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A Laxe albergue gets 250,000 €


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I know a lot of peregrinos have not enjoyed their stay in the albergue in A Laxe. Looks like the Xunta has heard your complaints— 250,000 for improvements, getting rid of the humidity, etc.

But that’s not the most surprising thing in that article. It says that a total of 6 million euros will be spent on Caminos in Galicia. 1.6 million in towns on the Sanabrés, 1.4 million in towns on the Invierno, and — GASP — 3 million for signage. That’s a lot of yellow paint. :)


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My goodness - I recall the A Laxe albuergue as a very interesting building, though very little in the way of close by facilities, such as shops, and a short hike to get to the nearest bar. The alburgue went through some works a couple of years back, though the terrible problems with mosquitoes continued.


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Fingers crossed they don't spend the money on "improving" the path.
Well, this sentence has me very worried— roughly translated — The government has already approved the solicitation of 8 maintenance contacts for the Galician parts of the Via de la Plata and Invierno. Given what the Primitivo now looks like in Galicia, with crushed rock replacing almost every single path, I imagine “maintenance” will involve a real boost for the local hormigón industry.


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Crushed rock is horrible! I've chosen the road shoulder to avoid this material-- felt it was kinder to my body.
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Shirley Proctor

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I hope they put in some Australian long drop dunnies (ie toilets)


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I've just read back over my notes because I didn't remember that albergue being bad? We were there in November so maybe it's better in autumn?

My blog says... Our albergue tonight is another xunta. It’s a lovely building with comfy sofas and hot showers. it’s all a bit modern concrete but fabulous nonetheless. If you find yourselves in A Laxe visit Ma Jose… it’s really excellent food! I remember that evening and it was wonderful :)


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I did the Invierno and Primitivo in April of different years and the stretches with gravel were a lot easier than the ones with mud.
@MJB I ‘sort of ‘ agree with you. Gravel covering the sloppier muddier sections would be welcome in my opinion, however if the trucks just dump this gravel or rock along the whole way , even on sections that don’t suffer from mud, it would be a shame. Part of the beauty is the change in walking paths.

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