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    Tui to Santiago short stages

    Good Morning All, I will be walking Tui to Santaigo with an 83 year old. The route was selected purely on the basis of least hills, so if anyone has a better suggestion please butt in. I believe she will do about 10 miles / 16 km per day, and sleeping in dormitories is not an option. Anything...
  2. Cathedral of Tui

    Cathedral of Tui

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    A compendium of useful links for travel in Galicia including Santiago, Sarria, and Fisterra

    This thread discusses travel services in Galicia, including Santiago, Sarria, and Fisterra Caveat. I do not have first hand knowledge of most of the information presented here. The material in this thread was researched using web resources that may be out of date. Information may be incomplete...


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