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walking stick

  1. Nanc

    poles verses staff

    I have hiking poles and planned to bring them in watching videos and photos of the Camino, I noticed a lot of pilgrims using one pole and carrying the other under their arm. does this seem to be the default position? which raises the question: are two poles needed? would a walking staff do...
  2. david malta

    Posting Home Walking Staff

    I intend to buy a walking staff at Pamplona to use during my coming pilgrimage. Unless I forget behind the staff somewhere along the way as happened last year, upon arriving at SDC I would like to pack and send my staff by post back home. Does the Pilgrims' Office offer such a service? If not...
  3. G

    walking stick plaques?

    Hi Camino Veterans, I am wondering if the small villages/towns on the camino have walking stick plaques. I love to decorate my walking stick and it makes for a wonderful reminder of the places visited. Thanks in advance, Garnet Carlson
  4. DanielaInes

    Walking poles in Sarria

    Hello, my sisters and I will be walking from Sarria to Santiago in a few weeks time at the end of January. We are flying with Ryanair from London and they do not allow walking sticks/poles as part of hand luggage. What we're slightly worried about is; as it being 'off season', will there be...
  5. rioja routard

    walking sticks / poles

    reading the post about new age bores, the subject came up of these metal walking sticks. Surely they are a high tech solution to a low tech problem! When I got tired or needed more support than my legs would give me I would find a stick which would become my friend until I no longer needed it...
  6. C

    Walking poles/sticks Santander

    Where can I get/buy a pair of walking poles/sticks in Santander?

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