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walking alone

  1. A

    Scared to walk alone

    I am going a bit back an forth on this one - I really do like having the freedom do walk the distance I want, but I'm also finding myself scared of walking alone now, especially as I'm starting on la meseta. Which is strange, given I have travelled around India and Nepal on my own for a year...
  2. YoCo

    In light of the recent harrassment post on CP

    Just wondering about the Norte, Primativo, and Muxia/Finnesterre ... Are they typically populated enough to walk with others if things get/feel sketchy?
  3. radekorion

    something in me has changed

    Have You experienced any kind of personal transformation during Your Camino? Was it related with solitude or other things? What makes Camino important personal experience for You that makes a difference when You come back home? I had my own transformative experience on Camino and met couple...
  4. roisinailishclancy

    Walking solo.

    Hey there, I plan to walk the Camino de Ingles on 18 July. I have bought the Johnnie Walker guide which is a great source of info and so on top of that I would hugely appreciate any guidance other pilgrims might offer me here. I walked The Francis last year with my son and so this year...
  5. Angelrawr

    Does walking with others take away having an individual experience?

    Hi everyone, I'm taking my first camino in less than 24 hours! (woot woot) I am walking alone because I have lots to think about, but I would really like to make some friends and walk in a group because it seems like a perfect time to make deep connections with others. Does having walking...

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