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37c in Santiago


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Hola todos,

Just a weather updated, it is currently 37c in Santiago and this is not normal for September. It is supposed to cool down a few degrees later this week, but still a reminder that summer is not over. I have seen a few fires outside Santiago today as well, don't think they are big and I think they will be put out soon as the army is still working in Galicia. With 37c the last few days it gets dry.

... with this weather I will need to harvest my grapes 2 weeks early... I am going to Cuba later this month (working on an e-learning project with Univ. of Havana), so need to harvest before that. Hoping for no hurricanes and that Fidel stays well :)

Stay cool!
Good luck with your harvest, Ivar !

32 degrees in the shadow at 19.00 feels warm here in Burgos as well. Hope for wind on the meseta........................ 8)

See you in Santiago,

Liv :D
Hi Ivar

Will you be making wine with your grapes? :)
Can you keep me posted on the fires please? I will be leaving fridaymorning and my mother called me to say there were 9 new fires in Galicia
Is there somewhere to inform myself when I am walking the camino?

Have my fingers crossed for better weather and with better in this case I mean less hot!

Buen camino!!


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Yes, after two years with trying out different combinations, we have decided to make white this year. We tried out Rosé last year, but white is better with these grapes. It is not far from the taste of the Albariño wine you would find in "a store near you". More on Albariño wine here:

The fires that I saw yesterday afternoon are now out. La Voz de Galicia reports of 19 fires, but I know that many of these 19 are now out. The big one they mention in Rois is one of the ones I saw yesterday, and it was out this morning.

I don't think you should worry about it, it will not become as bad as it was... I am pretty sure about it. They are prepared now and fire truck are on the spot fast now compared to earlier...

The article in La Voz:
http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/inicio/not ... 0000104470

Buen camino,
according to the local press, the temperature reached nearly 40° in Santiago yesterday, though the official INM no is 37.7, about the same as the usual hotspots of Seville and Cordoba. Padron was over 40°, and Orense reached 41.1° - eek, glad I'm not in Galicia! Mid-30s further east on the meseta. Temps should fall substantially by the weekend.
you are great! the quick response and the accurate information, thanks!!
I am not so much worried about the fires.. I have made up my mind to go now and I will see what my camino has in store for me, but my parents are very worried so now I can reassure them.
I am very looking forward to going, even if now I will be on my own instead of going with my friend as planned. Must say that I am excited as well as a little scared, but it is a healthy feeling so it is ok!
Will leave fridaymorning early. If I have the chance I will let you all know how I am doing!

Thanks all!!


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Frances (May 2005), Norte (May 2006), Vezelay (2007).
estrella said:
Will leave fridaymorning early. If I have the chance I will let you all know how I am doing!

Veel plezier (have fun) en geniet!(enjoy)

Buen Camino,
Paul (who is on holiday in France and will walk little part of the GR 654 to Vezelay, between Bar sur Seine and Chablis(mmmmm....)

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