1. kindergood

    Vegetarian Camino

    As a vegetarian who walked the Camino Frances in 2016 I have put together a list of places where vegetarian food is available along the way... And some advice by a vegetarian for vegetarians on what...
  2. Ryan Alexander

    Any tips/recommendations for a vegan Camino Francés?

    I will be walking the camino in Sept, I don't eat animal products, any advice or recommendations from others who share the same beliefs or have relevant insight on the matter? Maybe you have walked the route... Thankyou
  3. Wild Guides

    The Edible Camino 2016-06-05

    The Edible Camino guidebook features 77 wild edible plants and mushrooms found along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Written by pilgrims, for pilgrims, the pages are packed with detailed plant descriptions, vivid photographs, annotated sketches, nutritional/medicinal information and 50 wild...
  4. Inbar

    New vegetarian albergue in Reliegos

    Hola! As a vegan peregrina I was extremely thrilled to find this new place today. The owner said it just opened two months ago and I couldn't find any information about it in English. It's called El Albergue De Ada and you can follow the arrows that will lead you there - but it's in c/ Real 42...
  5. S


    Hello all. I will be traveling with a vegetarian next year and I am wondering if there will be any availability of pilgrim menus for her or if we should plan on making other eating arrangements. Also, does anyone have tips/hints/advice for vegetarians traveling the Camino? Thanks all!
  6. C

    Vegan worries

    Hey All, So far all the posts I have seen say that vegetarians should have no problem on the camino but us vegans might be s.o.l. People have mentioned the availability of supermarkets quite a bit, mostly in the context of buying bread, cheese, fruit, and tuna. What about beans, esp lentils...


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