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which camino route?

  1. K

    First time Camino - Portugués or Frances?

    Hello all! I will be walking the Camino for the second time this summer, but a friend will be accompanying me who is new to the Camino. I know typically people walk the Camino Frances first, but I'm not sure if anyone has any feedback about the Portugués way being someones first Camino...
  2. Madrood

    Crossing the Sierra de Guadarrama; Madrid to Segovia vs Toledo to Ávila

    Hi all, Was glancing over the maps and thought about the possibility of extending the CdM to Toledo, but apparently this isn't a great idea due to having to navigate Madrid's (and Getafe etc) infrastructure. So the question then would be if you wanted to combine these two routes, which to cross...
  3. L

    Last 100 km least amount of car traffic

    My group plans to do the last 100 km in October 2022 and is looking for a route with the least amount of road traffic. We don't want to walk on busy roads or next to busy highways. Which route do folks recommend?
  4. Eswee

    Which Route? Have 27 days to walk.

    I am planning to walk my 3rd Camino in April 2022. I have already walked 2 camino's, the Portuguese (Coastal Route) and the Primitivo. I have 27 days available for walking. I can easily walk an average of 30km per day, but with some site seeing, I would prefer 25km per day. I want to end my...
  5. D

    Start from Granada or Sevilla?

    Hi all, I am planning to do the VDLP probably from March/April next year. But I am now thinking about the Mozabre camino starting from Granada. I enjoy visiting the older quarters of towns and want to be convinced that I should start from either Sevilla as intended or fom Granada now. Given that...
  6. L

    Second Camino Route Opinions

    I walked from Leon to Santiago when I was 19 with a group of friends. I am considering a solo/partly solo trek next year but need advice on which section to walk. I am thinking 2 weeks to try out solo. Option 1: Re-walk the same section, now solo and older Option 2: Start at St. Jean Pied de...
  7. Walden

    Week off coming up last week of October: Camino ideas?

    I have the last week of October off (9 days really) and am wondering if I can get some recommendations. I think, due to my partner's work commitments, I may be walking alone this time. I have walked the Camino Frances, Portuguese, Del Norte, Primitivo and Francegina over the years. I'm...
  8. F

    Thinking about Camino de Madrid

    I am still hoping that later April will find me on the road, heading to SdC to meet my childhood friend at the Obradoiro square for the day of her 55th birthday. Am thinking to walk out of Segovia on about April 10th to meet friend on May 4th. Do you know anything about the Camino do Madrid...

    A Camino conundrum!

    This is probably redundant and I know it is ultimately up to me but am torn on which Camino to do. I'm a 53 yr old solo perigrino with 15 days to hike. I was set on doing the Primitivo to SDC. But have heard services may be limited. Mind you. I am very self sufficient and independent. But...
  10. Madrood

    Ranking the Caminos for a first-timer

    Hi all, I started a thread in the Camino de Madrid sub-forum about whether to do that Camino or the CF, but after much helpful advice I've decided to restart the thread since I i) have a better idea of what I would like from a Camino now ii) think I didn't give other options enough...
  11. BrianLCrabtree

    Chemin de Vezelay vs Chemin du Puy

    Have you walked the Camino routes from both Vezelay and Le Puy? I have been planning to start in Vezelay, but Anna Sar's video series along the Chemin du Puy is so beautiful, it makes me wonder if I should walk that one instead. I'm sure the Chemin de Vezelary is also beautiful but I'm hoping...
  12. Madrood

    Poll CdM vs CdF for a first timer in march.

    Hi everyone First of all, thanks for the body of knowledge you've build up over the years, it's been very helpful. I'm planning my first camino, and the default recommendation (taste in geography aside) for a long camino seems to be the Frances (from Zaragoza with Finisterre). But I notice...
  13. B

    What can I do late November/early December?

    I postponed my planned 2+ week camino for late August/early September due to covid numbers, work and family concerns. I had stuff I couldn't mess scheduled in-person for my return and my youngest child was not yet eligible for a vaccine. (didn't want to inadvertently carry the virus home). Well...
  14. Walsh Camino

    Which route is best for mid-April thru May?

    My husband and I are planning a camino for mid-April through May. This will be a re-booking of a Sept 2019 camino that had to be aborted days before departure for him to get an unexpectected heart stent. He recovered quickly, but then we were into Covid. Our original plan was to do Norte into...
  15. P

    camino portuges/norte choices choices

    so suddenly I have a month leave and my itchy feet want to get back on the trail, I suspect CF might be a bit busy at the mo, via de plata a bit too hot so was thinking portuges or norte. any walkers out there on the trail at the moment, what are the crowds like/availability in albergues at the...
  16. O

    Walking from UK to Santiago

    Has anyone out there walked all the way from the UK to Santiago? I appreciate we need to cross the channel, but apart from that .... I know people have done this, and it is something I have at the back of my mind when I retire from work, but what I was mainly wondering is, of those who have...
  17. Laura the Explora

    Camino Portugués

    Hello 👋 We are planning on walking some of the Camino portugués from Porto. We are unlikely to complete the whole thing with our timetable. which route would people that have walked or recommend? The costal or the interior? Thanks in advance!
  18. S

    Pros and Cons, for Camino Numero quatro (4)

    So with our current status of not traveling here in Western Australia, We are planning our next Camino (later in 22 or early 23). I'm torn between the Morzarabe and the Sureste. We have done the Norte, VdPl and the Portuguese routes previously. Does anyone have experience with the above 2...
  19. K

    Where to start on Camino Frances for a shorter pilgrimage?

    Hi there! I'm embarking on my first Camino in August if the situation doesn't go south with the covid-situation. It's going to be a 14-day'ish trip since that's about the time I got. I've been planning on starting in St. Jean Pied Pe Port and perhaps ending in Burgos, thereby doing the first...
  20. A

    What to leave out - Camino Frances

    We are planning to walk in Sept/Oct of this year. We have approx. 3 weeks and would like to begin in SJPP. Very much want to experience crossing the Pyrennes. Would like input on what part of the Camino Frances to leave out and be able to finish in Santiago.