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Albergue in Castromaior- Ortiz

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So, tonight after over 30kms, three of us stopped off at a quiet Albergue, we had booked earlier that day. When we got in, we arrived just after 19:00, but it was not an issue as I understand.
The woman was very short and initially quite curt. No problem I thought, kind of getting used to some people being less friendly than others.
She came into the room initially to show us our beds, we acknowledged her and thanked her for the help. A littler while later she came into the room and got irritated it seemed, because we had a few clothes on the bed. Not unusual when you’re unpacking your bag to get Pyjamas. I went to shower, my sister and our friend were chatting, the woman came in again.... from this point my sister takes over this comment;) we wound up leaving and losing 30€!

Horrific! Never stay here!
After this albergue being recommended we planned our trip from Sarria here after walking the majority of the Camino.
However the woman who runs the place made it her business to check in every few minutes and pass comments. Had an issue with us doing our washing and selling us anything to eat.
Whilst I was settled in the room, writing she again made it her business to come in and start berrating me about the room.
If rest and eating are what you seek after a long day on the trail, avoid this place like the plague!!!!


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I think many forum members prefer not to see admonishments like "Avoid," in the titles of reviews. The factual aspects of your post are enough to convince me that you had a bad experience at this albergue. I also see that it has eight "Terrible" Tripadvisor reviews and no positive reviews. On Gronze it has earned three thumbs down and one thumbs up. So ... you might want to tell the person who recommended it to you.


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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.
How far have you walked so far?

If something likes this happens I tend to take a philosophical view of it.
Maybe she is not the regular Hospi?
Might have just been standing in and not sure what to do?
Had a bad day?
Had a family issue?
Who knows...........

But there again.........having seen @Raggy comments.........
And read the TripAdvisor reviews! :eek:


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There are wonderful albergues and not so wonderful albergues. Take the good with the bad.


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Future 2019... June or September 2019 :)
Thanks guys, I had checked out previous posts before writing this one- to see how others had written and also used the same language. I tend to agree about the philosophical view- as we got to see the ruins just after her place at sunset. And made our own little adventure out of it.
Yes, she could have had a bad day etc- so I’m not taking it to heart.

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