical place to finish this section? I'm presuming we will get to St Chely...
  11. JamieCam

    Recommendations for the best way to get from Santiago to Madrid?

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place ;) I will be traveling to Madrid on the day I plan to arrive in Santiago. What is the best way to get there? Train? Flight? Should I book in advance or can I book a couple of days before I get there? Thanks!
  12. Fecone55

    From USA

    I am traveling September 2017 from the southeast US (Charleston, SC). Where is best to fly in to in order to get to St. Jean? Further, how did you get back to the states from Santiago? Thank you
  13. KinkyOne

    Bla Bla Car

    Recently two Bla Bla Car users were fined for sharing a ride. Here is a protest from Bla Bla Car community: "Recientemente han aparecido en prensa noticias sobre posibles sanciones a dos usuarios y a BlaBlaCar por parte de la Comunidad de Madrid. En este sentido, ayer nos reunimos con la...
  14. Wokabaut_Meri

    ALERT New French ATC strike: 15% traffic reduction at Paris on Thursday 15/09

    Anyone flying into Paris in the next 2 days should check with their airline regarding scheduling as the Air Traffic Controllers strike has been called for Thursday 15 September. The strike will start on Wednesday 14th at 1700 UTC and will end at 0400 UTC on Friday 16th of September. Further...
  15. Wokabaut_Meri

    Qatar Airways Cheap Airfares from Australia to Europe

    The Qatar Airways Travel Festival opened online recently. If you haven't had a chance, take a look as they are selling out quickly and you can find a return fare to London from AUS $1215 for travel between 15 September 2016 and 23 June 2017. Just right for that next Camino!
  16. J

    Barcelona to Irun on the 16:30 train. Options?

    We must take the 330 train from Barcelona which arrives in Irun at 930. (21:30). Arriving so late will we have options at albergues? Any suggestions would be appreciated. James
  17. Aideen0816

    Santander airport to Astorga, possible stopover?

    Hi Travellers! I'll be flying into Santander in 2 weeks but my flight does not land until 4pm... I'm starting my Camino from Astorga but according to the ALSA website the best I will do that day is get to Leon by bus at 10pm, so my question is this: would I be best to spend a night in Santander...
  18. Wokabaut_Meri

    AirFrance cabin crew strike July 27 - August 02

    FYI just got this update through on one of my travel alert feeds: Update on 25 July, 00:10 A.M. local time in Paris AirFrance cabin crew call for strike from July 27 to August 02, 2016 The link is to the AirFrance information page and contains everything that you need to know and even an...
  19. M

    short documentary: my journey on camino de santiago

    Camino de santiago: place of soul. Experiences,place,people,emotions...story of my journey! Cammino di santiago: luogo dell'anima. Esperienze, luoghi,persone,emozioni...questo il resoconto del mio viaggio!
  20. N

    travel from Osorno to El Burgo Ranero or mansilla De las Mullas

    Hey all, Just wondering could anyone help me out, because of my flight times in to Santander I don't think my original start point is possible so was looking to start in El Burgo Ranero or Mansilla de las Mullas. Can't seem to figure out the way the train work to either, would bus or train be...

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