yellow arrows

  1. G

    Getting lost

    Hi everyone! I'm about to start the Camino del Norte from Santander and I was wondering how difficult it is to follow to markings and not get lost on the trail?
  2. B

    Losing the arrows in Barco de Valdeorras

    So okay, I came to think about one thing in the draft of the Invierno guide of 2016. It concerns O Barco (my 2nd stage). The arrows take you for a walk along the river for a long time, that's correct. At your left, river, at your right: multiple cafés, restaurants, playgrounds and nice stuff...
  3. ivar

    Unified Camino Signage in Galicia

    This article in La Voz de Galicia the other day, mentions that the Camino signage in Galicia will now be unified and look the same on all Caminos in Galicia. This will start this fall and they hope to be finished by the end of 2019.


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