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  1. P

    Camino Ingles in late December / early January

    Hi everyone, I'm planning on walking a number of the different caminos over the coming year as part of a photography project which I am just about to begin. I was hoping to start with the Camino Ingles and to walk this over the New Year period as this will be the first block of time that I will...
  2. M

    Has anyone walked The Camino Frances in February?

    Has anyone walked from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago, leaving in February?
  3. T

    Anyone planning on going in December 2011

    Hi I am contemplating going in December 2011, I am uncertain as to how best to plan it. Also, I am curious to know whether anyone else is contemplating going in December 2011, where and when you are starting from. Regards Michael
  4. J

    Camino Primitivo in December (2011)

    Hello all, I've posted rather sporadically but I've been putting the factors of my trip together and I've got some groundwork. I was wondering if anyone had any input; I am, however, aware that at this time of the year and in this Camino it will be blistering cold. So, that's not necessarily...
  5. johns

    december weather

    seting of 29 11 11 ferrol to muxia any one walked nov december
  6. S

    Camino in January/February

    I am going to be walking the Camino in late January/early February. Do you guys know what the weather should be like and/or have any suggestions for preparation? Do you have any suggestions for the best route to take? Camino Frances seemed like an easy one to choose because everyone does it...
  7. L

    Camino Frances in December?

    Hey there - I'm thinking of walking the camino frances this December, finishing before Christmas time. Is this a crazy idea? Or would I just have to be prepared for all sorts of weather? And what kind of weather should I be prepared for? Thanks!
  8. M

    Walking in February

    Hey people, I'm planning to walk from Sain Jean to Santiago next month (that is, february), but me being inexperienced I would love to hear your view, regarding; 1; the weather - will it be too cold? I checked a lot of internet sites about the weather in Spain, they seem to tell a lot of...
  9. Kialoa3

    Christmas Camino

    I know that this topic has been addressed before but I am wondering if there is any new information on accommodations open along the Camino Frances this Dec-Jan. My wife, Robin, and I will be departing St. Jean for Santiago on or about Dec 15th. Most of what I have read before warns of...
  10. ioannisluca

    Walking from Oporto to Santiago in December

    Hi, I would want to walk the caminho from Oporto to Santiago during Xmas holidays. Is it feasable? Are there any albergues open? What to bring in the backpack (I'm afraid it would be too heavy, I had some backache this month...)? Thanks to all who can give some advice... Gianluca PS to Laurie...
  11. Magnara

    Winter Camino - 20 tips

    Winter Camino: 20 tips 1. You don’t need a lot of clothes, but the ones you have need to be very functional. (I like ultra fine merino wool, my husband likes hi tech synthetics) 2. Two full outfits plus jacket, gloves and headband is enough. Use one for day (if you get sweaty there aren’t many...
  12. Magnara

    December and January

    Hi I'm trying to work out when I can walk that fits in with time I can have off work. Ideal would be December and January. I am concerned that it will be snowing / raining and impossibly cold - is there any information on this? I have looked up the daily max and min temperatures but can't find...