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why the camino?

  1. Elle Bieling

    Why do YOU go on pilgrimage?

    Deep winter has arrived in the southern mountains of Colorado where I live. I am longing for spring and the Camino that I have planned from Lisbon to SDC with my husband. Being holed up inside for several days has created a contemplative heart. I am asking the question: What is a pilgrimage...
  2. trecile

    Walking on the Camino vs walking at home

    I completed my Camino at the end of September and have been home for over a month now. I want to continue walking daily, because I love to walk, but it's just so different from walking on the Camino. This quote that I took from a blog post really sums it up for me Most of all, I miss the...
  3. Wokabaut_Meri

    Transformation and the Camino

    I've come across a very engaging and fascinating book On Trails: An Exploration by Robert Moor. One for the philosopher's corner of the forum. The author writes for many outdoor publications which is where I read his piece on the Appalachian Trail: Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Hike...
  4. unadara

    Wanderlust or Walking?

    "Thinking is generally thought of as doing nothing in a production-oriented culture, and doing nothing is hard to do. It’s best done by disguising it as doing something, and the something closest to doing nothing is walking. Walking itself is the intentional act closest to the unwilled rhythms...
  5. Missing Mike

    Need help, I just lost my only child 3 months ago and feel called to the El Camino

    My only son, my beloved Mike is gone with no warning. So I walk this El Camino to find life, purpose and a will to live if it is meant to be. This is what I have so far--This is a journey for me, not a race, as it is the journey of my life right now. I plan to leave Austin, TX to...
  6. M

    THE PATH 2015-11-10

    I am a writer (4 published novels, TV including adaptation of Gormenghast) and I walked the Camino in 2009 because I decided I wanted some time to think about my life. I was just over sixty and had spent the preceding forty years racing around, trying to get work and/or commissions to earn...
  7. Yoga Girl

    What inspired me to want to walk the Camino

    What inspired me to want to walk the Camino. This is where it gets personal.
  8. Samantha Hussey

    What is your reason?

    Hi All, On the 23rd August I completed my very special camino journey from SJPP to Santiago de Compostela for a number of reasons. During my journey I was intrigued at just how many diverse reasons people had chosen to walk 'The Way"... As a travel journalist I am always eager to write about...
  9. S

    The Camino vs other trails

    I have yet to walk the camino, but want to and actively research this topic. I have friends (husband and wife) who have listened to me talk about my desire to make this pilgrimage. They come just short of making fun of this. The wife tells me the camino is no different than any other hiking...
  10. S

    What causes people to stop their caminos?

    This is my first post. I have been reading this forum and intensely researching the Camino de Santiago for a few years now. I am very interested in walking the camino for about three weeks starting in Le Puy in June 2015. I am wondering what are the reasons some people end their walks...
  11. Daxzentzu

    Spiritual preparation for a newbie

    I am building myself up to walk to the resting place of St James in 2014. I know that for me, this is a deep calling and I wish to ensure that I do all I can to be appropriately prepared for the pilgrimage - the walking will be arduous and I know there will be privations. - They do not concern...
  12. Rebekah Scott

    The Camino Is Not For Everyone

    I made that categorical statement in another thread, and a wise moderator suggested we take it elsewhere so as to not derail the subject under discussion there. Still, by popular demand, I will explain myself. The first part is a no-brainer: There are some people who simply are not cut out...
  13. D

    I'm agnostic, should I be going?

    Hello, I consider myself an agnostic, from a catholic family. I have agreed to join my Uncle on his journey. He has been travelling from Le Puy in several stages. He was travelling with a friend who can no longer continue. The last stage, for which will be joining him is from Santander...
  14. Arn

    Religious, Spiritual or...Travel?

    Initially, I included this question in a "welcome" note to new pilgrims on the Forum. In doing so, I thought that if I slightly reworded it...I could open it up to the Forum at large. As many of you know, the Forum is experiencing a record number of "hits" these last few months. There are...
  15. Tincatinker

    Those we leave behind

    My beloved is, I realise belatedly, stressed and distressed by my planned pilgrimage. I am taking the Camino Frances in April. We have been together some thirty odd years now and have never been apart for as long as the five weeks or so that it will take me to reach Santiago and Finisterre. I...