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  1. Rebekah Scott

    Acogida Cristiana en el Camino

    I recently joined a group called Acogida Cristiana en el Camino. It was formed by Catholic ministries that serve along the Caminos in an effort to keep alive the old spirit of "Christian welcome" and uphold pilgrims who are walking The Way as a spiritual discipline. It is open to other...
  2. L

    A Thousand and One Questions

    I know some of this may sound odd to all of you who are veterans of the Camino and I'm sorry if I seem annoying in any way, but please bear in mind that I have absolutely no idea what I am taking about. I am dyslexic, so some times am hopeless at expressing things via the written word. However I...
  3. Rebekah Scott

    Camino Health & Safety Alerts

    It is August 2011, and there´s a sudden-onset stomach virus circulating among the pilgrims on the Meseta. I have treated two very sick pilgrims in the last couple of days for fever, vomiting, and dehydration. The local GP advises the usual: sip water, paracetamol for fever, and rest, rest, rest...
  4. R

    Food for 30

    Hola, I'll be in Foncebadon in late September for 2 weeks. We cook each evening for the group there. During my last two stints as hospitalero I focused on spaghetti (a world famous recipe of my own), lentils and chorizo,a a potato dish and of course salads and bread. I'm looking for some new...
  5. R

    Hospitalero Training in San Francisco

    American Pilgrims on the Camino established a Northern California chapter earlier this year. One service we'd like to offer is Hospitalero Training. Please let me me know if there are people in the area, or other, that would attend a training weekend. Rennie
  6. ivar

    The Hospitaleros section

    Hi all hospitaleros, There has not bee a lot of activity in this section of the forum, and I was wondering what could be done to change this. - Are there not much to talk about? - Are there too few participants? - Should we change the way this section of the forum works? I have had someone...
  7. jpflavin1

    Hospitalero's - Share your experience?

    I am planning to train and serve as a Hospitalero. I was wondering if others who have served as Hospitalero's would be willing to share and highlight some of the positive and negative aspects of their experience. Also where did you serve and any other information you feel might be beneficial...
  8. renegadepilgrim

    Fall 2011

    Anyone going to be serving as a hospitalero around October 2011? I'm planning to put in for an assignment and just curious if there are any forum members planning to serve around the same time. I am submitting my application tomorrow for an assignment on the CF. My sister, who has not done...
  9. PilgrimChris

    Training in England

    Hello Could anyone please help with my question? Is there any training in England for people wishing to volunteer as a hospitalero? Many thanks and God bless. Chris I
  10. Rebekah Scott

    Hospitalero Training Canada 2010

    Pilgrims who´ve finished their camino and want to volunteer as hospitaleros in the future can get their HOSVOL-required training in November 2010 in London, Ontario. (You don´t have to be Canadian to take part... they even let me attend!) In the past two years the Canadian Hospitaleros program...
  11. sillydoll

    Please volunteer at San Bol and Honatanas

    Felix Rodrigo is looking for volunteers to help at the Albergue San Bol and Albergue Santa Brigida at Hontanas. Although he charges 5 euro to stay at the albergues, he runs them as not-for-profit. You can contact him at: or Telf: 628 927 317
  12. Anniesantiago

    Hospitalero Training in Seattle, WA!

    American Pilgrims on the Camino – Puget Sound Chapter Hospitalero Training Seattle, WA Area Camp Brotherhood Mount Vernon, Washington October 15-17, 2010 It appears to be $130 after you have become a member. Here is a link for more information... scroll to mid page. If anyone in Portland (or...
  13. G

    WORK ON THE CAMINO for this FALL 2010 onwards

    Hola and Hello, I recently visited Spain for my first time and completed the Camino Frances from St. Jean to Finisterre. Presently I am an english teacher in the north of Italy and have been here for 2 years now. I would like very much to experience more of Spain and above all else, help others...
  14. sillydoll

    South African trained hospitalera accepted for Najera

    Yeehaaa! I am thrilled to announce (like a proud mama!!) that Tricia Edwards, who did her hospitaleros training course at the first Hospitaleros Training course held in South Africa on 27th/28th February, has been accepted to serve for 15 days at the albergue in Najera. Tricia will work with two...
  15. U

    winter hospitaleros??

    hola a todos... so my camino adventure got a bit derailed (voluntarily), and i find myself the hospitalera in the municipal albergue in azofra. this is week two, going in to week three. and it got me thinking, does anyone know of albergues that accept/request hospitaleros for the winter or early...
  16. sillydoll

    The first course for Italian Hospitallers volunteers

    The first course for Italian Hospitallers volunteers! ... teriggioni Next spring, 12 to 14 March 2010, the coordinators organization that manages more than 20 hostels in Spain will hold in Monteriggioni (SI) a free course dedicated to the Italian...
  17. sillydoll

    El Camino polyglot

    Young Europeans from twenty European countries will attend the pilgrims undertaking the Camino de Santiago in Galicia from May to September next year. The program, funded by the European Union, will provide multilingual volunteers shelters, which will facilitate the stay of pilgrims staying in...
  18. sillydoll

    2009 Hospitalero training dates ... cursos.asp 27 de Febrero - 1 de Marzo - Grañón (La Rioja) 13 al 15 de Marzo - Logroño 24 a 26 de Abril - Málaga 8 al 10 de Mayo - Pobeña (Vizcaya) 29 al 31 de Mayo - Cercedilla (Madrid)
  19. Rebekah Scott

    Ultreia Song

    The online hospitalero training course is well on its way, and maybe you can help! We are getting together resources for hospitaleros to use in albergues, and we´re looking now for a sound (.wav) file of the popular pilgrim hymn "Ultreia" to use on the online teaching platform. It doesn´t need...
  20. Astizo

    Hospitalero how do I get that job ?

    Hello everyone ! :D I stayed in your beautifull and excellent Albuerge in Rabanal del Camino just before the climb to O cebreio sponsered by your English Confraternity. I have never been velcommed so positive, and humble as your volunteers did in Rabanal. You could almost here the angels...