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  1. Castaño de Ramil

    Castaño de Ramil

    March 5, 2019, This massive chestnut tree of 800+ years sits on the eastern section of Triacastela as you first begin entering town. I've passed it twice after walking down from O Cebreiro in winter and each time have stopped for a look. Perhaps some day I'll see it with leaves.
  2. Carly Rose

    Live - Camino Francés Leaving Triacastela: right or left?

    Hello all, I am sure I am asking a question answered many (many) times, however I think my camino brain is not searching properly. In choosing a route after leaving Triacastela my intent is to avoid the largest amounts of concrete/asphalt etc. It basically wrecks my feet :) Have any of you...
  3. P

    Starting in Triacastela

    Hey everyone! I am preparing to embark on my first el camino experience this may! My head is swirling with thousands of questions, but to begin I was wondering if it was possible to get public transportation to Triacastela from either the airport in Santiago or the one in Madrid? I only have 6-7...
  4. Diana Kringelbach

    Should we give up on Triacastela?

    Looking for a little adwise. My son and I are arriving at the airport i Santiago de Compostela next Sunday the 14.th. We have 8 full days for hiking and really wanted to start out in Triacastela, but it seems very hard to get there Sunday evening. Apperently there is no bus until Monday 6 PM...
  5. Wokabaut_Meri

    Pilgrims injured in accident at Triacastela?

    A friend sent me this link to this article: http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/lugo/lugo/2016/06/28/heridos-gravedad-dos-peregrinos-canadienses-tras-golpeados-rulo-hierba-triacastela/00031467106363382293856.htm reportedly about 2 Canadian pilgrims being injured a few days ago by what I presume...
  6. traveladdict1

    How to get from Triacastela to Sarria? Is there public transportation?

    Hi, We want to skip the route from Triascastela to Sarria and instead take a bus/train from Triacastela to Sarria. This will be in June. Does anyone know if there's a bus or a train? If yes, could you send me the link or something? We don't really want to take a taxi, but I couldn't find any...
  7. P

    March Accommodation: Rabanal/Triacastela/O Cebreiro

    Hi. We are completing (hopefully) our last stages from March 15-29. We have managed to find accommodation everywhere from Leon to Santiago. But, no luck whatsoever for Rabanal (18th), O'Cebreiro (22nd) and Triacastela (23rd). No Albergues or Hostels/Pensions are replying to emails. We're...

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