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via francigena

  1. danioku

    Historical Via Ghibellina (from Florence to St. Francis Sanctuary of La Verna)

    I walked the Via Ghibellina last summer (June 2019) starting from Florence and arriving to the Sanctuary of St.Francis in La Verna. Then I followed the Way of St. Francis till Assisi. This route is not very known but I hope it will have more success in the future. Researchers discovered an...
  2. kazrobbo

    The joy of language

    Found this gem while walking the Italian section of the VF. There's no 'Ita-lish' & no mistranslation...it's purely one of those happy (& priceless...) coincidences of language. The sign actually says 'electric bike rental' but you don't even need to know that. I doubt a top notch marketing team...
  3. kazrobbo

    Live from Via Francigena Il Vaticano, Roma

    London to Rome: 21 March - 20 June, 2019 "The sorry relief of arrival..." Gideon Lewis-Kraus, A Sense of Direction 2,847,786 steps 5234+ flights of stairs (frm 🇫🇷) = equiv ascent 2117.9 kilometres walked 93 days 84 Schengen visa days 36...
  4. kazrobbo

    Live from Via Francigena A laugh for past & present VF'ers...& a warning for futures!

    Yesterday I clocked up 1800kms on my walk from London to Rome. Tonight, I'm in Buonconvento (a great choice to stay after the hustle, bustle & crowds of the Big Tickets; Lucca, San Gimignano & Siena) where I came across this gem. At first it was a bit of a shock to see there's just 200km to...
  5. kazrobbo

    Live from Via Francigena Cisa Pass oblivion, bella Tuscany &... 🎶 I do love to be beside the seaside...🎵

    London to Rome Copy of group email sent yesterday (30 May) Day 64 walking 1625km Marina di Massa, Italy "Lago di Viverone (Lake Viverone). Got into my hotel as early as I could to spend a relaxing afternoon by this beautiful lake. The lake has a bit of a resort-ish vibe but more your...
  6. kazrobbo

    Live from Via Francigena VF practical info

    In addition to my trail posting, thought I'd include some practical info (as a currently-walking full VF'er) based on the queries/concerns people seem to have prior to setting out or when considering if the VF is a possible option. Day 52 approx 1300km Mortara, Italy Footwear - Salomon XA Lite...
  7. kazrobbo

    Live from Via Francigena Arrivederci Valle D'Aosta

    London to Rome Excerpt from group email sent 12 May... (I am now in Mortara) I've included some practical info in an additional 'Live from the VF' posting. Day 46 walking 1179 km Ivrea, Italy I've crossed two borders since my last instalment & am now walking the fourth country of this trip...
  8. B

    Via Francigena Insights

    We just finished the Via Francigena from Lucca to Rome. There were many surprises, both good and bad. The good was the path was well mark and we were never close to being lost. The bad was the accommodations. I used different lists from the forum and other sources and they are terribly out of...
  9. kazrobbo

    Live from VF prefix

    Is it possible to have a 'LIVE - Via Francigena' prefix to save having to use the Camino heading? Just a thought... 😊 👣 🌏
  10. kazrobbo

    LIVE from the Camino Via Francigena - northern France

    London to Rome; currently Day 23 - 526km I started in London on 21 March walking the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury & then commenced the VF. I will be in Chalons-en-Champagne tomorrow (Friday 12 April). The following are excerpts from the group emails I send from the trail. This one was written on...
  11. meye1099

    Where to start?

    Hi, everyone! I've been aware of the Via Francigena for a couple years now but have only recently starting thinking about it seriously. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some good resources to begin planning a walk on the Via Francigena in the Italy portion? The guidebooks listed on...
  12. kazrobbo

    A little VF humour...

    Of course that only applies in the outside world...here we can talk (write) about it until we're blue in the face or our fingers are numb & tingly! 😄 For me, the adventure is about to begin..I fly out tomorrow...YAY! Best wishes to all undertaking the VF now or later. Ultreia! 👣 🌏
  13. kazrobbo

    VF - Arrival at Calais Port

    My query is regarding arrival by ferry at the Calais terminal. I've read of pilgrims getting 'waylaid' trying to leave the Port as its not designed with foot passengers in mind. Can previous VF-ers please share the disembarkation process especially with regards to directions? ie if you got lost...
  14. kazrobbo

    Rest days on the full VF

    Hi Past & Intending VF pilgrims, Although I welcome responses from all VF-ers, this query is particularly for those who have walked the whole VF (or are planning to) either from London or Canterbury. If you were also subject to Schengen visa time limits, even better! I'm leaving in a few weeks...
  15. kazrobbo

    VF query - ostello in Orio Litto

    Starting the full VF from London (Pilgrims Way to Canterbury) in about 6 weeks time. Just a quick query...or two...for those who stayed in Orio Litto. 1/ Now don't laugh, but...is a sleeping bag required to stay in the Orio Litto pilgrim hostel? I noticed in Efren's (Gonzalez) brilliant vlog...
  16. kazrobbo

    VF elevation maps

    Getting to the nitty-gritty stage of planning for the Via Francigena...my March departure is looming! A short time ago I found a useful website with lots of practical info & interactive maps for the entire VF. This included a series of elevation maps broken down into sections with scale adjusted...
  17. kazrobbo

    VF alternative route to enter Switzerland?

    Hi VF Pilgrims, Just wondering if anyone has crossed the border from France to Switzerland via the area around Jougne/Ballaigues as opposed to the Saint Croix route described in the Cicerone guide? I'd be interested to hear of any routes taken for this section & your...
  18. kazrobbo

    River Po boat crossing - solo?

    Hi VF Pilgrims, From March (2019), I'm walking the VF solo starting in London (Pilgrims Way to Canterbury) all the way to Rome. I've heard/read that amazing Danilo the Boatman is a bit reluctant to ferry solo pilgrims down the River Po due to fuel costs etc. Have any solo pilgrims had issues...
  19. Hiking Fran

    Via Francigena from home - English Guidebooks for Germany?

    Hello! After walking the Camino Frances this year if I am going somewhere I am walking and I'm forever on a camino. I started walking to Rome (from home) yesterday! Starting in bite sized day trips. First I will walk from The Netherlands and into Germany. I am looking for websites and guide...
  20. truenorthpilgrim

    Efrén Gonzáles' youtube/Camino vlogs.

    Hi all, Just want to do a quick shout out to Efren Gonzales' youtube channel. Other threads on this forum have mentioned his stellar documentation of his 2017 Camino Frances pilgrimage, capturing magnificent shots with his drone. I personally think it's the best self-documented series out there...

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