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  1. ELHS220

    Pilgrim Mass and Botafumeiro

    This past May through July, I walked the last part of the Norte, from Oviedo/Avilés, the last two days of the Francés, served as a volunteer in the Pilgrim Office for two weeks, and then walked to Finisterre and on to Muxía. During this time, I did the Mass reading 37 times in various churches...
  2. alexwalker

    Collecting garbage - A duty for conscious pilgrims?

    On my next camino (sept. or so, I think) I am going to bring a bag each day and pick up garbage. I have often done this, but not systematically. Why do it? I am tired of seeing empty plastic bottles (weighs nothing), empty sigarette packs (weighs nothing) etc etc along the trails. If I put it...
  3. Dave H.

    Seeking volunteer opportunties

    My wife and I are looking for a long-term volunteer opportunity on the CPC route, ideally with room and board included. We are willing to serve in virtually any capacity. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. t2andreo

    Questions for currently serving or just served Pilgrim Office volunteers...

    Hey there! I leave in one week (7 July) to fly to Santiago to start my annual one-month volunteer stint on 9 July. Currently, I am arranging and packing stuff that I learned over the years that will make my time there better. In that vein, I have a few questions that only someone who is...
  5. whyteway

    Volunteer on Camino

    Hola, I walked the Camino Frances last year and am trying to return to volunteer at St.Anton Albergue. Getting a visa from Australia to stay long term in Spain is near impossible. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get a long term visa for Spain??? Mucho grasias Anthony
  6. Lirsy

    Services provided by hospitaleros

    Hi! I am right now in an albergue as hospitalero. It really surprise me how few pilgrims use the services that the hospitaleros can provide. In my opinion, it is a little shocking that almost no any pilgrim ask about which are the difficulties in the next stages, wich could be the adventages...
  7. Rebekah Scott

    Ditch Pigs Cleanup Crew: 2017

    Don't look now, but the DITCH PIGS are back, cleaning up our 100 kms of Camino for the NINTH consecutive YEAR! We've trimmed down our numbers and shortened out work-week this year, gathering on 26 Nov. and clearing out of town on the 30th. We did a really thorough job from Castrojeriz all...
  8. t2andreo

    LIVE from the Camino Pilgrim Office Status Report

    I have been working here as a volunteer since 13 July. My last work day is this Tuesday, 15 August. I will return home (FL) on Thursday. Here is the current status of things at the P/O: Daily volumes - yesterday 12 AUG, we set the daily record for 2017 (to date) with 2,722 pilgrims processed...
  9. Richard Ray

    Advice for Starting a Local "Friends of the Camino" Group

    I've been giving some thought to trying to create a forum for Camino pilgrims who live in West Michigan (USA). I'd be interested in learning how others who have done something similar in their communities have approached the task. How did you develop your list of pilgrims to whom you could...
  10. happymarkos

    Visa dangers for volunteers

    Last year after walking the Portuguese Camino I spent 2 weeks as a volunteer in St Jean Pied De Port at the Acceuil which is the Pilgrim's information centre on the rue de la Citadelle. After finishing my volunteer commitment I flew from Biarritz to Stansted in the UK and expected an easy...
  11. crhutch


    Are there any associations or groups that works to place people who want to work (volunteer) as hospitaleros in private albergues?
  12. Nico "Carfield"

    For the third time on a camino!

    Hello , I'm new here and think this is a nice place to share things. I'm going to do my third camino in may this year. This year the camino Primitivo from Oviedo. I'm looking forward to be on the this one and to meet a lot of new people. But first I am going to work as volenteer in de biggest...
  13. D

    Volunteer oppurtunities

    Hello everyone, I am applying for a scholarship that would let me walk the camino in 2017 (one of my life long goals). I want to give back to the camino, and it would help my chances of getting this scholarship. Does anyone know of a type of volunteer I could do for a max of a week while on...
  14. JohnnieWalker

    Being a Hospitalero

    JohnnieWalker submitted a new resource: Being a Hospitalero - Thinking of being a hospitalero? Buying an albergue? Using an albergue? Read more about this resource...
  15. williamlittig

    Giving Back

    Small things can help us all. If you are preparing to walk a Camino, consider bringing and donating a small translation dictionary . Spanish/English Frenck/Spanish , Hungarian/Spanish, most of us have copies at home that are duplicates or unused. The first Albergue will probably be well equiped...
  16. K

    Life After The Camino

    Hello fellow travelers, I have purchased a one way ticket to Europe for an August 27 start of the Camino de Santiago. I have been researching volunteer and work options to contribute, experience a new adventure, stay in the EU or UK for awhile, and travel more. Does anyone have any experience...
  17. vjpulver

    I Want to Be a Hospitalera in 2016!

    Hello Pilgrims! I have not been on this forum since about 2009 I guess. That is when I walked from Roncesvalles to Santiago (Apr-Jun 2009). Now I am ready to return as a hospitalera. I plan to register as soon as the registration opens for April training at the annual gathering of the American...
  18. Jessica Boldig

    Does anyone need a volunteer?

    I am an experienced pilgrim with some available time this fall and winter and spring. I was wondering if anyone needs a volunteer along any route, or how to get certified as a Hospitalera. I live in Italy and could be ready to serve immediately. In addition to English, I only speak basic...
  19. Tigerandahalf

    Volunteering in albergues to learn Spanish

    Would anyone have ideas on the above? Thanks
  20. D

    I wanna be a hospitalero

    I'm a retired Brit, male, looking to be a hospitalero preferably on the Ruta dl Plata. I spent 10 years running a hotel in the province of Seville (1993/2003) so speak reasonably good ( Andalus! ) spanish and I have walked a good section of the Camino Frances before breaking a bone in my foot...