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walking poles

  1. J

    First time walker - poles needed on Portuguese Coastal from Porto?

    Hello and thanks to everyone who is providing great advice on this forum! I will walk Porto to Santiago using the coastal route starting Sept 21. I haven’t used walking poles and as they can’t go in my carryon bag on my flights, am considering buying in Porto IF they are needed. I’ve read many...
  2. PlutseligPilegrim

    Walking poles solution....

    I've been experiencing to many a different policy regarding walking poles as hand luggage... So...what to do....??? Knock on wood.....this solution has worked on 6 different flights...absolutely no question asked...; 1. A copy of regulations with aftermentioned "dilemma" high lighted with...
  3. Playful Dread

    Camping Shops in Lisbon (Lisboa)

    Does anyone have any information for reasonably priced Camping/Outdoor Gear Shops in Lisbon? I'm flying into Lisbon in May from Liverpool and I travel light on the plane to avoid excess baggage charges. So I don't travel with things like tent pegs, or walking poles. These are things though...
  4. kerrychick

    Walking poles on the airplane

    Hi all ,I will be starting my camino next week and i would like to bring my walking poles . Do you think i can take them on ryanair ,i get conflicting information on this topic, has anyone managed to take their poles with them or will i have to get new ones in Logrono. Thanks so much ,love...
  5. C

    Walking poles

    Can anyone tell me if they have any experience of taking walking poles in hand luggage with Easyjet? I was planning to check in my rucksack with poles folded inside (they fit easily). But I've now reduced my bag size so much (7kg.) I could take it as a carry on. Will Easyjet let me take the...
  6. Gibbru

    Walking poles - how to take them on a flight??

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can take my walking poles on a flight, please? I'm flying Ryanair who specifically ban them in hand luggage. Regardless, even taken apart they are too long for my pack (small 30l Mountain Designs pack, I travel light) so if I check them in they would...

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