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  1. L

    WiFi along route and which route to take

    Hello All - I am thinking about doing the Camino and am trying to debate which one is best for me - a good friend did the Camino del Norte - my window would be April/May or June/July/August - is April/May too early (i.e. possibly too cold) to do the Camino del Norte? If so, which one would you...
  2. Rambler

    Photo transfers to Flickr using wifi

    I am looking for some advice on how many of you have managed your pictures on the Camino. I am planning to carry a Canon digital camera, an iphone 4 with a Spanish SIM, an Eyefi SD card that will wirelessly transfer my pictures to my phone and I have a Flickr Pro account. I hope to take many...
  3. ilovelife

    WiFi on the Camino Frances

    Hello everyone, I'm curious to know if the alburgues on the Camino Frances offer free WiFi. If they do can someone list which ones exactly? I wasn't planning to bring my cell phone but after thinking about more if the alburgues have free WiFi then it would be an easy way to keep my family up...

    How to use my laptop in a friend's home without wifi

    As a stranger in this paradise I'm very reluctant to take my laptop abroad because I have no idea what mishap may happen when I try to use it for browsing AND mailing in a place without hotspot or wifi connection. How do I prepare myself and my laptop at home? How many and which cables do I...
  5. TravellingSonn


    Hi all, Curious to know what the wifi connections are like along the Le Puy route? Buen camino Sonia :)
  6. rgraybill44

    Wi-Fi or no WiFi?

    You walk into a bar along the Camino. You check your smartphone and can see a very strong WiFi signal in the room. You ask "do you have WiFi?" They say "No." What is going on? 1) they have WiFi, but want to force you to pay to use the desktop station, 2) they have WiFi, but don't know it, 3) the...
  7. jamesjd

    How available is free wifi?

    How available is free wifi between SJPDP and Santiago. If so where? Not essential I know but would be useful. Thanks
  8. dislp38

    wifi along the Camino?

    Where are the best places to find Wifi along the Camino. I'm bringing an ipod touch and a net book so I can Skype.

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