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Advice on packing, i.e. medicine/1st aid, etc


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In a week's time I will fly to Spain to walk the VdlP, starting 16 May. I need advice with regards to packing. I gathered somewhere on the forum that I will have to pack my walking poles in a box/tube since I will not be able to take it on-board in the backpack. I believe my Swiss army knife will have to go into the box, also scissors, etc. but other things I am unsure of whether to take it at all or whether in the backpack or per box, e.g. bedbugs powder and types of medicine. In respect of the latter these are things for nausea, constipation, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, pain pills, muscle relaxant (think i will need the latter the first few days!) vitamins, etc. - all stuff that you can buy over the counter in SA. I am taking all in very small quantities due to weight and thus want to take it out of the packages and in ziplocks or small plastic holders given that I can buy again as it seems most villages have farmacia. My pharmacist suggested that I label the medicine holders/zip locks, type a list of these and he will then put it on his letterhead and certify it for me. Please assist, thanks, Anita
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Anita -

That's a pretty comprehensive list. You could bring a few of each medication, but you can also buy/replenish them at farmacias in Spain EXCEPT the muscle relaxant - prescription only. It's very kind of your pharmacist to offer to list and verify them - couldn't hurt. It would likely be most convenient to put them all in your pack.

Buen camino and have a grand time!



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I took my poles apart (putting rubber bands around each pole to keep the sections descrete to that pole so as not to mix them up) and put them inside my pack--I did not have to check anything. Be sure to put rubber tips on your poles and you will probably find that they go right through. I had to connect with a small commuter so I used my reuseable grocery bag to deload my bag of bulky but light items like my fleece and poncho so my pack would fit in the smaller overhead bin. I put all of that back in for the transatlantic flight--where my pack in the bin looked tiny next to all the HUGE suitcases crammed in there.

I am somewhat anal retentive about organization--I have small jewelry ziploc type bags. I sorted medications, used perm. marker to identify what was in each bag, and then put all the little bags into a larger one. I also had a small bag in my "daily" kit--so I could put a few pain meds, etc. where I could get them quickly during the day. I had tried the stick to itself wrap to make little "shrink wrap" daily packets but they were murder to get open. The key is to figure out what organization works for you.

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