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  1. S

    Walking in December

    Hello all, I'm hoping to get some feedback as my husband and I want to take the Camino Portuguese this coming December. This will be our first Camino, and so far, we haven't found many people who have traveled during this time. Taking into consideration every year is different, does anyone know...
  2. C


    Hello everyone, here is my first forum post. I intend to walk my first Camino Frances in January 2018. I bought a pair of North Face hiking shoes/boots which are said to be waterproof. When I told the assistant about the nature of the walk - 4 to 5 weeks, over variable terrain, in winter, his...
  3. Ludmilla

    Camino Portugues late December

    Dear all, We plan to hike on the Camino Portugues for five to six days after Christmas - 12/27 to 01/01. Will most of the albergues be closed then? Is it more advisable to do the bit Lisbon to Porto, or the section Porto to Santiago de Compostela? How many days will the section Lisbon to Porto...
  4. beiramar

    Östersund to Trondheim in winter, possible?

    I'm just camping in Storlien, right by the Norwegian border and was wondering if it wouldn't be an interesting project to follow the st. Olav trail on skis... Between Östersund and Trondheim snow availability shouldn't be a problem I just wonder if the trail is suitable? Are there some parts...
  5. FinnOz

    looking for your experiences of Camino Francés dec/jan

    Hi lovely people, What are your experiences during these months (dec/jan) over this route starting from SJPP? I understand the route de Napoléon will be closed? What is the route Valcarlos Route to Roncesvalle like? Is this the roughest part of the walk weather wise? Would the Camino del Norte...
  6. M

    Albergue closures

    Which albergues, hostels, etc. are closed for winter? When do they close?
  7. Luka

    Working as hospitalera in winter

    I am thinking of working as a hospitalera off-season on the Camino Francés (somewhere between november and february). I have read a little bit of information on the website of the Dutch pilgrim association about the albergue in Astorga (Siervas de Maria). They say that in winter there is just...
  8. J Willhaus

    Winter Camino Ingles

    In summer 2016 my husband and I walked the CF for 45 days. In winter 2017 we want to come back to Spain in December and walk the CI and the last 100 km of the CF. We had to stop just 3 days short of Santiago last summer because my husband became very ill with food poisoning so he wants some...
  9. Gypsea Moon

    Salvador solo - March 2017

    Just finished El Salvador, thought i would share... Decision to walk this Camino was completely spontaneous, a soft but insisting whisper in my ears coming from the mountains while walking el Camino Frances. Rested one day in Leon to gather some information as I didn't have any map or guide...
  10. Gypsea Moon

    Salvador update?

    Hi Everyone, presently walking the CF, reaching Leon, and thinking to walk el Salvador... Any info about present conditions would be dearly appreciated -esp. if there is snow, albergue or hostel available in March, how clearly the way is indicated? Its a spontaneous decision, no map no...
  11. PlutseligPilegrim

    Three some minutes of El Norte

    Had this tune from artist named Machinedrum stuck in my head before I left....impressions of scenery put to use....just to give some ample taste of what it's like in december...
  12. A

    Any tips for starting Feb 24th from Pamplona

    Well this is the time we have and it's not long till Spring- Does anyone have any links to what hostels are open and February/March tips? Thanks
  13. D

    Winter Camino de Mozarabe

    Hello! We just walked from Cordoba to Granada and had a wonderful experience. We did a combination of camping and staying in lodging; cool at night but great daytime temps. Here's a link to our blog. My husband did all the route finding so I will upload that info hopefully soon. He used a...
  14. Anylu

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno March (Child 2-year-old)

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno (March) Last year my husband left Leon for Santiago starting March 1, and this year we will be joining my 2-year-old daughter and myself. (We leave Leon on March 1). We go in relaxed plan walking as the weather allows us, in case of a very bad we plan to enjoy...
  15. D

    Weather at Roncesvalles

    After about 35 cm of snow, there will be winds up to 60 mph and temperatures down to -10 C!! It likely will be worse at higher elevations... It is not a good day to be leaving SJPdP. :)
  16. davkel

    Walk this Way Podcast- El Burgo Ranero - Leon

    Hi All Last day on the Meseta - good walking,bad breakfast. Listen at: http://walk-this-way.madewithopinion.com/el-burgo-ranero-leon/# Or search for 'Walk this Way Podcast' on iTunes
  17. davkel

    Walk this Way Podcast - Carrión - Moratinos - El Burgo Ranero

    Hi All Special double episode covering two stages out on the Meseta. Listen at http://walk-this-way.madewithopinion.com/carrion-moratinos-el-burgo-ranieri/# Or search for 'Walk this Way Podcast' on iTunes
  18. HikerGerro

    Is Roncesvalles Closed Jan 2017?

    Hi all, Shona from Ireland. Having completed 100km last May from Pamplona to Logrono .. I've got the bug!! What a wonderful experience we had. Working full time, myself and a pal plan to complete the Way of St James in stages over time - perhaps twice a year. We're going back to the start...
  19. J

    Walking from Le Puy in winter?

    Hi all, intending to walk Camino this year but will have to do in stages as insufficient free time to do in one go. For various reasons promised myself that I would start in Puy en Velay and my first window of opportunity is 3rd week February 2017. Only have approx 20 days or so free, but will...
  20. Felipe

    Sarria - SdeC in December (2017)

    Last year, after much hesitation, I finished my pilgrimage with the Sarria-SdeC stages. I had somewhat avoided them in my previous walks, for no particular reasons. Just kind of a feeling... Well, at the end it was, uhm, just ok. So I have decided to give them another try, this time in December...