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which camino route?

  1. A

    What to leave out - Camino Frances

    We are planning to walk in Sept/Oct of this year. We have approx. 3 weeks and would like to begin in SJPP. Very much want to experience crossing the Pyrennes. Would like input on what part of the Camino Frances to leave out and be able to finish in Santiago.
  2. S

    Del Norte or Frances + Post a bag to storage 2021?

    Hello ☺️ Apologies in advance if these topics have been covered a lot. I'm super uncertain given 2021 changes. Starting my camino 17 July 2021. This is my first camino. I'm 30, fit, and have trained with my pack. I'll be walking solo. I'm very content alone but like to be social now and...
  3. C

    Which route has more Spanish Speakers?

    Hi All. I'm new here and hoping to do the Camino this coming August. I'll have 2/3 weeks to spend in Spain so could do a 11-14 day camino. I have read many posts about two week caminos and what route is recommended but none with my specific question. I'll be going alone and hoping to meet some...
  4. G

    Same Camino over and over again

    We have walked the CF twice, both winter, both via Valcarlos. I wouldnt mind doing the Madrid, however, I was out-voted for the Portuguese (not coastal as again, this will be a winter walk) I started planning but my heart wasn't totally, completely in it. I figured because it wont be for...
  5. lisaflora

    Route planning guides to Camino [esp Norte]

    Just completed my route planning for the Camino Norte in July. I researched several sites and blogs and apps for each is what I found most helpful [the starred ones are my go to, tons of detail] * has links to google...
  6. mdwcolo


    I did the last 100 km of the Camino Frances with my son a couple of years ago. Now I’m taking my daughter this summer. Should I try something different? I wish I could do more but alas it will have to wait til retirement? Should I do the last 100 km of the Frances again? Or something...

    Norte vs Primitivo

    Hola, I was looking for insight as to the difference/pro's v cons of walking the the Norte vs the Primitivo....... I won't be walking all the way to Santiago as I only have 10-12 days to walk......
  8. Jennifer Partika

    France to Italy

    Hello fellow pilgrims- I am thinking of taking a few months to hike from Portugal to Italy (Lucca) I can follow the route from Lisbon to Santiago, then Santiago to SJPDP but then the way though France from there seems fragmented. As far as I can tell, all southern French routes end at Arles...
  9. DuaneS

    Norte or Primitivo in May?

    Hey everyone, I live in Valencia, Spain, so I'm already in Spain. The official state of alarm ends on May 9th, and my plan is to (hopefully, assuming travel restrictions ease internally) head up and do 7-10 days of one of these two hikes. I don't expect albergue's to be open yet, so I'll...
  10. James2019

    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    I had my 77th birthday on the Camino Francés in 2019. I'm now contemplating another for my 80th year in 2022, but I'm not sure I could manage the Francés again. Any suggestions? James
  11. C

    Caminos one after another

    I wondered if anyone had done one Camino after another at anytime and how it felt mentally and physically. Was it too much, did it get boring, not enjoyable etc! Last year I did the Portuguesa (from Porto) ending 06 July and then started Frances on 26 July. The Frances was unplanned and I...

    Primitivo vs Frances?

    I have 12 days to walk. I’ve already walked Astorga to SDC with my wife in 2016. Now I get to walk alone, my way. I would like opinions/suggestions on how to best utilize those days. Start at SJ and walk or Start at Oviedo and walk....but again I only have 10-12, days of walking and a total of...
  13. A

    700 km, which route?

    To mark my 70th birthday I would like to walk 700 km, starting from Pamplona. I have walked several times for 2 weeks on the Portuguese and from Leon. I do not want to walk to Sarria to Santiago section, and am looking at a) Pamplona to Ponferrada, then bus to Ourense, then Ourense to...
  14. First Time? Which Camino?

    First Time? Which Camino?

    A handy website for planning purposes. What others would you recommend?
  15. peregrina2000

    How do you choose your first Camino route?

    Since there seems to be an uptick in optimistic potential pilgrims on the forum, I thought I would raise this issue for broader discussion. It has been discussed before, but fresh eyes and thoughts might be energizing. If you are a newbie, and if you are like me, when you started planning...
  16. Kevin Considine

    How the Via Francigena is Different from the Camino de Santiago

    This is one pilgrim’s perspective from a single pilgrimage and biased. However it will hopefully provide future pilgrims and Camino de Santiago veterans a sense of what to expect on Via Francigena (VF). 1. Longer Distance and Time: Of course the length is variable depending upon where one...
  17. jungleboy

    Autumn 2021 Camino Ideas

    Just for fun and something to look forward to while currently at home under curfew, here's a combination of ideas I've been thinking about for next (northern hemisphere) autumn, all assuming there's some sort of normalcy by then! If you want to play along, let me know what you think and if you...
  18. L

    Which camino fits to my criteria?

    Hello everybody, I just discovered this forum and I'm super happy to be able to talk to you guys! Thank you for beeing here! I'm asking you for recommendations, as I don't know, where to walk: I would like to walk in October for a week or two in the nature. As I already did 3 different caminos...
  19. Lirsy

    Help choosing which Camino Portuguese to follow

    Hi all!! I need a little advice to choose which Camino Portugues I will follow. I was planning to start CN or CF, but yesterday, I thought, why not choose the Camino Portugues? I have never walked that camino and I really have no idea about it. The start of the Camino I had planned was...
  20. JillGat

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I feel drawn to walking La Plata next time I'm able to do a Camino. I've heard from some people that they found it boring, grueling, ran into logistics re. finding water, places to stay, etc. But I've heard from others that it was their favorite Camino. I want to hear what you loved about it...