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which camino route?

  1. U

    Camino del Norte or Camino Frances

    Hello, I am planning to start my solo pilgrimage next May and this is my first camino De Santiago pilgrimage. I am undecided whether to walk Camino Del Norte or Camino Frances. So I have a few questions .... ○I have heard that Camino del Norte has fewer albergues than camino frances, so is it...
  2. Sacha

    Which route to take on Portuguese camino?

    I have done the Frances a couple times and loved it. Now I will be taking my mother along for her first time. I would love your opinions on which route is best to take. We want to start in Porto. I am quite confused and overwhelmed by all the different routes to take! The only thing I really...
  3. N

    Hello! Can anybody give me advice to help plan a very last minute, first time Camino?

    Hi! Life has recently found me at a slight crossroads and whilst trying to decide what direction to take next I remembered a friend of mine that walked the Camino a few years ago and the thought of a pilgrimage instantly resonated with me. I’ve spent a few days researching on various websites...
  4. J

    Camino in late October/early November?

    It has always been on my bucket list to walk the Camino. I never thought I would have the time until retirement. I unexpectedly have about 10 days where I could go to Spain near the end of October. I have a few questions about going then. Is this a good time to go, or will weather be a...
  5. peregrina2000

    Via Serrana or Mózarabe from Málaga?

    I’ve read the great threads here and sources like Maggie’s blog, but just cannot choose between these two routes. In either case, I will be adding on a second part (Invierno, Sanabrés or Zamorano-Portugués, but I’m leaving that dilemma for later), so that I will walk into Santiago next year...
  6. Lindsay53

    My Next Camino?

    I have spent some time this afternoon poring over my map of Spain and thinking about my next Camino. The Sureste looks interesting. Anyone have any recent information?
  7. C

    Picking a route, coastal or central? October 2023

    Hello everyone, My name is Catarina & I’m looking to cycle (solo on self-guided tour) starting the first week of October for about a month give or take. I keep going back and forth on which route to take this time of year. I’m looking to start in the Lisbon area and continue north to Santiago...
  8. sun is shining

    28 walking days in March / April '24 - which Camino routes would be possible?

    Dear all, Sometimes you don't see the forest for all the trees, so I'm seeking some advice here. My partner and I have the chance to walk a Camino route next spring but now that - after years of waiting - the opportunity presents itself I feel surprisingly un-enthusiastic about possible routes...
  9. N

    Contemplating walking the camino mid Sept 23 - Norte or Frances?

    Hi all, I realize since I'm posting this thread on the del Norte thread I might receive some biased comments, but here goes - I feel the camino calling again, and am trying to decide which route to choose. I've previously walked the Ingles in 2017 and Primitivo last fall (2022), the latter being...
  10. MARSKA

    Which Camino to choose if the CF is too crowded?

    If not CF then which Camino? Posts about an over-crowded Camino have me worried. I chose the CF for my 1st based upon the strong recommendations of the experienced pilgrims on this forum. I now understand and agree that the CF is the best in regards to infrastructure, community, etc. But if...
  11. Diane Owens

    Portugese Camino Central or Coastal from Porto to Santiago?

    What are the pros and cons of the Portugese Camino central v coastal?
  12. F

    I need to switch it up!

    Would appreciate some input/thoughts on my desire to switch things up. I’m currently on my 3rd CF and I’m…almost bored (please don’t say bored people are boring, I think I’m merely experiencing a “been there, done that” situation). Last fall, I originally planned to walk a winter Camino and...
  13. T

    Custom route question

    Hello, I tried to find other postings about this but haven't found anything suprisingly. I'm about to embark on my first camino with my wife and I always like to do things a bit differently. I'm thinking of starting from Irun and doing the Camino Vasco del Interior that connects to the camino...
  14. D

    Frances vs Portugues for self-reflection

    Hello! I am planning a first-time Camino starting in mid-September 2023 and wondering from those who have done the Portugues from Porto vs the Frances from SJPDP if you felt there was a significant difference in the experience in terms of time for self-reflection, spirituality and growth...
  15. PeteD

    Olvidado or Primitivo - which would you recommend?

    I'm interested in hearing ideas on which camino you would recommend for my pilgrimage in September/October 2023. My wife and I are planning on flying to Paris and then by train to Bayonne where we are looking to go in different directions. Margaret is keen to walk the Camino Frances as her first...
  16. F

    Help us choose the perfect Camino route for a peaceful yet social pilgrimage

    My husband and I (mid 60s and in good shape) will be in Spain for two weeks Mid May 2023 and plan on walking a camino or a few stages of a camino. We are struggling with which route to take. I would prefer to avoid large crowds and walking on paved roads/highways. But we would also like to be...
  17. travelwithgrace

    Less Crowded Routes to Santiago after Camino San Salvador

    I'm planning another camino for June 2023. I completed the Primitivo in 2021. This year I want to walk camino San Salvador. What would be the best route after this to get the 100k requirement to Santiago? Thinking transferring to Tui but it's a full day bus trip. I like less crowded routes. TIA
  18. O

    Hilliest Camino stages?

    I am looking to do a short 7 to 10 day camino section with plenty of elevation change in Spring. It will be part of my training for the Tour du Mont Blanc. Any ideas?
  19. A

    Coastal or Central

    I am planning to do Camino Portuguese from Porto with a few friends in mid June 2023. We hope to walk for about 6/7 days. We are looking for advice on whether to do the Coastal or Central route taking into consideration the heat in June.
  20. M

    Sarria or Vigo as a starting point

    Hi everone! My sister and I are planning to do the Camino next year either in June or July 2023 and walk the last 100 km due to time constraints. Debating either do the walk from Sarria or Vigo. Which of these is better on the knees? Thanks so much!

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