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Adapting to the Climate


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I live in Northern Alaska...I just now came in from a six mile walk, something I've been doing to prepare for the camino. It's about 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and its only been a few weeks since it was common to see temperatures of -30 Fahrenheit. It's dry and very cold, generally, here. Inside temperatures run normally about 60 Fahrenheit, and walking on a treadmill isn't the same as walking outside. Is there anything I can do to help with adapting to the climate difference between Spain and here, either before I leave or once I arrive? I should be headed out on the Camino in just over two weeks. Thanks!
Ideal sleeping bag liner whether we want to add a thermal plus to our bag, or if we want to use it alone to sleep in shelters or hostels. Thanks to its mummy shape, it adapts perfectly to our body.
I experienced some very HOT days last May on the Camino. And coming from a moderate climate, the heat hit me hard.

For me, the best thing was to drink a lot of water. Because by the time you feel the effects of heat stroke it can take hours to recover and put you in a dangerous health situation. So drink lots. Also I took a large, light bandana. It was great for soaking in water and tying around my neck, thus cooling the carotid arteries in the neck. I also frequently wrapped the wet bandana around my head before putting on my wide-brimmed hat.

I know taking an umbrella has provided some great debates on this forum. But since my walk I have acquired an ultralightweight trekking umbrella (165 grams), and for my 2011 Camino I intend to take it - mostly for use as a shade umbrella.

Lastly, be RUTHLESS in keeping your pack weight down. Last year, I started with almost 21 lb, mailed home a 4 lb package. For 2011, I am aiming for no more than 14 lbs.

Buen Camino.
An umbrella hat would be just the thing! These from the Army-surplus in the UK. Or you could go national with one from your country!


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The Canada umbrella hat was one of the gifts I received at my retirement party (a few) years ago just before my first camino.
Despite its fetching qualities, It did not go into my pack :D


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