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which camino?

  1. Anne-Marie S.

    Frances or Norte for first camino?

    I plan to do my first camino starting in early July 2017. I have done extensive research on both of these routes, and am more confused than ever. The Norte seems to be much less crowded, but also more expensive. I am also concerned that I may not be able to find the accommodation required...
  2. knavish

    Places to start a Camino Pilgrimage

    (First-time poster here!) I'm an American student planning on walking the Camino Frances this summer. I hope to be spending the entirety of my summer break (~70-80 days) abroad and would like to begin my pilgrimage somewhere that gives me as much scenic hiking as possible during this time. I am...
  3. SYates

    One Week in December

    After the Camino Ditch Pigs Clean Up I hope to sneak in a short pilgrimage, but on which Camino? I have around ~7 days and prefer to walk no more than 20km/day (heels still tender). I am not concerned about getting yet another Compostela but would very much like to end in Santiago. So, which...
  4. VNwalking

    Undecided about your next Camino?

    Welcome to the club! Here's a place to hash out all the possible ideas. My indecision is all over the map. First about timing...It pans out that I likely have part of June til the end of July--when I need to be in Avila for a meeting. I though I had May but it would only be for 2 1/2 or 3...
  5. M

    Which route to take?

    Oddly I can't find a forum for what would seem to be the most important question for pilgrims: which route to take? In our case we want to walk 7-10 days. We are in our 60s and fit. We want to walk in Spain but would consider Portugal. But which of the many many routes would be best? We'd like...
  6. notion900

    Crossing from Primitivo to Norte - Yes You Can!

    I am excited to share the news that José from Friol @xmsg has been out this week refreshing the green arrows on the crossover route from Lugo on the Primitivo, to Sobrado dos Monxes on the Norte - affectionately known as El Camino Verde. Horay! He has also updated his blog with new...
  7. A

    Route with most nature and least asphalt

    Hi everyone, Two weeks from now I will start the camino Portugese in Porto. I am still a bit in doubt about what route I will take. I have read that there is a lot of road- and cobble-stone walking on the camino Portugese. This is something I would like to avoid. For me the perfect route would...
  8. L

    Urgent Advice Needed - Coastal route VS Central route

    Hi Everyone! I plan on doing my FIRST Camino Portuguese (starting from Porto) in May, I'm so excited and can't wait!!! I do have a few questions and hope you guys can help me out: I'm arriving in porto on 8 May and flying back home from Santiago the 17th of May..so that gives me 8 days to walk...
  9. Abigail Kelly

    Need some help thanks

    Hi guy's I am new to this site. In the last couple of years I have lost a lot of people including my mother. My aim always is to walk the Camino. I don't have a lot of time on this my first time (ten days); So far my options that I see to walk over the 100k is, Sarria-Santiago or Ferrol-...
  10. Rellrog

    Reflections on the Le Puy

    I hesitated writing this thread since I will be focusing on some negatives about walking the Le Puy Camino. It is very difficult to discuss negatives without misunderstandings and misinterpretations. I will comment more on the Le Puy in subsequent postings. All clearly was not negative. Well...
  11. Seth

    (O'Cebreiro to Santiago) OR (Sarria to Finisterre) with 7-8 days walking

    I am trying to decide which of these two routes to take as I have heard wonderful things both about O'Cebreiro and Finisterre. I'm not sure I can fit both in with only 7-8 days of walking available. I consider myself to be in very good walking shape but this will be my first camino and don't...
  12. Holly Mitchem

    Frances to Salvador to Primitivo

    Hello all, First of all many thanks to all who have contributed info about el Salvador and Primitivo, which I have perused in detail and have found so very helpful. We are a group of four older walkers from the U.S., all of us with extensive Sierra Nevada and Grand Canyon backpacking and...
  13. Ross Sheeran

    Which Camino next?

    Hi all. I recently walked the Camino de Santiago finishing at the end of November 2015. Now I am planning another one in September this year but can't decide between Camino Portuguese from Lisbon to Santiago via the coastal route or Camino Le Puy. If there are people on this forum who have...
  14. D

    First Camino (with kids)- wondering best route...?

    Hi All, My family and I, including kids aged 11 and 9 are wanting to walk for a week in April. We are wondering is Sarria to Santiago a good section to do or perhaps the Pyrenees St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona? We are hoping for about a week's walking and really want to feel the spirit of the...
  15. faye bettencourt

    deciding on best route for my first camino de santiago

    I am in my early sixties and planning to walk the camino in June 2016 with my best friend. We want to walk a coastal route and are trying decide if we should do part of the norte in Spain or the Portuguese coastal route. We are both active having run several 10k races. Any advice for two women...
  16. A

    gijon to santiago

    I am walking the camino in June but cannot decide to take the portugese costal route from porto or the north route from gijon to santiago. any info would be appreciated
  17. alansykes

    That's that, then

    At the pilgrim mass today in Santiago there was mention of "uno del Reino Unido, desde Barcelona". And that was the end of this year's camino. Now I must go home and get on with the tiresome necessity of earning enough money to pay for next year's. Difficult to see how anything will come close...
  18. normaliser

    Camino in April: what to choose?

    Hi to all, In November 2014 I'd completed a Camino Portugues from Porto. It was great. I'm going to Camino in April 2016. I have near 3 weeks for it but I have to end camino and return home till 26 of April And.. I have a problem: what to choose between Camino Primitivo+Camino Muxia&Fisterra...
  19. VNwalking

    What is your 'Dream Camino,' and why?

    By a stroke of good fortune, I will be in Europe and have 2 weeks 'free' to walk this spring. For which I am deeply, deeply, grateful. But in considering and reading about where to go in this little window of time, I sometimes find myself thinking instead about that perfect camino.. a...
  20. Tori996

    Branching from Frances to Primitivo?

    Hello all! I'm planning my first Camino for May 2016, and am having a bit of a debate as to what route I should take. I am planning on walking from SJPDP along the Frances route for most of the way, but I'm wondering if it's realistic to branch away from the Frances at Leon, walk the Salvador...