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Accomadation in Valcarlos


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Can any one give information about possible places to stay in Valcarlos. It would make an easy first day from St Jean if something were available.
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There is reputed to be a refugio but not much info on in.

There is the Marcelino restaurant but the review by a vegitarian below does not encourage one much.
Tel: 948 79 01 86
"This restaurant in Navarra is a fine example of a lovely place you want to take your favourite mother in law to.(your only one hopefully). When you get there and ask for a table you will be taken to another room where a receptionist will hand you the keys to a bedroom, and even though you are saying no no no she will say yes yes yes. Eventually she may understand you want a table, and with a mood she will ask you to follow her and stick you at a table at the back. From there she will not answer questions on the menu, never take the order and when the order will come you will be delighted to find on your plate a concoction of tin food, processed food and disgusting bought stuff in salad dressing. The menu is already 90% meat, and the fish is cooked with bacon... The service was not very nice, the bread hard, etc etc. A great place to show your mother in law! Unfortunately I still have to see the talent of the Basques for cooking.... This time we didn't see it!"

Perhaps the Hostal Maitena is a better bet

We stayed in the first 'Casa' as you enter Valcarlos. Lovely lady who owns the house and very comfortable rooms for about Euro30 - doubles.

Casa Marcelino Tel 948 79 01 37


Hi again,

There are two places in Valcarlos according to my 2005 list.

Casa Marcelino Tel 948 79 01 86

Andiko Berri Tel 948 79 01 37

Good luck,

I stayed in casa marcelino, which was very nice.
The young lady behind the desk was very helpful although I spoke no spanish and she nothing else.
She showed me how to open the doors so I could leave before the hotel opened again in the morning, which was very kind.
The room itself was newly furnished, relatively cheap and very good.

There is another casa right across the street where you can also book rooms, the only thing I can tell you about them is that they have great food.

I didn't see any refugio though.
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