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A camino interview from Macleans magazine


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I've never walked with a group of friends, there are usually just two or three of us, and this article suggests that's probably a better way to go. Has anyone had a good experience with a large group of friends?


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NB Kevin

Thanks Peregrina, for posting. A fascinating account of group dynamics! I find that, the more people involved, the more complicated it becomes to make even seemingly simple decisions. Splinter groups and factions as described in the article usually result.
Small is beautiful!


Life doesn't happen to me ............ it happens FOR me.

Nothing happens "outside" of my mind.

If my "relationships" are annoying, frustrating and upseting to me, it pays to look at my reactions rather than "pointing the finger" at those who seem to be causing problems TO me.

I draw 'circumstances' to me according to my mind-set and what better way than on a pilgrimage.



It does not seem to me that there was a group of friends. It was just a bunch of women that gathered to do the Camino and some of them did not really know what all was about; perhaps if they had chosen to go to a pic-nic in Coney Island the results would be the same. So, the problem was not the Camino. It may have been their motivations, their goals, their expectations, etc.. Their reasons might not even be religious - and that would not have been a problem - but they should at least know them. You don't leave your life for almost 40 days just to walk aimlessly around in a foreign country . This is silly...


I think a random group of middle-aged men wouldn't have lasted as long :D

No matter how long a journey - if my travel companions are confusion and turmoil (my mindset) it won't be long before I come undone :mrgreen: Let's face it we are never going to meet the 'perfect' fellow pilgrim !!



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I am very disappointed when I read articles like this. I feel people are not treating the Camino with the respect it deserves. I really think it should be a solo or with one other person event, that way although you might have company in the refergio you can do your own thing during the day. It would seem too much of a distraction for my liking, and too disruptive to other prilgrims people travelling in "packs". The more I investigate the Camino I am getting disheartened by the negative stories I am beginning to hear.


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MaryS said:
I am very disappointed when I read articles like this. I feel people are not treating the Camino with the respect it deserves. I really think it should be a solo or with one other person event,

I've read the article and feel that it just shows another person's experience whilst doing their camino. I'm sorry but i can't agree with the comment that they were not respecting the camino - the camino is different for everyone. what you might want to get out of it will be different to another. in the true camino spirit we need to remember everyone will arrive at the camino from a different place mentally to our own. how they do their journey, who they travel with and the number they travel with, will be their own way of approaching the camino. some people need groups to have the courage to go out there and do it. myself, i prefer to travel alone but i can understand others who may lack experience, confidence etc and will want to travel in a group. i really don't think we can say that the camino should be undertaken solo or whatever. it's how we treat the locals, our fellow pilgrims, the countryside etc along the way that is important, and what sort of spirit we do all this in. i'm glad the leader of the group broke away from the others to avoid the bitchiness that was happening. being part of the group initially has probably taught her some valuable life lessons about people and group dynamics that will help her in other areas of her life. any way we approach the camino is of value - solo, as a couple or part of a big group.


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Yeah, walking in large groups is not advisable. You take on all the problems of anyone else. Walking alone or with one companion is the best. (Three is a crowd; it causes irritation; just try it out). I heard someone in a large group - taking a break - say: Is this a short or a long stop?


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