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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

via francigena

  1. truenorthpilgrim

    Efrén Gonzáles' youtube/Camino vlogs.

    Hi all, Just want to do a quick shout out to Efren Gonzales' youtube channel. Other threads on this forum have mentioned his stellar documentation of his 2017 Camino Frances pilgrimage, capturing magnificent shots with his drone. I personally think it's the best self-documented series out there...
  2. John R McLean

    Le Puy or Arles via the Via Francigena?

    Planning is progressing! After reading Rogers blog, it looks like the Via Francigena from Calais but it poses three new options. 1) Turn right at Geneva to Le Puy route? 2) Go over the St Bernard Pass and carry on to Rome and beyond? 3) Go over the pass and turn right to Arles route? Arles vs Le...
  3. M

    Siena to Rome in December/January?

    Hello! I'll be walking the Via Francigena from Siena to Rome with two friends, starting Dec 27th. I have no idea what to expect. What can we expect about the weather? I'll check which accommodations work before we go. Would it be recommended to reserve in advance? Is New Year's (Bolsena) and...
  4. lemenos

    Via Francigena assistance here

    My wife and i have walked from Aosta near the Swiss border to within 100km of Rome on the Via Francigena, and would be happy to answer any questions from pilgrims interested in this amazing route. We have also done the Caminos de Norte and Primitivo to Santiago de Compostela. Buon cammino! Les
  5. DSouthard

    Where the Roads Lead 2017-03-11

    This book is a memoir of a walking pilgrimage from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy during the summer of 2014. The author primarily walked the network of Gran Route trails through Catalunya, the Via Domitia through France, and finally the Via Francigena from Vercelli, Italy to Rome. More than a...
  6. DSouthard

    Where the Roads Lead 2017-03-11

    This book is a memoir of a walking pilgrimage from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy during the summer of 2014. The author primarily walked the network of Gran Route trails through Catalunya, the Via Domitia through France, and finally the Via Francigena from Vercelli, Italy to Rome. More than a...
  7. lemenos

    Starting the VIA about April 20th from Swiss/Italian border

    Now, i realize we probably won't be able to start at San Bernardo, where we would like to start, but does anyone know how close we will be able to get to there about April 20th? In other words, where does the road open on the way from San Bernardo to Echevennoz? Anyone else starting the VIA...
  8. BobM

    Uncertain Steps - A pilgrimage from Rome to Gallipoli 2016-08-20

    The book describes the author’s uncertain 560-kilometre pilgrimage from Rome to Bari, a continuation of his earlier 2,000-kilometre walk from Canterbury to Rome on the Via Francigena. He walked the Via Francigena of the South that follows the ancient Via Appia and the Via Traiana to the...
  9. NeeT

    Pilgrim Accommodation in Rome for a Camino de Santiago Pellegrina

    Hi all! As I am coming to the end (?!) of my Camino I have started to think about the next part of my journey. I will be getting a flight from Madrid to Rome and was wondering if there may be some albergue style accommodation available for this pilgrim who doesn't want the camino feeling to...
  10. JAL

    Notes from a week on The Via Francigena

    Hi All, My wife and I just returned from walking the final 6 stages into Rome on the Via Francigena. (They say FranCHEEjayna).I have walked the CF and Le-Puy to SJPdP solo in past years and wanted to share some observations while it is still fresh in my mind. The Trail. Wow, is it pretty and...
  11. C

    Via Francigena from Aquapendente to Rome

    Hello, I am planning on hiking part of the Via Francigena from Aquapendente to Rome on the 8th or 9th or August with plans to finish around the 16, 17 or 18th. Does anyone know of any reasonable walking or self guided tours. I hear the path can be quite lonely so this this might be a way to...
  12. Apicula

    Truehiker and wildcamping via francigena

    If you got any questions about via francigena, wild camping it and what gear I brought, though I have no clue about accommodations^^ did the VF the fall of 2014 18 August to 28 November with my friend. Cheers!
  13. Lisa Gibbons

    6 Month Camino Fitness Guide 2015-04-27

    6 Month Camino Fitness Plan Step by Step fitness guide for walkers and pilgrims planning their trip to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain. Our fitness expert has designed a free health and fitness programme with some basic but effective exercises for anyone planning a Camino journey. It...
  14. jirit

    Discovering the Via Francigena 2015-04-12

    Interest in the Via Francigena continues to grow. Some time ago I came across a document that sheds some light on the history of the Via Francigena. The document is "largely, but not entirely, the English translation of the introduction" to Giovanni Caselli's book “Via Romea, Cammino di Dio”...
  15. jirit

    Tony's Churches

    Canadian Tony Mak will be walking the Via Francigena this spring and summer... In his words... "I am walking the Via Francigena pilgrimage this summer, 2000 km from Canterbury UK to the Vatican. Please follow me on Facebook or Google+. You will see my latest tweet above. I am walking in part...
  16. sillydoll

    22-day walk on the Via Francigena to Rome 2016

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this? It is not a Camino Resource but it is a notice about an accompanied walk on the Via Francigena. So, here goes: amaWalkers is offering a 22-day accompanied walk from 24th June to 18th July 2016 - three weeks on the Via Francigena. We can't...
  17. L

    Italy: Shelter 2013 2015-03-17

    1 Shelter along the Via Francigena & Il Cammino di San Francesco (2013): Cessana-Torinese to Bari (download) 2 Resources found along the way: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/italy-cessana-turinese-via-assisi-rome-to-bari.32023/
  18. P

    WALK - Canterbury to Jerusalem 2014-07-25

    Nine Months, 7000kms and 16 Countries... This is the story of Ben Dale's epic pilgrimage, walking from Canterbury to Jerusalem. He was shot at, attacked by sheep dogs and robbed at knife point but this paled in comparison to the overwhelming hospitality he was show from one end of his journey...
  19. efdoucette

    Camaraderie on the Via Francigena

    I understand the VF is not the Camino Frances in terms of number of walkers but there must be some. How lonely is it on the VF anyway? especially if you converse in only English? I hope to walk from Besconson to either Florence or maybe Rome this Sept / Oct. Thank you for your thoughts. Eric
  20. Birdielein

    Accommodations on Via Francigena?

    Hello all, Are there any gites communaux on the stretch of VF from Arras to Chalons en Champagne? I am doing that chunk as part of my war walk, but I just can't find any accommodations for under 35 a night. O.o Truthfully, my whole walk is shockingly expensive in terms of lodging. I didn't...

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