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which camino route?

  1. F

    First Camino - trying to choose a route. Advice please

    My husband and I (mid 60s and in good shape) will be in Spain for two weeks Mid May 2023 and plan on walking a camino or a few stages of a camino. We are struggling with which route to take. I would prefer to avoid large crowds and walking on paved roads/highways. But we would also like to be...
  2. bonniegrace

    After San Salvador - Which route to Santiago?

    I'm planning another camino for June 2023. I completed the Primitivo in 2021. This year I want to walk camino San Salvador. What would be the best route after this to get the 100k requirement to Santiago? Thinking transferring to Tui but it's a full day bus trip. I like less crowded routes. TIA
  3. O

    Hilliest Camino stages?

    I am looking to do a short 7 to 10 day camino section with plenty of elevation change in Spring. It will be part of my training for the Tour du Mont Blanc. Any ideas?
  4. A

    Coastal or Central

    I am planning to do Camino Portuguese from Porto with a few friends in mid June 2023. We hope to walk for about 6/7 days. We are looking for advice on whether to do the Coastal or Central route taking into consideration the heat in June.
  5. M

    Sarria or Vigo as a starting point

    Hi everone! My sister and I are planning to do the Camino next year either in June or July 2023 and walk the last 100 km due to time constraints. Debating either do the walk from Sarria or Vigo. Which of these is better on the knees? Thanks so much!
  6. M

    Combining multiple caminos

    Hey :) I am looking into going on my first camino during 2023. Starting to checkout the different routes and i was curious about the possibiblity of doing 2 caminos in 1. For example Starting from st. jean pied-du-port TO Santiago de Compostela in Galicia and from there continuing south to...
  7. M

    Which route in the winter?

    Am thinking of a Camino in January and February . which one ? I would love advice .
  8. Babyboomergirl

    VdlP or Portuguese in April ?

    Greetings from Australia , Oh the excitement of planning another Camino. Having originally hoped to walk the VdlP in 2020 after walking different routes the previous three years life and Covid happened. Three years later and not so Camino fit I’m starting to think the CP starting in Lisbon...
  9. Pierre Julian

    Ideas for a camino in December

    Hello, any ideas please on a camino I could do short notice during December, possibly starting over the next few days? I'm really keen for somewhere relatively warm (or at least - sunny) and not too expensive - so would need albergues mostly. I can fly into anywhere quite easily from London...
  10. martapl

    Which camino has the most beautiful/scenery 100km before arriving Santiago de compostela?

    Hi everybody, This year I've done the Camino inglés and Santiago to Finisterra, Next year I want to do another 120km camino or part of it before arriving Santiago, as beautiful as the English one. Can someone give me any tips or advice on which camino to go? Thanks Narta
  11. Penny Kingma

    Plan to return , but to which Camino

    Hoping to walk again in 2023. Trying to decide between walking the full Frances again or the Portugues from Lisbon. Walked in 2016 with what was wrongly diagnosed as Multiple sclerosis. Now correctly diagnosed with 4 Lyme diseases. Unfortunately after a successful walk I had a waterskiing...
  12. Umwandert

    Winter Camino in Andalusia – but which one? (Answer: Via Serrana)

    I just started planning for a short spontaneous Camino (my third). This time for two weeks in December in Andalusia, because of the weather and because I want to refresh my memories of this picturesque region where I traveled a lot two decades ago. I think there are 4 possible choices: Camino...
  13. L

    Via de la Plata or Norte?

    Dear Fellow Pilgrims, I would like to return to Spain for my second Camino next year or the year after. Years ago I did CF and this time I would like to do something new, probably either Via de la Plata + Sanabres + Finisterre or Norte + Finisterre. At this stage, it seems that I'll be able to...
  14. E

    Camino Norte or repeat Camino Frances

    I was all set to do Camino Del Norte end of March 2023 after doing The Frances and Primitivo in 2022. By chance ran into two random people at local coffee shop today and both have done all three of the above Caminos and both suggested if having to do it all over again they would not do the Norte...
  15. LavanyaLea

    Alternative route from Ferreira to Sobrado dos Monxes (Route Review)

    After following the sub-thread Camino Verde with great interest, I decided that the detour to Sobrado dos Monxes was worth it for visiting the monastery itself as well as avoiding the crowd from Camino Frances. We did it only in May this year and combination of heat+tarmac+crowd didn’t bode well...
  16. J

    Ten days on the camino, but where to start?

    Hey all, Barely on month ago I returned from my camino (Limoges to SdC) and I already suffer from nostalgia. It was an amazing experience. Especially since I am back home I notice what it did for me. Thus, I am already planning my next one. This time I want to take my girlfriend with me to...
  17. S

    Continue Primitivo or Finisterre after Covid

    Hi there, I have been having an incredible time walking the Camino Del Norte and Primitivo. I was unfortunate enough to catch Covid while walking the Camino Primitivo. I immediately stopped and rested up for a week in Fonasgrada (~150km from Santiago). I am continuing to rest and recover at a...
  18. Martin O

    Central vs Coastal

    Hi! I wanted to ask to those who have walked both routes ! Which one did you like more?
  19. Martin O

    Camino in mid March

    Hi! I am looking forward to walk Camino in mid March, but I haven't decided yet, which route to walk! This will be my first Camino in my life! Which route would You recommend to walk in mid March?
  20. P

    Help suggest a route for a Camino Newbie - 18 Oct -20 Nov

    I've found a great flight deal from my home in South Carolina to Madrid from 18Oct-20Nov and would like to get at least 2 weeks of Camino walking in. What route would you all recommended for building community, and best chances of pleasant weather at this time? I'm in good shape (hike and...

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