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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
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  1. Pierre Julian

    Volunteering opportunities over the next few weeks / months?

    Hello, can anyone please point me in the direction of any people / organisations / albergues / associations which might need some volunteer help? I'm hoping to get to Spain over the next few weeks and do some walking, but also want to spend time somewhere that I can practise Spanish as much as...
  2. M

    For Sale/Wanted Albergue for lease

    Good day to my fellow pilgrim's. Not long ago my other half and I spent a few months walking on the Camino or Camino's, we started in Lisbon to Santiago, followed northern route to France and then back along the French and the San Salvador.. couldn't get enough. We are now feeling that we would...
  3. L

    How do I go about volunteering in a Donativo?

    Hi fellow pilgrims, I have been planning to walk the Camino del Norte for a while, was meant to be going this September but I guess it's too early to know if this would be possible? Unless anyone has any info about this? I would like to volunteer in a Donitivo for a couple of weeks on the...
  4. C

    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    After some years in Samos (Lugo - Galicia) I have to stay at home in Sweden so I am transfering my lease to the next passionate pilgrim hospitaler@ for 10,000€. Open to offers! This utterly cozy house has a valid tourism license as B&B. Located on the Camino Francés, 12km from Sarria, an...
  5. F

    Thesis about volunteering on the Camino

    Hi! My name is Fatime Kepka and I am a hungarian student. I am attending a hungarian university in Budapest and I am writing my thesis about motivations and expectations of volunteers on the Camino. I made a questionnaire for the volunteers. Please, if you are/were a volunteer on the Camino...
  6. Rebekah Scott

    YOU can be a Camino Ditch Pig in 2020!

    You can't keep a Ditch Pig down, not even in a world put on hold by a pandemic! We won't have the usual Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup crew this year, as most of our volunteers are locked down or face quarantines on their return home... and large swaths of the Camino are off-limits as well. BUT...
  7. Rebekah Scott

    Winter Hospitaleros needed

    The word's gone out: The Amigos of Ponferrada want to keep the donativo Albergue Domus Dei in Foncebadon open over this winter, so there will be at least one place for pilgrims to stay up there. Hardy volunteers are needed to take two-week stretches on the mountain. For details contact Rafa at...
  8. Robo

    Video/Pocast Woo Hoo. It's Jenny about Volunteering

    @JennyH94 needs no introduction... Apologies for the verbal head nodding! I have since learnt to mute my mic! :rolleyes:
  9. M

    camino trail work

    There were several places on the Camino Frances in France and Spain where the trail needed work - I help repair and build trails in Washington State in the US and was wondering if anyone knew how to volunteer to help out on the Camino trails. I realize that COVID safety has constrained travel...
  10. jirit

    Over $11,000 has been donated to help albergues!

    The Victoria chapter of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims has been leading a very successful fund raising campaign. Here is the latest update from them:.... Your donations to the "Stay Home Covid Camino" continue to come by cheque to our door or by etransfer to the Chapter bank account or by...
  11. Anik2001

    Looking for information

    I was wondering if there was an online basic course for volonteering as hospitalero, something I could do while in confinement. I understand it’s better and more complete in person, but it would be as a basis, before we can go back to meeting people and take a complete course. Thanks! Anik
  12. Zordmot

    Albergue Volunteer Opportunities

    Buen día friends, I wonder if there is some central place that maintains a list of opportunities to serve as a volunteer in some of the non-municipal, non-profit albergues? I have a few places that I’m thinking about but thought I’d check. Also, if you’ve had some extraordinary experiences in...
  13. kirkie

    Volunteers welcome

    Not on a camino, though, or at least, not in Spain... I came across this little snippet, so for any pilgrims stranded in Dublin, you could give a couple of hours on your knees. The pilgrim...
  14. T

    Clean the Camino

    A litte more than a year ago I walked the Camino Portuguesa por la Costa. It was one of the greatest experiences ever. I noticed a lot of trash around some parts of the camino. Lately I have been more consicous about plastic-pollution and the future of our beautiful earth. The camino comes back...
  15. ivar

    Interested in volunteering at the pilgrims office in 2020?

    This was just posted, in Spanish, but your Chrome browser will translate (if you are using it).
  16. D

    Announcing Ribadiso Welcome Service 2020 In Need of Volunteers

    As members of American Pilgrims On Camino (APOC), some of you may already have received this email announcement. I thought that since we have Forum members periodically express a desire for Camino volunteer work, there may be general interest to help with this project here. Announcing Ribadiso...
  17. S

    Any chances to volunteer at albergues?

    Hello I am from Korea And I have done this about 10 years ago. I met a lot of people from all around the world and had the greatest experience. I would like to come back in this year. If it is possible, I wanna do volunteering at ablegues. I have an experience in housekeeping And I do have a...
  18. Pingüigrino

    Hospitalero (again) in Grañon

    Hello, friends. From the 1st to the 15th of February I´ll be serving in the parish´s albergue of San Juan Bautista in Grañon. It should be me pleasure to recibe you there. If you decided not to stop there, feel free to enter and say hello, the fireplace will be on, the bathrooms clean and a...
  19. KJFSophie

    Opportunities without the 'training' ?

    5 Caminos, a few nursing and mental health professional licenses, retired with time....but have yet to be able to connect to any 'training' ! There have not been volunteer trainings offered in locations or time tables that I could possibly attend during the past four years that I've been...
  20. SYates

    Resti Hospitalero Castrojeriz - RIP

    For those of us that have been around the Caminos for a bit, I am sorry to tell you a sad news. Resti, who was the first hospitalero in Castrojeriz, has died of a heart attack. He was famous for waking up pilgrims with Gregorian chants in the morning, banning, in later years, mobile phones from...