1. Aldara

    Little project about vegetarians people in the Camino

    Hi everyone, Im Aldara (well is my alter ego. I choose that name from a Galician legend) Im from Barcelona with Galician roots and I spent all childhood summers in Galicia with my grandpa in the Camino. He had a house in the French way. I want to start a little project but I need your help for...
  2. kindergood

    Vegetarian Camino

    As a vegetarian who walked the Camino Frances in 2016 I have put together a list of places where vegetarian food is available along the way... And some advice by a vegetarian for vegetarians on what...
  3. Jakke


    This is a matter of taste, so no arguing. I am out of necessity a vegetarian and I have diabetes. What Portuguese dish would you ask for if you were me?
  4. E

    Reliegos Recommendation

    I highly recommend Albergue de Ada in Reliegos. Pedro is our gracious host. Named for his daughter, Ada, whose artwork adorns the walls; she even painted the signs! Very clean, free wifi, laundry facilities, great bathrooms with numerous sinks, showers, toilets. Rooms can lock. Very pleasant...
  5. Ryan Alexander

    Any tips/recommendations for a vegan Camino Francés?

    I will be walking the camino in Sept, I don't eat animal products, any advice or recommendations from others who share the same beliefs or have relevant insight on the matter? Maybe you have walked the route... Thankyou
  6. L


    I am inquiring about any challenges anyone has had finding food for a vegetarian along the Camino Francis. Thank you in advance.
  7. Lucy Longpath

    The Couple who Held Hands on the Camino de Santiago

    The Couple Who Held Hands on the Camino de Santiago is a detailed account of a tea drinking dog fearing vegetarian’s long distance walk with her husband on the Camino Frances and Camino Finisterre in Spring 2015. Lucy and Martyn were referred to as “the couple who held hands” by an American...
  8. Lucy Longpath

    Vegetarian Food on the Puy Way

    Does anyone have any recommendations for gites or other places to stay that are especially good for vegetarians? Also does anyone know of any restaurants/cafes along the route? We are planning to book demi pension at most places and say that I am vegetarian when we make the booking, and then...
  9. Inbar

    New vegetarian albergue in Reliegos

    Hola! As a vegan peregrina I was extremely thrilled to find this new place today. The owner said it just opened two months ago and I couldn't find any information about it in English. It's called El Albergue De Ada and you can follow the arrows that will lead you there - but it's in c/ Real 42...
  10. Lord Longpath

    Walking Distance 2015-08-16

    The true story of a journey on foot across Spain in search of enlightenment, toilets and a nice cup of tea, accompanied by a dog-fearing vegetarian. The above link is for Kindle Store. For the US, other 'amazon' countries or paperback version Google 'Walking Distance by Martyn Wright'.
  11. S


    Hello all. I will be traveling with a vegetarian next year and I am wondering if there will be any availability of pilgrim menus for her or if we should plan on making other eating arrangements. Also, does anyone have tips/hints/advice for vegetarians traveling the Camino? Thanks all!
  12. emsr2d2

    Food question - this'll make you laugh

    Hi all I already have a thread started on our actual walk but I wanted to ask this separately. I'm walking Santiago-Finisterre-Muxia at the end of June and I'm starting to think about the food side of things. We're staying at Castelo, A Picota Mazaricos, Cee, Finisterre, Lires and possibly...
  13. L

    Vegetarian take away!!

    this is just an enquiry to see what the response is!!! Would anyone buy take away vegetarian food if it was available? Having volunteered at a Vegetarain Albergue quite a few pilgrims said they would definitely buy things like cous cous ,quinoa salad ,brown rice and veg salad to take with them...
  14. Sara Jean

    Cheapest travel to St. Jean Pied de Port and a few other questions... (vegetarian meals etc)

    Hi Everyone! My name is Sara and I'm a vegetarian from California and currently living in Hungary. I've just made the (somewhat) last minute decision to walk the Camino de Santiago St. Jean Pied de Port-Santiago de Compostela-Finisterre in late June-early August this year (45 Days - 2015...
  15. michellemcalister

    Ok, here comes the vegetarian question...

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has noticed any vegetarian gites along the Le Puy > St. Jean chemin? I know of a few along the Camino Frances, but wanted to jot down some noteworthy finds to walk toward if they indeed exist. Anyone?
  16. Luka

    Vegetarian solutions on the VdlP?

    As a vegetarian I am pretty used to survive on potatoes, eggs, cheese and some vegetables when in Spain. I have two concerns when walking every day: proteins and variety. If anyone might have run into a vegetarian restaurant I would be happy to know. My other (and a lot easier) solution is...
  17. NoorvanderVeen

    Vegetarian albergues/restaurants on the Camino Frances

    Past summer I walked from SJPP to Santiago. As a vegetarian, it wasn't always easy to find places where we could eat a nice vegetarian dish other than patatas or pasta with tomatosauce. I did however notice there were a lot of nice vegetarian(friendly) albergues and restaurants, but we always...
  18. Peronel

    Vegetarian in Roncsevalles

    A quick query... can the restaurants in Roncsevalles cope with a vegetarian? If I have to, I can carry dinner over the Pyrenees, but I'd rather not! Thank you Peronel (Bag is packed - it's all become real - hence the flurry of posts!)
  19. C

    Vegan worries

    Hey All, So far all the posts I have seen say that vegetarians should have no problem on the camino but us vegans might be s.o.l. People have mentioned the availability of supermarkets quite a bit, mostly in the context of buying bread, cheese, fruit, and tuna. What about beans, esp lentils...
  20. E


    Hi All, How do vegetarians do on the Camino? Look forward to your replies.