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winter hiking

  1. Felipe

    Sarria - SdeC in December (2017)

    Last year, after much hesitation, I finished my pilgrimage with the Sarria-SdeC stages. I had somewhat avoided them in my previous walks, for no particular reasons. Just kind of a feeling... Well, at the end it was, uhm, just ok. So I have decided to give them another try, this time in December...
  2. A

    Winter Camino?!

    I was really glad that someone had started a thread about why a winter Camino because I am deciding whether to go or not this winter. I really wanted to do the whole Camino Frances but I cannot take 4 weeks out of my work Dec/Jan and so have been thinking about the Portuguese Camino which I...
  3. S

    Winter Camino Safety

    Hi Guys, I am planning my winter camino.. I leave in less than a month, and up until this point I was feeling very confident in going alone.. However as the date approaches quickly, as friends and family worry more, I have been looking closer into the safety of the Camino. There isn't too much...
  4. Nanc

    WHY would you do a winter camino?

    I am not asking to be flip or judgemental, and many of you experienced souls have chosen to do winter caninos. So can I ask WHY? Many albergues are closed so choices are less and farther between. Merino wool would never dry outdoors ( and in my fall experience, not even in the dryers...
  5. Sha

    Starting from Astorga on 24 Dec - request for input

    Hi All, I am planning on starting Camino – going solo - at Astorga on 24 December 2016, hoping to reach Santiago in 2 weeks. Based on comments made elsewhere on this wonderful forum, I was thinking to follow this plan broadly and adjust once list of albergues open for winter is released: 1...
  6. vlebe

    Vdlp in Peak Winter 2016/2017

    Hey there fellow pilgrims! I have some wondering questions to the experienced pilgrims in the house. I, myself, have walked the camino many times: 3 times the Camino Frances (one of them starting in Le Pui all the way to Finisterra), the other two starting in SJPP and Pamplone. I have also...
  7. Laina Rose

    Albergues open in Winter?

    Hello! My mom and I are planning to hiking the El Camino France this winter starting around the middle of January. I have been doing some research on what a winter hike on the Camino looks like and it seems like on of the problems might be that a lot of the Albergues close in the winter. I was...

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