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trekking poles

  1. Cbflores

    Can I take my trekking poles as carry-on baggage?

    Hi there! My dad and I are doing El Camino mid May and I just realized I have an unanswered question: Can I take my Trekking poles as carry-on items or will I need to check them? Im planning on taking my pack as a carry-on and I just realized that some people have mentioned the poles may be an...
  2. EmoJohnson

    Porto to Santiago (walking sticks?)

    Buen Camino! I walk the coastal Portuguese way in late May. Given the terrain, will I need walking sticks?
  3. VeeM

    Hiking stores along the Camino!?

    Hi! I'm in Fromista and need trekking poles! Does anyone know of hiking stores in Fromista or next villages going towards Santiago!? Many thanks
  4. barbaravan

    Trekking Poles Selection

    Please be aware that the REI Carbon Power Lock Women's Trekking Poles are packaged with a message hidden under the rubber basket that says that the locking mechanism must be tightened with a screwdriver and re-tighted over time. Since the message is unreadable (hidden) and since my Black Diamond...
  5. Jennifer from Colorado

    Death on the Camino

    If someone has already posted this, forgive this repetition but please pray for the 53 year old Hungarian pilgrim who passed away in the alburgue in Orisson, Monday 23 May 2016. Like in the Movie, he died on Day 1 of his Camino. We don't have many details yet but he was traveling with a...
  6. Nanc

    poles verses staff

    I have hiking poles and planned to bring them in watching videos and photos of the Camino, I noticed a lot of pilgrims using one pole and carrying the other under their arm. does this seem to be the default position? which raises the question: are two poles needed? would a walking staff do...
  7. tomnorth

    How to use trekking poles--video

    Here is a link to an excellent short video on how to use trekking poles. The vast majority of pilgrims that I saw on the Camino Francés this fall were using their poles in a manner that gave them no propulsion or shock absorption. This video explains what is effective and why it works. When...
  8. Seabird

    Bring extra tips for trekking poles?

    I became a trekking pole convert and use them for all my training hikes. I have Black Diamond Poles, and the tips are still in great shape. I am bringing a pair of rubber tip covers for use on asphalt -- should I also bring an extra set of metal tips? I emailed the company, and they provided...
  9. H

    Buying walking poles in Le Puy

    Hi all. I am finding these forums wonderfully helpful planning my Camino in August this year. I am leaving from Le Puy, planning to walk all the way to Santiago. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is practicable to wait until I get to Le Puy before I buy some walking poles, or...
  10. R

    Guide Book New Book - "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim"

    Hi all, I recently published "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim" in print and for Kindle on Amazon. The book covers logistical information about getting to the Camino, accommodations, dining, and other sundry details, as well as in-depth information about...
  11. mary flo

    Renting/Passing on Equipment

    Hi all! Have some logistical questions regarding trekking poles. Is there any place that you can rent gear such as trekking poles? I am planning to invest in some new foldable Black Diamonds this year seeing as I do a lot of hiking in New England and wanted to bring them on the Camino but I'm...
  12. Melensdad

    10 reasons to use trekking poles

    Just saw this, thought I would post it for anyone who didn't see the article or doesn't understand the utility of using poles to help you hike. http://m.outdoorgearlab.com/a/11089/Ten-Reasons-for-Trekking-Poles
  13. rioja routard

    walking sticks / poles

    reading the post about new age bores, the subject came up of these metal walking sticks. Surely they are a high tech solution to a low tech problem! When I got tired or needed more support than my legs would give me I would find a stick which would become my friend until I no longer needed it...
  14. C

    Walking poles/sticks Santander

    Where can I get/buy a pair of walking poles/sticks in Santander?

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