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Taxi Share 2018 TAXI SHARE Thread Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPP

As there are people looking to share on this route I have started a thread for 2018.

It is suggested you contact each other by the Conversation function to make arrangements. To the left of the a post there is the persons name and avatar click either and press the "Start a Conversation" button that appears.

May I also suggest that when you have found someone to share or have made the journey that you delete your post so that only current share offers and requests are on the thread.

All individual threads related to taxis from Bayonne or Biarritz to SJPP will be merged into this one so please do not cause the moderators extra work by starting your own thread.

If you are going to give a date which you want to share on please write it as 2nd July 2018 as 2/7/18 or 7/2/18 can be misunderstood by people on different sides of the Atlantic.

Useful information carried over from the previous Biarritz to SJPP Taxi thread.

Make sure you contact Caroline at Express Burricot <apcaroline@hotmail.com>. Chances are you'll end up riding with her anyway!

My advice to you all is - Don't panic. Caroline at Burricott Express is very good at infilling the minibuses. So whenever you are going either book (if you can) or email to ask if you can share an already booked taxi. I think you can be confident of infill taking place most of the times. If you have booked and are worried about ending up paying most of the cost, then I have only one thing to say - relax, let the Camino provide, let this be an early opportunity for you to let go and go with the flow.

If you're looking for people to share with also check the Beilari website http://www.beilari.info/en

"I never used them but also got a good fare from Bertrand at Bertrand - BIP TAXI <info@bip-taxi-hendaye.com>"

"My husband and I arrived in Biarritz two years ago and simply asked people carrying backpacks and waiting outside the airport if they wanted to share a taxi to SJPP (very easy to differentiate pilgrims from holiday in Biarritz folks). Within 5 minutes we had a group of 5 people together and on our way. I think it cost us about €25 per person and we were there within an hour. Oh, and we met a guy whom we ended up walking with and who has become a great friend. Just roll with the experience, I say!"

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Just make sure they (EB) know beforehand.
I turned up at Bayonne with a couple of 'friends' I met on the train and was told that they were lucky to get seats as EB will try to fill the seats themselves effectively doing the ride sharing bit for you..... ;);)


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Between the waiting area to board your flight to Biarritz and when you are at the main entrance at Biarritz airport, look for other pilgrims heading to SJPdP (backpacks, shells, patches on clothing or packs, etc.). Ask if anyone would like to share your taxi, or if anyone has a ride they'd like to share. You may even meet your new best Camino friend in doing so. :)

Devon Mike

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I have arrived in SJPP on that last train and then gone straight to the Pilgrim Office which stays open to issue credencials to people coming in on that last train. They also got me a bed so no problem. If you want to book ahead, then ask them if arrival on the last train would be OK.
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Hi, I got in just before 5pm tonight and wanted to take the train but felt it was a bit close time wise so decided for staying in biarritz and I didn't want to spend 84 euros on a taxi - my original quote. So I decided in staying in biarritz and bus or train in the morning. There was people on my flight who taxi shared with express bourricot - there was quite a lot few people getting together, so I could have joined them - had I only stuck with it. As for tomorrow morning I was going to take the bus in the morning but express bourricot got back to me with a sharing option for 10am - initially 84 euros but now 28 - I feel they are trying very hard to gather car loads :) and they got back in touch even though I didn't accept the 84 euro booking :). So I'm in biarritz at present - had a lovely wander in the rain with wild seas and old beautiful buildings and now enjoying pizza and sangria - not complaining :). Let express bourricot know when you intend to travel and see what they come up with or enjoy Biarritz but don't the stress :) they are all good and fun options!


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Just an FYI... if transfer is by Express Bouricott, it is by reservation only. They don't do walk-ups. EB fills seats on a first come, first served. They do fill their shuttles.

If not EB...Then never mind. :)


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How did you get to St Jean in the end I am trying to get there from Biarritz tomorrow 7th of June. Anyone else that can help please reply.
1. https://www.expressbourricot.com/contact-and-booking/ The fee is split between passengers, so a full shuttle runs about 20 Euro per person. It is reservation only, is quite popular, and you need to make a reservation ASAP if you want to be assured a seat.

2. Taxi. Again, the cost is per taxi. so, the more that share, the cheaper it is.

3. Walk to the main airport entrance and look for fellow pilgrims -- packs, shells, patches, anxious expressions :). Ask if anyone would like to share a taxi, or if anyone has space to share a ride. I'm sure you'll have no problem getting a few takers. :)
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When I was there in May there was a lady looking to fill a van and it took her about 10minutes of asking and found more than enough people to share at the airport. Just look for folks with back packs.

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