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albergues along the via de la plata pt.1

Dawn of a new Day

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Greetings everyone , from Canada. I walked the via de la plata sept.18 -Oct.30 2008

I used Ben coles via de la plata guide book,. it is 5 years old now and here are some updates that can be added. questions, just write. now there are many places to stay, and only afew days to walk 35km. i will do this in 2 parts as it is abit long. Seville - Salamanca, then the second email north of salamanca.

Via de la Plata Sept.18-October 29, 2008

GENERAL INFO: Just north of Salamanca from Calzada de Valdincei there is a new highway being constructed, the trail is demolished. It was almost all road walking from Salamanca. I would suggest taking the bus from Salamanca to El Cubo
b) After Banderia, I believe Dormel, the trail is re routed as there is a high speed train being put in. it is not possible to pass the Ermita de Santiago.
c) All albergues in Galicia now charge 3E

CREDENCIALS IN SEVILLE: I picked mine up at the church from the amigos de VDLP. Side door.

CASTILBLANCO DE LOS ARROYOS Pg. 51 - Now 24 beds. Basic. No cooking.

ALMADEN de la PLATA; Pg. 54 - 65 beds, kitchen,hot showers, 5E . excellent.

EL REAL DE LA JARA Pg. 55 - Finco Arroyo Mateo is open. I heard there are now Government regulations that the gate must stay open. New albergue in EL REAL . 8E key at the tourism office. 28 beds. Basic cooking. Pension Salvadora now called Molina

MONESTERIO Pg.65 - ; albergue closed. Hostal Extremadura 12.50E without breakfast

FUENTE DE CANTOS Pg. 68 - Albergue turistico 10E + 2E breakfast.

PUEBLO DE SANCHO PEREZ Pg. 69 - Albergue in Ermita de Belan

ZAFRA Pg. 71 - only one albergue now; albergue turistico. 10E or 12E with breakfast

VILLAFRANCA DE LOS BARROS Pg. 73 – when I was there the albergue was closed (sept.25)

TORREMEGIA Pg. 76 - Albergue was closed. I heard rumor that both of these towns did not want the albergue, more money would be spent staying in the hostals. Hotel Melenium 20E – single; 35E for 2 people

MERIDA Pg. 79 - Albergue Molino de Pan Calcient 6E. Hospitalero 10-1 and 2:30-9pm.

ALJUCEN Pg. 81 - 10E 13 beds. Blankets, kitchen, no fridge or Bank

ALCUESCAR Pg. 83 - 16 beds, donation. Albergue in the casa de la misericordia de la congregacion de esclavos de Maria y los Pobres

ALDEA DEL CANO Pg. 84 - New albergue 3E, 4 beds and 4 mattress . kitchen, key at Restaurant las Vegas

VALDESALOR Pg 84 - New albergue being built to open 2009. slept on the floor of the ayunmiento.

CACERES Pg. 87 – Albefrgue Turistico Las Velatas 18.50E. Albergue municipal 16E. This was fully booked when I was there.

Café Miraltajo pg. 89 Hotel Linda mar is closed. Can stay at the albergue turistico 15E. Distance from Casar de Caceres to here is approx. 20km.

CARNAVERAL pg.91 -. Still Bad. Dirty and garbage. Donation. Hostal Malaga caretakes of the albergue, because of the situation at the albergue, many stay at the hotel.

GALISTEO pg. 94 - Private albergue El Trillio 6E. 6 beds, There is a kitchen but not possible to cook, no fridge etc.

ARCO DE CAPARRA Pg. 96 - Phone from the tourist info office at the arc to Hostal Asturias. They will pck you up. 19E for single 35E for 2.

BANOS DE MONTEMAYOR Pg.105 - New albergue in the Centro de Interpretation. Beautiful. 12E with breakfast. Open 4pm.

CALZADA DE BEJAR. Pg. 107 - Alba and Soraya Albergue. 7E with no bedding on beds. 10E with bedding 15E private. Owner cooks meals for various prices. No store here, one bar.

FUENTERROBLE DE SALVATIERRA. Pg. 108 - A group of us had a nap in the afternoon and experienced RATS russeling in our food bags. Donation with breakfast.

MORILLE pg. 111 – New albergue. 4 beds 6E

SAN PEDRO DE ROZADOS Pg. 111 – Albergue nice, militario de Roazados 10 beds 9E

SALAMANCA pg. 112 - New albergue. Great location. Donation. Closed for the night at 10pm, everyone out by 8am.
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Thank you so much for this information. I am leaving for Seville on March 28 and plan to start along the VdlP on April 2. I have printed this information and will carry it with me.

You are an angel for taking the time to care for others.



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In El Real de la Jara, sleep in the upstairs room,for the downstairs one is crowded, the ceiling is barely above your head and the flies are in the hundreds.
In Aljucen make sure you go to the Roman bath house. It is beautiful and comforting to be in the waters. And for pilgrims, 5Euros each. We were there on Dia de Mercurio (Mercury) and it was half price. 5Euros for my son and I. It was almost embarrassing to pay that little.
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Hi Dawn,

Getting ready for the VDLP, I purchased Pili Pala Press guide book in the Montreal MEC store.

Having previously walked Portugal with their other guide book, I felt confident with my purchase.

After reading your two threads on the subject and updating my 2004 edition, with all the good stuff provided along with extra information from Mundicamino, I am now convinced I have the best possible guide for that route.

Thanks a million for your generosity.


Dawn of a new Day

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Have a terrific camino. To make the book lighter, i cut out with a knife, the parts on plants, trees , wildlife and food etc. this made the book alot lighter. (unless of course you are interested in the plant life.


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Thanks! Good idea, I'll memorize it before I leave...although I'm not too concerned by weight.



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So, this may be a dumb question -- if we want to take advantage of the baths that Lillian has recommended (she also has said good things about the baths in Ourense), do we need to carry bathing suits with us?

I'm going to be starting in a couple of weeks and can hardly believe it! Will anyone else be in Sevilla around April 13-15?


Dawn of a new Day

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No bathing suit necessary. go naked. these are private baths in a house, 3 different temperatures. you can go with a partner or just on your own, just book your time. it is wonderful!!! and i think pilgrims were only 5E
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Bathing suit not necessary if you have something else you can wear.
At Aljucen, for the Roman Baths, I wore my undies. They almost look like a bathing suit. My son was with me.
At Ourense, I went to the private ones on the right side of the road... 3 euros and they rented a bathing suit to me. Very inexpensive for sure. I was alone but there were locals using it.
Both are wonderful and different experiences.
Enjoy... not just a relaxing thing to do, but also therapeutic. It helped me with some of my hip and leg pains I had.
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