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  1. P

    A Few Random Questions

    Hello all! I have e few questions that have been ruminating in my head for a while now in regard to my plans to walk from St. Jean to Santiago in July-August of this summer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) 1.) The first thing that I've been confused about is what it is like for you...
  2. P

    Having Second Thoughts

    So lately I have been having second thoughts as to whether I truly want/should to walk the Camino this coming July. I know ultimately this is a question that I need to answer myself, but I would appreciate any words of advice that some might have (also it helps to vent). There is absolutely no...
  3. P

    18 too young?

    Hello all! It has been a dream of mine for many years to walk the Camino! Come September 2017 I will be begining college in Spain for the next five years.. I strongly want to walk the Camino next summer before I begin university in Spain but I will be only 18years old by then. Should I perhaps...
  4. Stephanie M

    Camino Frances Vlog

    In June me and two friends walked the Camino France's in 30 days. I filmed most of the experience and have been posting Vlogs on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching. I do warn I didn't edit out all the cursing and we do partake in vino tintos a bit! Because o don't have a massive...


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