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  1. simply B

    The Meseta vs. The VdlP from Seville to Salamanca...

    For those of you have have walked both, a sincere and simple question; I am aware of the infrastructure differences/issues but my question drives to the experiential matters.... "Does the VdlP walk have the same "mind-emptying" effect/impact as the Meseta?" Thank you in advance for your...
  2. karry

    Time of Year

    Hi Everyone, I am thinking (or dreaming) of doing Camino Mozarabe & Via de la Plata. I have read some threads on here and I am curious to learn, what is the trail difference between starting at the end of the year or starting at the beginning of the year? Is the trail more population during one...
  3. Isabeila

    Via de la Plata in April?

    Hello fellow pilgrims! Even though I have already walked the Camino Frances and Camino del Norte, I feel so unsure and some what "afraid" about setting off from Seville to Santiago April 1st. Therefore I hoped to get in contact with pilgrims leaving from Seville at the same time - or around...
  4. Daniel Beaumont

    Walking the Via de la Plata in May 2019

    Hello fellow pilgrims, This is the first time i've posted on this site - what a lovely, helpful community this is. I am going to be walking my 5th Camino, the Via de la Plata, from Seville to Santiago de Compostela starting May 16th and finishing in Santiago around June 18th - I’m so excited...
  5. Merida September 2018.jpg

    Merida September 2018.jpg

    Merida September 2018
  6. Y

    Live - Via de la Plata Live Report from VdlP Starting from Seville on 6/20/18

    Via de la Plata, here I am. It was a huge surprise and much appreciated that the day started with clouds and few rain drops at Sevilla, it was very pleasant. I took the river route, did coffee stop at Santionce. In order to beat the afternoon heat without visiting Italica, saved the Roman ruins...
  7. SioCamino

    San Gil variant between Grimaldi and Carcaboso on VDLP - any experience?

    Hi all, i'm looking for some information from anyone who has recently walked the VDLP. We will be restarting our VDLP in a week or so from Cañaveral and I've been trying to look at how to break up various stages. Looking at gronze today I saw that there was a variant to take the calzada romana...
  8. E

    Walking companion for VdlP april 2018

    Hi everyone, this is my first post (apologies if its in the wrong place) but im about to start the via de la plata in a few days; looking at april 12 to walk out of seville. i walked the camino frances in 2015 and i suspect that was a very different experience due to the nature and exposure of...
  9. Tamsin Grainger

    Weather and albergues VdlP March 2018

    Yesterday 22.3.18 gorgeous sun after frosty start in Mérida. Many peregrinos. Albergue at Aljucén full to bursting. V good. Amigos de camino one shut as was one café. 2 other cafes open. Today 23rd nice weather. Birds singing. Due to rain at midday. Quite lot water lying in places but nothing...
  10. Jo Jo

    One week in the South of Spain in Late October

    It looks like my wife can only take one week off work to walk this year, probably in late October (yes, caminos have become an annual thing). We are looking at the South of Spain, probably starting somewhere and seeing how far north we get. For those of you with experience, where would you...
  11. StevethePlanner

    Via de la Plata and Sanabres hour by hour

    Here are two videos from earlier this year (April/May) walking the Via de la Plata. One is an “hour by hour” video. Two years ago, inspired by a video with a selfie every mile on the Pacific Crest Trail, I decided to take a selfie approximately every hour while walking the Camino de Santiago...
  12. Erik Anderson

    LIVE from the Camino Rejoining Camino Sanabres

    I'm rejoining the Camino at Puebla de Sanabria on Wednesday to walk to Santiago and would be interested in any information from peregrinos on the route or who have travelled this path recently. I read (online) that there is a number of diversions due to AVE work and there are warnings that the...
  13. Fares Ismail

    Camino Frances Followed by VdlP

    Hello everyone, As my starting day approaches, I’ve been looking at alternative routes (ones that are less traveled and crowded). I initially thought about doing the Camino Frances and taking the Invierno route from Ponferrada. But recently I started thinking about following the Frances up...
  14. K

    Advice for the VDLP

    I'm considering the VDLP in 2018. Can anyone recommend a guidebook and any advice as a result of hindsight? Also, Seville or Granada as the start point - any preferences? Thx :)
  15. Tamsin Grainger

    Map of via De la plata in merida

    Please can anyone tell me where I can find a map of the VdlP as it goes through Mérida? Thanks.
  16. SioCamino

    VDLP April 2017 - heat & shoes

    Hi, I'm due to start walking from Sevilla this weekend. I was expecting that the weather would be pretty warm but it looks pretty hot just now. So I am seeking advice from pilgrims on the road just now or who have walked in similar temps regarding suitable footwear. I had planned on wearing my...
  17. long trails

    Live - Via de la Plata Seville to Santiago, Spring 2017

    Well it's the eve of my VDLP walk up to Santiago. I have been in Seville a couple of days now and could really stay here longer, but the Camino is calling (and the weekend tourist crowds are arriving!). Feels totally different to the eve of my Camino Frances. Of course SJPdP is a pilgrims town...
  18. Donaldclive

    Mixing Via dl P with cPortuguese

    I am planning on starting the Via de la Plata from Seville in mid March and walking up to Salamanca. From there I will take a train to Coimbra and continue on the Caminho Portuguese to Santiago De Compostela (I have Portuguese friends on route and would like to see them). This is my first Camino...
  19. Jakke

    Embalse de Tajo, AVE and A Gudina

    Can anyone tell me what the situation with the accommodation near the Embalse de Tajo is? Will the camino from A Gudina still be closed after Easter this year? Is there information concerning the construction of the train track (AVE) that impacts the VDLP camino this year?
  20. M

    Now it feels real!

    It's becoming more and more a reality! My dream of doing another camino has taken on a life of it's own, and has turned into a loose plan! As it stands, my plan is to hike from Seville as far as Salamanca, from mid-Feb to mid-March. I will need to save the rest of the VdlP for another time...

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