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winter camino

  1. t2andreo

    The "ultimate" backpack for the Pyrenees or winter Caminos..."

    I came across this today. It is HUGELY funny.... Enjoy! Clearly, this is not for real, but it is amusing... o_O Also, it is a pleasant change form my normally over-serious posts... Then again, I just returned from six weeks in Spain, four as a Pilgrim Office volunteer. My time there was...
  2. Col Prosser

    Via de la Plata Oct/Nov ?

    Hi all, I'm considering going for the via de la plata, starting from Seville in late October and walking for about 2 weeks. I'm wondering.... Is the weather likely to be good enough? Will there be enough hostels etc. still open? (or do most close for the winter?) Many thanks all ! Cole
  3. El Capitan

    SJPDP might be closed November

    preparing for my Camino. I plan on a November 8th start from SJPDP but, I read the trail will be closed in November till march ! Any tips on walking in this time of year? Reservations , snow , rain and temperatures? Anyone else walking this time of year ! Lonesome caminante .
  4. J Willhaus

    Winter Camino Ingles

    In summer 2016 my husband and I walked the CF for 45 days. In winter 2017 we want to come back to Spain in December and walk the CI and the last 100 km of the CF. We had to stop just 3 days short of Santiago last summer because my husband became very ill with food poisoning so he wants some...
  5. Mirabelle Lee

    A pilgrim was attacked by a robber

    Dear. All As the title I wrote, I read a post that a Korean woman ran into a robber on last Friday when she walked to Los Arcos from Estella. There was only 10 Euro in her pants pocket so she gave it to him but he didn't let her go and he forced her to push into a cave but she pretended not to...
  6. Anylu

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno March (Child 2-year-old)

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno (March) Last year my husband left Leon for Santiago starting March 1, and this year we will be joining my 2-year-old daughter and myself. (We leave Leon on March 1). We go in relaxed plan walking as the weather allows us, in case of a very bad we plan to enjoy...
  7. J

    Walking from Le Puy in winter?

    Hi all, intending to walk Camino this year but will have to do in stages as insufficient free time to do in one go. For various reasons promised myself that I would start in Puy en Velay and my first window of opportunity is 3rd week February 2017. Only have approx 20 days or so free, but will...
  8. Karla Castle

    Camino Frances Feb 2017

    Hi everyone! I'm looking forward to walk el Camino Frances around Feb 8, 2017! I would like to meet people along the way and possibly hike with other fellow peregrinos! So let me know if you will start around those dates!
  9. A

    Winter Camino?!

    I was really glad that someone had started a thread about why a winter Camino because I am deciding whether to go or not this winter. I really wanted to do the whole Camino Frances but I cannot take 4 weeks out of my work Dec/Jan and so have been thinking about the Portuguese Camino which I...
  10. W

    Walking frances 12/14/2016 to 1/21 2017

    Hey All, OK so i have the time and want to do my third camino frances in the winter on the dates above. I live in a cold climate and am used to frigid blowing wind and heavy snowfall etc.... but I am curious about the albergues during the holiday period. Are they all closed, am I looking at...
  11. S

    Winter Camino Safety

    Hi Guys, I am planning my winter camino.. I leave in less than a month, and up until this point I was feeling very confident in going alone.. However as the date approaches quickly, as friends and family worry more, I have been looking closer into the safety of the Camino. There isn't too much...
  12. Nanc

    WHY would you do a winter camino?

    I am not asking to be flip or judgemental, and many of you experienced souls have chosen to do winter caninos. So can I ask WHY? Many albergues are closed so choices are less and farther between. Merino wool would never dry outdoors ( and in my fall experience, not even in the dryers...
  13. SYates

    One Week in December

    After the Camino Ditch Pigs Clean Up I hope to sneak in a short pilgrimage, but on which Camino? I have around ~7 days and prefer to walk no more than 20km/day (heels still tender). I am not concerned about getting yet another Compostela but would very much like to end in Santiago. So, which...
  14. Jo Shaw

    Winter Camino trail 'Jan 17' Route Advice...

    Hi there, I am planning walking what's possible of the Camino route starting in January 17... I have looked at so many options and I can see there are many hazards at this time of year and limitations with route options and accommodation. Does anyone have any wisdom or advice on route options...
  15. DeborahAliceee

    Coastal Route Starting in Porto in Mid-December 2016

    Hey all, first and foremost any feedback/advice is VERY welcomed! I have decided to start my Camino in Porto and am allowing myself 15 days to reach Santiago. I have lots of questions though! I know the weather will be colder (but I am from MN so I am not bothered by it) and it looks like the...
  16. vlebe

    Will Camino Frances be Busy in December?!?!

    Hi Everyone! Sorry if my thread seems bizarre or even ridiculous! But, being a holy year and with all the threads about lack of beds, tsunami-waves of pilgrims and even the "900 kept in SJPP" :); I`m starting to have second thoughts about going for the Camino Frances next winter. The current...
  17. vlebe

    Vdlp in Peak Winter 2016/2017

    Hey there fellow pilgrims! I have some wondering questions to the experienced pilgrims in the house. I, myself, have walked the camino many times: 3 times the Camino Frances (one of them starting in Le Pui all the way to Finisterra), the other two starting in SJPP and Pamplone. I have also...
  18. S

    Winter on the Via de la Plata

    Hello everybody! I'm going to be starting the Via de la Plata in the last week in January from Seville... Am I crazy? I only decided at two this morning... Any tips or experiences would be most welcome... I have a flexible window...Should I leave it to start by another week or is there any...
  19. hampshire!tim

    Camino Frances Albuergues in winter

    There are many resources for albergues and many do include information on when they are open I was introduced to this other one by a French pilgrim who used it extensively It has a differential in claiming to be updated (and I'm sure it is) daily http://www.aprinca.com/alberguesinvierno/...
  20. J

    Walking from Le Puy to Santiago (hopefully into Portugal) this December

    Hey, I'm planning to meet a friend in Toulouse and from there follow up the camino that starts from Le Puy, I want to de it in December (so in a couple of weeks!) Got most of my gear, bought a tent and good sleeping bag and small cooker, planning to camp out for most of my journey and carry on...

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