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  1. t2andreo

    Pilgrim Office Status Report

    I have been working here as a volunteer since 13 July. My last work day is this Tuesday, 15 August. I will return home (FL) on Thursday. Here is the current status of things at the P/O: Daily volumes - yesterday 12 AUG, we set the daily record for 2017 (to date) with 2,722 pilgrims processed...
  2. D

    Volunteer oppurtunities

    Hello everyone, I am applying for a scholarship that would let me walk the camino in 2017 (one of my life long goals). I want to give back to the camino, and it would help my chances of getting this scholarship. Does anyone know of a type of volunteer I could do for a max of a week while on...
  3. K

    Life After The Camino

    Hello fellow travelers, I have purchased a one way ticket to Europe for an August 27 start of the Camino de Santiago. I have been researching volunteer and work options to contribute, experience a new adventure, stay in the EU or UK for awhile, and travel more. Does anyone have any experience...
  4. Glenngaunt

    Places to stay/Volunteer in Finisterre

    Hello All, So I have 4 days to spare in Finisterre and was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I could volunteer? Thanks
  5. The Abbey

    The Abbey

    We first saw this abandoned and derelict abbey whilst walking the Camino de Santiago in 2010 and dreamed of fixing it up. Our plan is to create a not for profit establishment where pilgrims can take refuge under shady oaks from the scorching summer sun. A place where they can relax in hammocks...
  6. Jessica Boldig

    Does anyone need a volunteer?

    I am an experienced pilgrim with some available time this fall and winter and spring. I was wondering if anyone needs a volunteer along any route, or how to get certified as a Hospitalera. I live in Italy and could be ready to serve immediately. In addition to English, I only speak basic...


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