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woman walking alone

  1. splendid365

    Camino Splendido!

    Every Camino story is unique. Each one seems to “touch a part of the elephant” never felt before. My experience on the Camino this past summer was a game-changer. With 60 closing in fast and my dreams slipping away even faster, I bought a one-way trip ticket to Spain, said goodbye to everyone...
  2. R

    Camino del Norte or camino Frances?

    Hey everyone, I will be 19 years old next year and I'm planning on walking the Camino somewhere next year. Preferably in the spring.. I am a woman and will be walking the Camino on my own. I'd really like some advice, because I'm kind of at a lost.😅 I've been reading up on the different...
  3. americansue

    Has anyone used baggage transport on the Del Norte?

    I blew out my knee in March (the first time I walked 14 klms with a full pack) and X-rays showed that my kneecaps are subluxed. (there is a surgery but it is only 50% successful - not worth the risk) I've been going to PT, learning a new way to walk. I also have moderate inflammation (CRP is...
  4. A

    Camino del Norte vs Frances

    Hello Everyone, I'm having a hard time chosing between both routes. I read advices going in different directions. I'm a woman traveling by myself (not my first time) and I'm also in good shape for a more challenging hike. Most people say that the North route is more quiet. Is it pretty lonely...
  5. M

    Stones on the Camino

    Hello, I am planning to go on the Camino with Camino Ways. I heard there is a stone or several stones that one must carry and drop somewhere. Please explain to me what it is and how to do it. Also, I am a woman, almost 60 years old and will be travelling alone. Is it possible to get a...
  6. woodswoman

    A woman alone on the Norte?

    I walked the Camino Frances in September and October 2013 alone and felt quite safe. I will walk again in 2015, but am considering the Norte. Just got an e-mail from another of the solo women I met last year, who has been talking with some pilgrims about the Norte. Their reports were that the...
  7. TravellingSonn

    Women walking solo

    Hi ladies, I'm curious to hear the thoughts of women who walked this route alone. Did you feel safe? Did you come across any unpleasant experiences? Thanks for sharing Sonn :)
  8. A

    Women alone?

    I know - boring... But i need to ask. Last year i walked Camino Frances alone. It was great, I feel safe almost all the time. Ever since i came home, I'm dreaming of Camino. First i was thinking of camino frances again. But, i don't like crowds. I assume that camino frances will be very busy...
  9. M

    Danger for woman alone?

    I am a bit freaked out after reading a few accounts of women being accosted and even assaulted along the Camino Frances. I know the numbers are small and the issue probably not statistically significant but...........Do you think I need to be overly concerned? or even concerned? I have read all...
  10. A

    safe to travel alone for female?

    Hello, I've become obsessed with the thought of walking the camino next summer. Im not sure whether I'll be able to convince any of my friends to come along, so am thinking of doing it on my own if I have to. How safe is it for a (relatively) young female to walk on her own? Ive been reading...

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