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which camino?

  1. peregrina2000

    How do you choose your first Camino route?

    Since there seems to be an uptick in optimistic potential pilgrims on the forum, I thought I would raise this issue for broader discussion. It has been discussed before, but fresh eyes and thoughts might be energizing. If you are a newbie, and if you are like me, when you started planning...
  2. Kevin considine

    How the Via Francigena is Different from the Camino de Santiago

    This is one pilgrim’s perspective from a single pilgrimage and biased. However it will hopefully provide future pilgrims and Camino de Santiago veterans a sense of what to expect on Via Francigena (VF). 1. Longer Distance and Time: Of course the length is variable depending upon where one...
  3. jungleboy

    Autumn 2021 Camino Ideas

    Just for fun and something to look forward to while currently at home under curfew, here's a combination of ideas I've been thinking about for next (northern hemisphere) autumn, all assuming there's some sort of normalcy by then! If you want to play along, let me know what you think and if you...
  4. L

    Which camino fits to my criterias?

    Hello everybody, I just discovered this forum and I'm super happy to be able to talk to you guys! Thank you for beeing here! I'm asking you for recommendations, as I don't know, where to walk: I would like to walk in October for a week or two in the nature. As I already did 3 different caminos...
  5. Lirsy

    Help choosing which Camino Portuguese to follow

    Hi all!! I need a little advice to choose which Camino Portugues I will follow. I was planning to start CN or CF, but yesterday, I thought, why not choose the Camino Portugues? I have never walked that camino and I really have no idea about it. The start of the Camino I had planned was...
  6. JillGat

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I feel drawn to walking La Plata next time I'm able to do a Camino. I've heard from some people that they found it boring, grueling, ran into logistics re. finding water, places to stay, etc. But I've heard from others that it was their favorite Camino. I want to hear what you loved about it...
  7. M

    Almería to Córdoba then to Málaga or Sevilla.

    Hi, as an alternative to the Via de la Plata my partner and I are considering the above. We'd be most grateful for any advice on routes, facilities and tips.
  8. Susan B Johnson

    level of difficulty of Primitivo vs Ingles Camino routes

    I have done the Camino Ingles and Finisterre twice. The travel company that booked my hotels rated CI as moderately challenging, whereas they rate CP as "strenuous." For those of you who've walked both routes, do you think the difference in ratings would be the length, the topography, or both?
  9. Z

    How to pick a route?

    Wow there are so many options when it comes to walking the camino de santiago. How do you pick an option or where to start? I am from Australia and looking to come for my 40th birthday November 2021 for around 30 days. I want to have time to explore villages, have rest days or short days walking...
  10. trecile

    How does the Primitvo compare with the Salvador in terms of difficulty?

    I was just reading another post where someone said that they thought that the Primitivo was the most difficult Camino. I did the Camino de San Salvador this past June, and, while it was tough, it didn't kill me. 😂 I did it in 5 days, with my day three from Poladura to Campomanes being the...
  11. Calisteve

    Which Camino for 14 days in March?

    Got the itch and can't wait to the summer (June-August) to scratch it. So I'm thinking of spending 14 or so days walking in March (probably the first half as i have family commitments at the end of March). But which route? Factors to consider: I'm happy walking alone; I'd prefer a mix of...
  12. C

    Levante or Plata ( from Seville ).

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done both the Levante and Seville-Zamora section of the Plata routes ? Apart from the distances what are the major differences in terrain, availability of Alberges, annoyances , road vs path walking etc. between these ? While all routes are different ( I...
  13. Anthony Rocco

    Olvidado and Invierno?

    How much time is needed to walk the combo Olvidado and Invierno? We're looking at starting in mid-September next year. Any comments you have would be welcome as other friends now heard about our intentions and want to jump in.
  14. jennysa

    Camino Madrid or Invierno in April?

    I am still dithering about which Camino to walk next year. My friend wants to walk the Camino Madrid and I want to walk the Invierno. Watching pilgrims' videos, the Camino Madrid looks a bit uninteresting to my mind but I have walked the Primitivo twice and loved it. Am I judging the Camino...
  15. seashell

    Next Saturday or spring 2020

    My wife and I have found ourselves with a couple of weeks free starting this coming Saturday, 30th November. We’ve wondered about flying down to Almeria and walking the Mozarabe to Granada before heading back to Almeria by train and then flying home to the UK. Alternatively, we could wait until...
  16. peregrina2000

    Starting from Lisbon — good or bad idea?

    I’ve been reading the forum posts for more than a decade, and I think it’s safe to say that the route that gets the most disagreement is the Portugues starting in Lisbon. So much so that the owner of one of the albergues along the way recorded several videos with pilgrim opinions...
  17. Kiwi-family

    Sureste or Levante

    and why????
  18. T

    Worth skipping parts of the French Camino for Finisterre?

    Hi pilgrims! I am walking the French Camino (I’m at O Cebreiro) and am thinking of skipping some parts between Sarria and Santiago in order to go to Finisterre instead. Would you say it could be worth it? This is my first Camino so I have no idea. :) My current thinking (as I was told) is that...
  19. C

    Solo woman in November: which Camino?

    Hi Although I have travelled to many places solo, the backpacking type has not been done solo by me for 30 years. I am safety conscious and given the time of year I plan to walk (Nov), what would be a good camino to do where I will be sure to have the possibility of seeing other walkers...
  20. Tincatinker

    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    Members will be aware that I am neither a contrarian nor a provocateur but that I do like, now and again, to ask questions a little beyond which is the best bar to discuss the best sleeping bag in. So, as I viewed a thread started by a new member who is flying into Madrid and probably training...