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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

A 3-Week tour: Porto - Santiago - Finisterre - Muxia?


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Like the subject line says, I'm thinking of doing a 3-Week trek. I've already done the Camino Frances, and this route intrigues me (plus, I don't have the luxury of a sabbatical this time around).

I'd probably fly into Lisbon on, say, August 4th, take a train up to Porto, and begin the walk after spending a day or two in Porto. It would be nice to do the rest of the trek as outlined in my subject line, and be back in Lisbon in time to fly out on August 25th. Is that doable, even with an extra day spent in Porto (and perhaps Finisterre)? Inquiring pilgrims want to know... :wink: :arrow:


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I have just helped a fellow plan his trip to Portugal where he will start walking from Lagos to Santiago - about 1050km. I ordered John Merrill's book North to Santiago De Compostela Via Fatima - and I have downloaded rather nice maps from Lisbon to Santiago from the Amigos del Camino website (thanks Peter!) in Spanish. 5 of them are from Porto to Santiago.
http://www.amigosdelcamino.com/web/cami ... mino&cod=2
It was quite easy to plan his flight from Johannesburg to Seville - with a morning train ride direct to Lagos - and then back out of Santiago.


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Thanks - I got the time off in August, so now I'll see if I can actually get over there and do the deal.

Last night I went and saw Susan Alcorn give a Camino presentation at my local REI store. They recently walked the Porto route, so I got a little info from them. They said that there are some dangerous roadside stretches on that route. But, they said there are plenty of places to stay, the route is well-marked, and they had no trouble getting a train up to Porto from Lisbon.

However, they said they had to fly into Madrid to go through customs before continuing on to Lisbon - but when I did a test booking thru Continental, their flight went right to Lisbon. So I'll have to keep checking on that. :arrow:
Hi, vinotinto,

I've walked part of the Camino Portugues, from Valenca do Minho, the Portuguese town right on the border with Spain. That stretch took me and my husband five days to Santiago, then on to Finisterre in three days. We didn't walk to Muxia, but I think that most people walk Santiago to Muxia to Finisterre, but I may be wrong. There's a junction on the camino to Finisterre where you turn off for Muxia. The walk between Muxia and Finisterre must be spectacular if it's right on the coast. So, that's 9 days of walking, and I would think that means the whole walk from Porto is very do-able in the time you have.

One of the reasons we didn't start further south was that there are very few albergues, maybe only two, between Porto and Valenca. But maybe that has changed.

I'd highly recommend a day or two in Porto -- assuming that you will drink vino that's not tinto. I'm not a big fan of port wine, but I really enjoyed touring the lodges on the other side of the river from Porto. It's just a short walk across a beautiful bridge. And the view back onto Porto is really georgeous, the houses have mainly been renovated and they are very colorful. There are some nice museums and of course a nice old center. We really liked the city.

I think it sounds like a great trip.


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peregrina2000 said:
I think it sounds like a great trip.
Me too - thanks! And I appreciate the information. I definitely like port wine, especially with a nice stogie. Provided things come together, I think I'll end up flying into Lisbon, taking a train up to Porto, spending a couple of days there, and then commencing the trek.

Since I spent time in Santiago after my first Camino, I'd pause there for one night before continuing on to Finisterre - and perhaps Muxia. I've heard of a trail that runs from Finisterre to Muxia, but if not, then so be it.

When I was in Santiago, I ran into a guy who had spent some time in Porto, and he loved it - did the port winery tours and so on. Heck, Portugal is probably the best Euro-using place for an American to visit... :arrow:


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Erik - if you would like me to scan the Fisterra-Muxia Way guide book and send it to you I will do so with pleasure. I have one in English and a different one called the Camino de Fisterra-Muxia in Spanish - neither are very long but both show strip maps and suggest places to stay.
This is the back page of the Spanish book.


I know the Portuguese from Barcelos to Santiago and it's great!! The same Barcelos, Ponte de Lima, la Serra do Labruxa, Valenca ... and so on.

It's really possible to walk from Porto to Muxia in three weeks.

The Camino to Fisterra is incredible, you will enjoy it. And I know part of the way from Fisterra to Muxia, very close to the see, fantastic. And Finally, the new albergue in Muxia, I knew it last december.

If you have time enough, enjoy the hospitality in the Albergue of Corcubion, never forget i!! Something special

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.


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Javier Martin said:
It's really possible to walk from Porto to Muxia in three weeks.
That's good to know - thanks! I've also noticed that Lufthansa flies into Porto. I can catch a direct flight from Portland, Oregon to Frankfurt, Germany, and then transfer to a Porto-bound plane. That's looking like my best bet for time savings... :arrow:
Hi Vinotinto

How are your plans coming along?

I am planning to do this 3 week trip in June next year. I'd love to hear all about it as, I suspect, would many on here.

Good luck and buen camino.

Red Kite


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Hey...great choice!! We started in Valenca do Minho too and did it in 6 days ... intentionally taking it slow. Esp. w/my dear hubby aka Raymond the Reluctant Pilgrim along! He now says..very publicly I might add.. he would do it again! There are plenty of places to stay, it was nearly impossible to get lost...and the "dangerous" stretches really weren't all that long or terrible. Almost makes me want to quit work and go do it again...!

Flights...we had one straight from Philly to Lisbon...piece of cake...customs easy. Grabbed a taxi to the main train station...almost could have walked it...had 1 hour to the train...immaculate except for the bathroom on board...arrived in Porto in something like 2.3 hours...grabbed another taxi to hotel...very very easy...wandered for the afternoon evening...if you can swing it...the Cafe Agricola is great...original Manor house of the area...before it was a "city" Next morning grabbed the local to Valenca...but since you've got time...walk!! We were seriously pressed for time so couldn't make our start there!

Did a blog for it.... http://ksam-caminoportuguese.blogspot.com (If I have my computer syntax right!)

Any problems we had...were ones we brought. The people were utterly amazing...also have a fabulous restaurant in Porrino...you must stop there if you get the chance...they took the most amazing care of us! The Tortilla is to die for...the homemade wine is good, very good! and...I might add...it is Vinotinto!!!

The green glow to the north is not the aurora borealis...it's just me!
Karin :mrgreen:

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