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Advice needed - concerning footwear...


New Member

I'd like to ask you for an advice concerning footwear for my pilgrimage...
I'm starting my Camino (Frances, from SJPP do SdC) next Tuesday (9/18) and I haven't decided yet which shoes I should take.. Both are very comfortable and well walked in. I am afraid is that it will be too hot for the higher boots, and that in the lower my ankles will suffer... (Of course, I'm taking also my Teva sandals.)

Thanks for every suggestion!!


Here are the pics of both pairs of shoes....


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John Hussey

Active Member
I walked the Camino Frances October, November, 2005 wearing just a pair of sandals-Teva trail Wraptors -and wool socks.

I am convinced that for one's footwear to provide "Ankle support" , it must be a very high, tightly laced pair of something like paratrooper jump boots and even they, on occasion, twist their ankles while wearing them.

The lower style of hiking boots that hikers mostly use for footwear-about ankle height-actually would appear to me to provide almost no "ankle support" at all and it would thusly seem the term is often confused with arch or foot-bed support. And here is wear a good pair of quality trail sandals shine as the foot-bed is such that one's foot begins to mold into the bed of the sole and turn it into something like a custom orthotic after it is broken in well

Your images did not come through for me and I am curious which Tevas you selected. Care to try again or provide just the link? If they are ones designed for trail use, i suspect they will work quite well. If so, you might at least consider leaving the heavier shoes behind. Or, compromise with a light pair of trail running shoes, "tennis" shoe style


New Member
Thanks for your comment...
I don't know what's the matter with the pictures - in preview they seem to be OK... I've posted them also on my googlealbum (but only for a while :) Seems a little bit like shame to put own boots in photogallery... :oops: ).

As for the Teva's - I have a pair of Hurricane II - they are also well walked in, I've tried them also for some "not too hard trekking" and it was OK - both with&without socks...



New Member
I was a novice walker and not that fit, but I strongly suggest the boots. I actually brought both boots and athletic sandles. Days I walked in the sandles my joints suffered. Days I wore the boots I rarely felt any joint pain. I hardly felt the weight of the boots when I tied them to my bag on sandle days but you may want to just choose one pair if you are conserned about weight.


Active Member
I went in higher boots like yours, and was happy with my decision. However, my boyfriend (who I met on the camino!) went in low boots, and he was also happy with his decision. I think if you are prone to ankle problems, more support is good, but you will probably be fine with either because after the first day, the terrain isn't so rough most of the way. I would choose by 1)which is waterproof and 2)which is more lightweight.
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C clearly

Staff member
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[quote="fiddletree"I would choose by 1)which is waterproof [/quote]

Do any of you have contrary opinions about getting waterproof (e.g. Goretex) boots or shoes? I am hoping to do the Camino Portuguese next April/May and wondered if the same considerations apply (terrain, mud, etc.)

- Clare


Active Member
I know you are asking for contrary opinions, but I just want to emphasize the importance of waterproof boots. If it rains, you really really want your feet to be dry. If you step in a puddle or a creek, you want your feet to be dry. If your shoes aren't waterproof, your feet are more likely to get wet, and then you WILL get blisters. They make some waterproof boots now that are also pretty breathable, so as far as I can tell, there isn't any reason to not go waterproof.

I haven't done the camino portugese (only frances), but I assume that there will be the same liklihood of getting wet feet on any of the trails!


New Member
Thank you for your advices...

I'm departing tomorrow early morning from prague and starting my Camino on Tuesday from SJPP...

I hope, it'll go well...


John Hussey

Active Member
There is one important reason for NOT going with waterproof footwear, or, at least those using Gore-Tex or another proprietary lining and that is, once the water is in the footwear, it does not exit easily. So, if your feet do become wet they stay wet longer. It is a trade-off of sorts. For casual walks, even for a civilized one as the Camino is, it probably would not matter much which was taken. But for an unsupported, long-distance hike through a severely mountainous area, I would not opt for the proprietary lining. Anyway, when the Gore-Tex film was discovered, it's use was for cold weather clothing.

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