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  1. jgpryde

    Live - Camino Francés Boot Shrines?

    Can someone shed light on the mystery shoe(s) left as shrines on top of waymarks? Here are just two examples of anti have passed along the way. Boot Shrine 1 by jgpryde posted May 26, 2017 at 8:21 AM Boot Shrine 2 by jgpryde posted May 26, 2017 at 8:21 AM This last one, on the way to Villar...
  2. Playful Dread

    Coastal Directions

    "Perhaps pilgrimage, the Path of Enquiry, will lead us to that point of understanding where there is no longer any separation between path and goal, where life itself becomes pilgrimage and every step a prayer. In the meantime, we stumble along in the dark clouds of unknowing and that is...
  3. P

    Senda Litoral or Coastal Route? How to choose?

    We have booked our accommodation in advance: Vila Do Conde, Esposende, Viana do Castelo, Caminha, Baiona, Vigo, Redondela then on the traditional route. For some reason we thought this WAS the coastal route but now it looks like we are actually on the Senda Litoral instead. Is there much of a...
  4. Kay803

    help me find the Way! lol

    hello Camino friends I am curently in Ancora, heading to Caminha tomorrow, then on to Valenca. I'm having a very difficult finding markers (mainly just followed the coast from Porto) but soon I will have to turn east. Can someone give me some idea about how well marked the Way is from here to...

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