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A pilgrim returns and my images online


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Hello everyone,

I walked my camino from sept 7 2005- oct 26th 2005, from St.Jean to Finnisterre. Once I arrived there, I was shockingly well prepared, even though I had never been on a long hike before. It's thanks to the kind and helpful on this site!

And, of course, the trip was amazing.

I've posted photos online. You can see the entire trip with commentary here:

Or, just the highlights here:

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I am happy to hear that you had a good experience and that this forum was helpful for your planning.

I had a look at some of your photos, and they are really great! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Un saludo,


We very much enjoyed your photos, and most of your comments. Thank you! We were following your steps this October with a just few days delay, so it all -weather, sunshine, places, foliage- looked perfectly familiar. Didn't we have great weather for pilgrimage this autumn?!



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Wow! What great pictures. What sort of camera did you use? One of my million questions is to go with a larger camera (roughly a 4" by 4" cube) or a small flat one with inferior picture quality. Every ounce seems to count!

You have a terrific eye. I really enjoyed your pictures.


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I loved your pictures and your comments. Wow, if I could take such beautiful pictures I'd quit my day job. Loved the unusual pictures and the funny comments. The collection gave a diverse perspective of your pilgrimage. Loved that too!

I'm planning to do the pilgrimage in spring 2006!!! Not too far away.

Thank you for putting your experience on your web site.

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John P.

Hi Sarah -

I always enjoy step by step camino experiences - warts and all.

Thanks for including us on your journey ~

John P.


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I was just outside Sarria on the day of the eclipse, tabbing along on my own feeling at peace with the world, and thinking that at the age of 58 life was pretty good.

All of a sudden it started to go dark and in the space of a few minutes it was quite dark and had gone quite chilly, and I found it difficult to focus as everything seemed to have a double shadow.

The dogs had started to howl

I thought to myself, "This is what it must be like when Numero Uno decides your time is up"!!

I look back up the track and saw in the gloom a dark hooded figure with a large pole in his hand striding towards me.

The Grim Reaper!!

One was a little surprised when instead of him saying "Covey, I have come for you, your time on earth is up" he wished me Good Morning and asked me how was I enjoying the eclipse!

I have to say a much happier pilgrim finished the days walk and sank a few in relief!!


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