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Video A few words from me earlier today in Santiago

Richard Kershaw

New Member
Camino(s) past & future
On the Camino Frances (in Oct/Nov 2020)
Thank you so much Ivar for continuing to provide weekly updates on the COVID situation in Santiago. You sound quite low tonight about the situation in Santiago and Ourense and I wish you every blessing.

I'm a Camino first-timer and currently in Pamplona walking the Camino Frances.
So I offer this idea with humility for pilgrims tracking the COVID situation....

I notice that I can figure out which municipio I'm walking through (or will walk through soon) by referring to the map at the bottom of the AMC webpage;

Then, to get the latest information for a particular municipio I can search the RTVE map at;

...the link changes each day but you can see the date in the page URL.

I hope this is a source of reassurance for pilgrims currently walking the Camino Frances.


Catherine Davis
Camino(s) past & future
SJPDP - Finistere May/June 2012
Le-Puy-en-Velay to Cahors/ June 2019
Thank you for your update as always Ivar. I hope all the love we pilgrims hold for Santiago and prayers are some comfort as the cases continue to escalate . Your courage and pragmatic attitude are a great example of the leadership needed in these times. Kudos to you, stay safe,
Catherine and Tim.


Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances
Camino Portuguese 2019
You can not reason or argue with a virus, especially one so virile. Nor can you turn a blind eye or ignore its presence. It will go wherever it wants and in any chink or gap that we leave in our armour, so to speak.

It is impossibly difficult to control something you can’t see. And for me impossibly difficult to comprehend how something so small can do such great harm and cause this level of suffering.

I guess it’s this inability to see it, to comprehend its virility and to accept its destructive nature that causes some of us to ‘carry on regardless.’ Until the reality sets in, that is, many casualties later.

Best hope and pray for a cure or a vaccine very soon.
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My Way, With Joy !
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (2014 & 2015 ),Via San Francesco(2017) Camino Portugese (2018 )Camino Ingles(2019) CF
Thank you Ivar. In this misery, I remain grateful that prayers are limitless. As I pray for all those suffering in the US, I send prayers as well to Spain, and to all of the pilgrims and the countries they represent. Pray unceasingly. Stay well.


Veteran Member
Camino(s) past & future
2020? Looks like.... nowhere! 😁
Thank you Ivar. Things aren’t much better here in the UK and neither in my home country (France). Very tough and very worrying. My children worry about me and my husband (cos we’re old!) but... we worry about them (Cos they’re young!!!).
My friends in Spain are equally hit by all this. We are all suffering...
Keep safe, much love and all the best. 💕


One Step at a Time
Camino(s) past & future
SJPdP to Santiago (2013)
Lisboa to Santiago (2018)
via Francigena (1st Half ~ 6/2021)
Gracias, Ivar... Stay safe. Seattle is experiencing another wave of COVID, but it is all at the Univ of Washington (mostly in the frat and sorority houses). University students are having a difficult time with the idea of social distancing and safe behaviors (and to be honest, I would probably have been like them 48 years ago when I started university). It will take a while to calm down, so we are awaiting a vaccine to be approved and distributed. Meanwhile, I keep watching old Camino videos and movies and preparing for my next trip, whenever that may be.
Cheers and good health to all.


Conscious Travel Coach
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Camino Frances (2016)
Camino Portugal (2020)
Camino del Norte (2020)
Thanks for the update, Ivar. May we pass through this pandemic as safely as possible. I really appreciate the video so I can get a better understanding of what's going on over there.


Active Member
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Camino Frances Sep/Oct 2014
Thank you for the update, Ivar. My heart goes out to you and to Spain. Hugs.



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