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  1. Deyanira

    Seeking guidance on becoming a hospitalera on the Camino Frances

    Hello, fellow travellers! I am creating this thread because I am interested in becoming a hospitalera on the Camino Frances, and I apologize in advance if this already exists. I searched for similar threads with no luck. This summer, from the end of July until mid-August, I fulfilled my dream...
  2. Becky 59

    Serving as Hospitalera in Logroño!

    I just started my quincena at the Donativo in Logroño, and will try and update how it goes on this thread. The Donativo has space for 60, but 26 spaces are in a bunk room that has been quarantined for bedbugs all summer, so the work load is less, but we have been full or nearly full every night...
  3. C

    What’s better than walking a Camino ?

    I have walked the Camino France, Portuguese central and coastal, Variant Espiritual and Ingles and will continue to walk while I can. But, I have found my true passion in serving as a hospitaler. 2024 will make it 8 sessions of serving and I have loved every one. Cooking, cleaning, laundry and...
  4. DesaignTHEO

    Certificated Hospitalero Available for Albergue or Meeting Centre in 2024

    In 2024 I can start as a certificated hospitalero. Which albergue or meeting centre is looking for somewone who offers his talents as; pionier, organiser, teacher, partner in art and crafts and studentexchange. Speaking Dutch, English, German. Learning a bit Spanish and Italian.
  5. J Willhaus

    LIVE from the Camino Welcoming pilgrims at Arrés

    Hola todos! Phil and I arrived in our rental car at the albergue about 1:30 pm. Manuel and Maria were waiting for us and after a quick handoff lasting about 90 minutes, they departed for their homes. Phil and I are experienced hospitaleros so they felt the albergue was in good hands. We have 9...
  6. Rebekah Scott

    2023: hospitalero shortage

    It was clear in 2022 that something was up... and now in 2023 it's come a cropper. There are thousands of trained hospitaleros out there, but this summer --with record numbers of pilgrims stretching the infrastructure to the limit -- there's a real shortage of volunteers stepping up to care for...
  7. Kathy F.

    Santiago Pilgrim Office Volunteers

    This is a question for those who have volunteered through the pilgrim office in Santiago in the past. I leave on Saturday to make my way to Santiago so I can start my 2 weeks of volunteering on Tuesday. I am happy and excited to give back to the Camino, which has given so much to me. Do I need...
  8. Bradypus

    Hospitalero threatened and punched - O Pino

    La Voz de Galicia has an article about an assault on a hospitalero in O Pino this weekend. A pilgrim refused to complete a registration form and became angry and abusive towards the hospitalero - eventually rushing at him and punching him. An incident captured on video. It is stated that...
  9. Kirkie

    link to hospitalero training information

    The link below will take you to the website where you can read, in Spanish, lots of information about the Hospitaleros Voluntarios, those who organise volunteers in albergues, and trainings for same. There are various bits and pieces of helpful information. Sorry I do not have time to run it...
  10. B

    14 "spare" days in Santiago - what to do.

    I had allowed myself plenty of time to walk the Caminho Portugues, so that in Santiago I would be able to meet up with a friend who first introduced me to the Camino, and who was walking her final section from O Cebreiro to Santiago. Shortly before leaving her doctor advised her not to walk. I...
  11. G

    Skipping Stops while walking the Portoguese backwards

    Hi all! I was planning on walking the Camino del Norte from the 10th of july to around the 17th of august. After that I wanted to meet up with my girlfriend on the 30th of August in Lisbon. This means, I’ll have around 12 or 13 (13!!!) days left after arriving in Santiago. I was thinking about...
  12. wayfarer

    Reb's interview.

    Reb's interview on providing volunteers for the pilgrim societies albergues
  13. Pingüigrino

    Hospitalero in the Meseta

    Well friends, there I go again. This time I´ll be serving from 1st to 15th of March in the lovely Municipal Albergue ( Donativo) of Villadangos del Paramo, 20 kilometers after Leon. Never been there before but my Hospitalero mates of HOSVOL said it´s a good place to serve, and GRONCE...
  14. t2andreo

    Article on Recruiting Volunteers in EL Correo Gallego

    I came across this story this morning, and thought it might be of general interest. If you use Chrome, it can translate the article on the fly. If...

    Hospitalero 2016 at San Anton ,A final update - belated

    If you look through my posts you will find my other postings. I cannot tell you why but we went though a week or so with almost no Pilgrims checking in at all and it was mid summer. although we did have a cold spell. This gave my hospitalero partner the opportunity to mountain bike into...
  16. J Willhaus

    Volunteering as Hospitaleros at Arres on the Aragones Route

    Phil and I have just accepted the volunteer service at Arres for the first 2 weeks in June. Excited to be returning to this route. Some of you may have read about our experiences last summer in Canfranc Pueblo. This is an even more remote, but equally picturesque location further along the...
  17. Colette Z

    Experienced Volunteer Available for Up to 2 Weeks in Southern Spain

    I’m available as of Feb 15th to volunteer as a hospitalera of a smaller albergue or help out for a up to 2 weeks anywhere. I am in southern Spain on the coast currently, have a car and traveling with my older hound. I don’t have the official “training” but have a lot of life experience that I...
  18. CaminoAddict

    Reporting Agression: Advice

    Having read today about an aggressive pilgrim being reported, it jolted my memory as to an unpleasant experience I and other pilgrims had in August at an Albergue. At the time I decided to report the hospitalero as their behaviour was unacceptable and frightened many of the female pilgrims...
  19. Wandershot

    I’d like to hear from some Hospitaleros

    After having done several Caminos and appreciated the loving care provided by many Hospitaleros, I would like to do a volunteering stint(s) myself. I know that I can get training through the American Pilgrims confraternity…and also that they do help with placement. But I’d also love to hear...
  20. S

    How to start an albergue?

    Hi! Does anyone know all the steps and paperwork needed to open an albergue? There seems to be little information on the internet, but maybe I don't know were to look... I'm a EU resident, but do I need to be a spanish resident to start a business? Does a property need some kind of...

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