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Hmm... Thanks by the way!

Erm, not sure about bus times to Bayonne or the train times from Bayonne to St Jean, but if my memory serves me right, the train to St Jean leaves at about 1615... Could be wrong. So, perhaps worth getting a taxi to Bayonne to get the train to St Jean? Just a thought. I've heard and read that a taxi direct to St Jean is about €80.

The shops there are open quite late so you should be able to pick up a few bits of kit.

Buen Camino! :)
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Minkey said:
just bought my walking shoes last week(Meindle GTX)

Hmm... Get breaking em in, pronto. Nice though aren't they?

they sure are!originally got the wrong size(too small)so changed them for 1/2 size up...feel a little loose on my right foot(Smaller than my left!)But guess i need to get used to them!


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they'll be ok, just make sure they don't move about at the heel... Otherwise you'll be dealing with some mighty fine blisters!


...they don't move about at the'll be dealing with mighty blisters!

True. That, I experienced once. Only once. It was enough to learn from it.


DOH!!!!!i knew i shouldn't have posted on this forum before i finished all my assignments etcc...feel even closer to the camino and futher away from college now :) :) :) :) :) !!!

As i said earlier, when i got my feet measured, my left was 11 and right 10 1/2...tried the size 11,felt too big,went with the 10 1/2 in the end...when i got them home, i tried them out(Walking up and down my stairs!!)Was unable to move my left foot in the shoe at all...very i reasoned that it would be better to have them too big than too small...just walking about now,there is a bit of movement in both...maybe in-soles would resolve this or thick socks...although thick socks in the heat,not sure!!




Ditto, Pabloneill, deciding where, medium - thin size wool socks, have helped me balance that out, previously. For some reason it's not being easy this time around, am following posts closely. Best, xm 8)
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I've got some thickish Smartwool socks. Not too bad, really. I've also got some Coolmax ones and some coolmax sock liners.

A tiny amount of movement is quite normal.


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I used coolmax sockliners too and never got blisters. They are really thin socks that you wear under your wool socks. I think the idea is that the socks rub against each other instead of rubbing the skin on your foot. I ordered mine from Campmor.


Definitely too large is good as your feet are going to swell, believe me. And pay money for good socks!!!

Only other thing - you are going to be SO NERVOUS but that's normal - you will have read about keeping the weight down and your response will have been, as you sort things "Oh yes, keeping it light, that's what I'm doing, but I must take that, and I'll need that ....etc" believe us, no BELIEVE US, keep the weight down, right down.
You will meet people who sawed their toothbrush in half, who have three socks and wash one of them each night - you laugh, until about the fourth day ......
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Thanks for all the feedback!

well,i'm still tryng out my shoes(walking up and down,up and down,up and down my stairs!!)but will definetly be looking into splashing out on some wearing two pairs,would that not make my feet extreemly hot??well,i'll experiment in the coming weeks and let you know how i get on.....

In many ways the camino seems to be writing all my college papers at the moment!!!the proverbial carrot in front of me!!!!

take care,



There are serious walkers out there who can give more on this but by spend money on socks, I meant specific anti-blister walking socks ... anyone?


Guest wearing two pairs,would that not make my feet extreemly hot??

Hello pabloneill,

have never heard of that one...I'd assume they would be thin socks? Also, maybe with folks that do not have sweaty feet? I guess u'd have to try ithem out.

Sometime ago somebody recommended socks with indiv space for toes., dunno what they're called. Worked for them, not for me.

...writing all my college papers at the moment!!!the proverbial carrot in front of me!!!!

:lol: Not doing papers here, thanks God, but ditto to the Camino being THE short term carrot, maybe for us all!

Buen Camino to u :!:

xm 8)
Hey all,

Just wanted to check back in with you all!!First the camino managed to finish my last big assignement(10,000words...Ouch!!)i had to do a spanish oral exam this afternoon on a topic of my choice...yup,you guessed it,on the camino!!!Only three more exams (starting monday week)25 more sleeps and then SJPP!!

sooo re: my new boots,have managed to give them a good walking in the last 2 days (well,about 3.5 hours in total,so not really that good)and they hurt,but in a normal breaking them in way...early days,but i think i'm happy with the size!!!!

I'm hoping to go shopping on saturday morningand i was just wondering if anyone could post some links on equipment lists(rucksacks,clothes etc) i have stumbled on a few before,but in typical disorganised me fashion,i cant remember where :roll: :roll:!!!!!!!

Also,is there a way of accessing my posts without having to go through the forum???

hope all is well whereevr you all are,

buen camino a todos!




I had some good advice and brought myself bridgedale socks and liners and I never had blisters. The wool they are made from even keeps the water in the thicker outer sock and even after walking through near knee high streams my feet remained dry to touch, though my boots are pretty good too
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