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which camino?

  1. peregrina2000

    How do you choose the route for your first Camino?

    Now that the Camino Frances is gaining so much in popularity, two things have happened. First, there is a much larger number of "newbies" on the forum who are looking for information about "the Camino" and are planning to walk "the Camino." But then second, since so many of us have been back...
  2. scruffy1

    Well, I'm Back!

    It was a fine and lovely Camino, in true Scruff style. Started in Bilbao but no, didn't go the Camino del Norte. Went south of Pamplona to Sangüesa (Zangoza in the Basque) but no, didn't follow the Camino Aragonés. Back to Pamplona where yes I did actually begin the Camino Francés – for a while...
  3. VNwalking

    What do you think: Can I just wing it??

    A query to the old hands and/or more adventurous around here: I intend to walk somewhere on the Frances for 2 weeks between about the 22nd of March and the 6th of April next year. At the moment I can't make up my mind exactly where, though. The Meseta? The Invierno? The parts I've not yet seen...
  4. shubertj

    Recommendations on route from Sarria

    My wife is hiking the CF starting in early March with some friends, they plan to hike from Burgos to Sarria at which time I plan on meeting my wife. Her friends will bus to Santiago since they have already hiked in from Sarria previously and are on a limited time schedule. I plan to hike with my...
  5. Wyvernsridge

    Why you should not walk the Camino del Norte (or at least not until you have read this post!)

    I walked the Camino del Norte from Irún to Santiago during September, October 2015. This was my second Camino, having walked the Camino Frances from SJPdP to Santiago in 2013. Like many others, my choice to walk a different Camino was made on the basis of seeing a different side of Spain on a...
  6. backpack45scb

    Norte trip report fall and spring 2015 - assorted facts

    In May June we walked from Irun to Bilbao, and in Sept-Oct from Bilbao to Vilalba. I did a long blog post on the trip, and am summarizing here. First, we were hiking with injuries, so about 23 km was about our limit for a stage, and less was much better. We are quite experienced with Camino...
  7. peregrina2000

    20 ways to cross the Pyrenees on a Camino

    On my recent Camino Catalan, I couldn't resist sticking a brochure from the albergue in Huesca into my pack. I usually am loathe to add to my weight but this was pretty amazing. Entitled, "Huesca, La Magia" this brochure and map show and describe no fewer than twenty Camino routes over the...
  8. HeidiL

    Which caminos are flattest?

    This is a serious question! Some years ago I had break off walking the Via de la Plata because it got too hilly for my hip and knee injuries, and there is one stretch of the Camino Francés that I will never walk again. Just looking at the profile maps of the Norte makes me reach for my...
  9. luckylefty

    what to skip. out of necessity.....

    I have 32 days off that includes my travel days.... so i have a decision to make. I was going to start in Burgos but would really like to hike the Pyrenees. In all of your experiences......which area would you skip (if you were forced to). I understand it all has worth but would like the...
  10. beiramar

    First two weeks of December- which route to go?

    Hey peregrinos and peregrinas, My fiancé and me will have the first two weeks of December off and are thinking about getting a slightly different Camino experience. As a bit of background information: walked the caminho Português three times, also did Fisterra. We live in Porto and hiked...
  11. G

    Can't find out which last 120km to take to Santiago

    Hi all, Next week we will travel to Santiago to walk the last 120 km of one of the routes in 6 days. (Est. 20 km/day, but can be a bit more.) From all the guides and websites it is a bit hard to see which route has actually the nicest last 120 km. If you only walk the last six days, which...
  12. alansykes

    Levante, Lana or Ebro?

    I'm trying to decide on my next camino, and all of the above seem to have advantages and disadvantages. A couple of weeks ago I was working in Barca and managed to skive off for a day and walk up the first stage of the Ebro from Tortosa, and I very much like the idea of following the river that...
  13. bjorgts

    Camino Lana, Sureste and Levante

    I said a couple of months ago that I should write something about the Levant-, Lana-, Sureste-routes, and then nobody heard anything from me. Sorry! One of the problems is that I do not know what should be written on the forums for the different routes. So now I post some here and some there on...
  14. frdaz

    Which is the most scenic route?

    I'm new to this site and haven't seen the above question addressed. I did the Portuguese route last year and loved it. It has a nice diversity of terrain...beach, hills, farmland, forests, rivers, nice little towns, etc. I'd like to try another route next time. Any suggestions as to the most...
  15. H

    10 Days to do Santander to Santiago de Compostela?

    A hastlily booked camino trek has my pilgrim partner and I landing in Santander on July 4th and flying out of Santiago on the 14th. Initially we had earmarked 2 weeks in September but circumstances have changed and between syncing our work holidays and available flights from Dublin we have ten...
  16. D

    One Week Camino

    Flying into Santiago for a week in August. First time on the Camino, could somebody reccomend a good starting point that we could easily bus to then walk back to Santiago walking time 5/6 days.Or maybe a camino route that starts in Santiago.Would we be entitled to stay in the pilgrims hostel in...