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21 Days to complete??


New Member
Hi, is there anyone out there that could tell me, is it possible to complete the Comino starting from St Jean, in 21 days walking. As this is all the time i can get.

Thank you
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Why don't you start in Burgos or León and take your time and enjoy it? Starting from SJPdP and doing it in 21 days is pure insanity, in my opinion....I just met a guy the other day who had walked 52km in one day! Why? I am enjoying myself by taking it slow and taking longer than I thought I would but that's okay because I am having the time of my life. Have you thought about asking for a non-paid leave of absence for religious reasons? They might give it to you.....


New Member
The camino in 21 days would mean an average of about 40 km a day. Judge yourself if you are fit enough to walk that on average no matter what the weather or terrain.

I would advise you to do it either in two years or start in Burgos or even Leon.


Completing the Camino Frances in 21 days is doable if you are highly fit and well-trained. I was planning to do it myself in 21 days this July because I was able to run/walk 390 km in 9 days across the mountains of Mindanao last month as part of my preparation. I know that I can easily complete the Camino in 18 days if I want to but I decided to take it easy and do it in 24 days. I don't want to rush and I want to savor the whole experience. My problem will be how to discipline myself and stick to my daily plan.
So only you can answer your question. Are you fit and highly trained enough to walk comfortably 40 km daily in 9-10 hours for 21 days.


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I recently walked from Porto with a 71 year old French guy who had walked all the caminos and when I questioned him about how long this route took, he said 19 days.
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New Member
Davroos said:
I recently walked from Porto with a 71 year old French guy who had walked all the caminos and when I questioned him about how long this route took, he said 19 days.

Which is about 42 km a day without rest days. If you like it ...
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My opinion:

Yes, it is "doable" but what a shame to rush along the Way and miss all the beautiful churches, art, food, and people!

As someone else suggested, why not do it in two stages, one this year, and one the next, and take it slow... starting in Leon is an excellent idea... or walk ANY section and then return another year to complete it.

To spend all the money and time to plan and then have the memory be a blur... I just don't get it... :(


Veteran Member
Here an opinion from someone yet to walk the camino but who is also planning on walking 21 days:

IMHO it all depends on your personal reason for doing the Camino and only you can answer that. For me is is not about reaching a final destination or "goal" per se but rather about taking in what the Camino has to offer, step by step, hour by hour and day by day - whatever that may be. By myself (not likely in July) or with others, fast or slow, etc.

I've decided to start out in SJPP (actually want to cross over the pyrenees) and see where I end up. I suspect that that will be in or around Leon but who knows. Again it's personal. For me it is not about proving something to myself as I have participated in numerious races over the years and have trained and ran 5 marathons. But in doing so I missed out on a lot that went on around me. It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks but I hope that I will be able to stop...and...smell... the... "roses" (sweaty Pelegrinos/as, cow dung, etc.) along the way :wink: !

Good luck deciding and keep asking questions cause there is a wealth of knowledge and experience here. The help I have received thus far has been great!



Veteran Member
It's do-able but not guaranteed - I started off following the Brierley stages but quickly found that I reached the destination before noon - so I decided to walk in the afternoons as well and thereafter walked 40KM+ a day in something like 8 hours - so plenty of time to appreciate the rest of the camino

But you will require well-used and comfortable shoes (I went with North Face trainer-style but with Vibram soles for rough terrain), travel light (my bag was 7k but 5k would be better), choose a variety of surfaces (hard tarmac but also softer side of roads), take care of your feet (separate inner and outer socks, compeed at the ready, change socks every 2 hours) and listen to your body along the way
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Another take on my comment about slowing down to "smell the roses"... :)


From a sunny Holland!


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